Enter to Win Dr. Oz’s Sleep Sweepstakes (4,000 Winners!)

Starting today through January 30th at 11:59 PM ET, you can enter Dr. Oz’s Sleep Sweepstakes. You’ll need to register/log in to Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You program, complete the Ultimate Health Quiz and you’ll be entered into Dr Oz’s Sleep Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of 4 prizes:

  • 1,000 win Comfort Revolution: Memory Core Pillow ($60 value!)
  • 1,000 win Gilligan & Ferneman: Cooling Mattress Pad ($150 value!)
  • 1,000 win Bucky Eye Shades with Earplugs ($19.95 value!)
  • 1,000 win Marpac: Sound Machine Approximate Retail Value ($69.95 value!)

Thanks WheelNDealMama!