*HOT* Car Magnet + Lots of Goodies just $4.99 Shipped!

This week VistaPrint is having a new deal every day with the theme of “Snow Day”. I love using VistaPrint and have many times! Personalized goodies make great gifts and look neat in your own home.

Today’s deal is for a Car Magnets as low as $4.99 shipped! You can choose from the small magnet (11.25” x 8.5”) for $4.99 shipped or the large magnet (17.3” x 11.25”) for $9.99 shipped. What’s so cute about these big magnets, is that you can draw on them with dry erase markers! They can be used on the refrigerator as To-Do lists, Chore Lists, Grocery Lists, Honey-Do List, or just to keep the kids occupied while you cook. There are a bunch of different designs to choose from too! I’m going to mess around and create one later after class.

The other great thing about VistaPrint is that there are ALWAYS freebies! After you add the magnet to your cart, be sure to go to the “Home” button and then the “Home and Family” link where you’ll be able to add multiple free items to your cart! You can add business cards, a pen, cards, stamps, bumper sticks, ETC. for FREE and shipping will still stay $4.99.

So for $4.99 shipped, you’re getting a TON of personalized stuff. Grab some free time today and get working on it!