American Express Pre Paid Gift Card: Load $25, Get $50!

Warning: YMMV! There’s no money to lose, only potential money to gain -that is why I posted.

This is a promo that some of you will be interested, depending on how your brain works or how much time you have, probably. Some will see this as a free $25, others are just going to skip it. It’s your choice, but in the end, you end up spending $25 OOP on a new Pre Paid American Express Card, and in return you’ll get a $25 bonus.

1. Create the account. On the first page, enter promo code AEPC25.
2. Choose “I will load the Card with cash, or add a funding source at a later time”
2. Receive the Card via Mail in 5 business day
3. Load the card with $25 within 45 days
4. Receive a $25 American Express® Gift Card (for loading the pre paid card)
5. Use the $50 (Buy any item online, in shop or withdraw via any ATM)
6. Then you’re done. Pay $25, get $50 worth.

Not available for residents of AR or VT. You will have to enter your SS#, it’s AMEX after all, not some foreign site. You may have to be an AMEX member for this deal, but I can’t find any info on that.

Keep in mind, no deal is guaranteed, so plan for cancellation, etc. You won’t be losing any money on the deal though.

Thanks SD!

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  1. Meg says:

    Before you verify and submit, should there be an amount in the promo code discount under account summary? It’s says zero even though I put in the correct promo code…

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