EverSave: Set of 10 Chinese Lanterns as low as $12!

This deal won’t be for everyone of course, but I think I’m going to buy it! Chinese Lanterns are meant to bring good luck when they are released. You’ll see them at weddings, birthday parties, and at the beach. You simply light their burner and the lantern fills with hot air and then you release! The lanterns float up in the sky for about 20 minutes, lose their flame, and drift down to land/sea. The lanterns are biodegradable and from what I read, they are very safe, as long as it isn’t windy.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Tangled, you know exactly how beautiful these are! And if you haven’t seen Tangled, go watch it! 😉

You can head on over to Eversave (new members get $2 in credits) and score a set of 10 colored lanterns for $12! Keep in mind shipping is $5. Even for $17, that is the cheapest price I could find online by far and I say they are totally worth it. You can also try using code SURVEY to save $3, I’m not sure if it’ll work though!

After watching Tangled, the white lanterns are on my list of wedding ideas -but I may pick up a pack of colored ones for some fun this summer!

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  1. Mac says:

    I’m not familiar with these…do they stay “lit” when released? Wondering if they are a potential fire hazard…they sure sound interesting are very beautiful.

    • Brandi says:

      They stay lit while they are in the air floating 1,000+ feet for about 10-20 minutes. They will lose their flame, cool down, and land on the ground/water.

      They will be a fire hazard, however, if there is wind to drag them into the trees. As long as they are released in an open space, with no wind, they are very safe.

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