Target: Clothing Clearance = Cheap With Coupons!

I’m all about cheap clothes, they are the only ones I buy! I’m a simple girl and wear simple outfits most of the time so I like to get “timeless” items of clothing when I can. I might not need more fleeces or tees right now, but I will put them away for next year, especially at this price!

With our new Target coupons today, there are a bunch of deals to score! Clearance will vary by store, but you might find these at your’s too (or if you’re local, at the Nolpark Target).

I found the Champion C9  fleece above for $5.08. I found $2.50/1 coupons hanging off the Tide bottles, so just $2.58 after coupons!

These Merona Fleece Jackets above were on clearance for $5.08, so just $2.08 after the new Target Merona coupon!

Yep, those are ruby red slippers! They were on clearance for around $3! Guess what your little boo is being for Halloween next year 😉 I was Dorothy years ago and bought my shoes at this Target way back when  (and they still fit!). I felt bad about having those shoes for just one day, so I wore them for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Wacky Wednesday, and pretty much anytime I wore lots of red! I’m all about getting my moneys worth!

And the last picture I have is of a Liz Lange Maternity T-Shirt. These (only the pink) were on clearance for $3.24 (I think?) so only a few coins after the Liz Lange coupon! No one says you need to be pregnant to wear a $0.24 T-Shirt!