Coupon Organization: Whole Insert Method ($1 or Less Organizing Idea)

I’ve been keeping my inserts whole since this fall and it has not been very organized! I finally went through last night and found inserts dating back to April of last year :O It was a disaster, but I’m finally glad I have it straightened up because the file folders I was using before were not holding up! The Whole Insert Method is easier for me to manage because I only coupon for a few hours each weekend. I don’t have time to keep my binder up to date (see the Binder Method here) and the box method wasn’t working for me either -I’ve tried it all! Keeping my inserts whole, arranged by type (SS, RP, & P&G) and date is the simplest way for me right now. Each method has its ups and downs, but it never hurts to try them out and see what works best for you. I saw someone else use the USPS Flat Rate boxes for their coupons, so I had to give it a try because I had them on hand!

  1. I used the medium size (I think) USPS Flat Rate Priority boxes to assemble my new organized space. I used 6 boxes total, but you can add more or less depending on your needs. Since the Baltimore Sun sucks stinks at getting my delivery right, I usually only have a few inserts/week.Don’t get me in trouble for using these boxes, because these probably aren’t supposed to be used and advertised as coupon holders. I’ve just had these boxes taking up too much space in my dining room for about 8 months (I don’t use this size to mail..but the pack Michael ordered came with them!) so I was glad to put them to use without wasting them. You can always use a cereal box or other boxes you have around.
      2. Then, I taped all the boxes together! The back of the boxes are sealed up and the fronts are left open.
       3. And then I wrapped the boxes all up in wrapping paper and duck taped the edges. I bought the wrapping paper at Ollie’s for 0.79 years ago, and I stole the duck tape from my sister, so it was a very inexpensive project!

4. I added my coupon inserts (after sorting almost 20 POUNDS of old coupons -Oh my goodness!). So there’s my new, organized little coupon area. Hopefully it make things easier for me to find and stays this neat for at least a few days 😉 And the best part of it all, it cost less than $1!

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  1. Kim says:

    Good idea, but I would not use USPS boxes. They are not meant for this. I work for USPS and if the wrong person saw this post you could get into trouble. The post office is in financial crisis so this is a bad idea.

    • Brandi says:

      I understand, Kim! That’s why I told people they weren’t meant for anything other than USPS. I just had a case of this size laying around for way too long, so that’s why I used them up for this project instead of recycling them. I’m sure a lot of other people have some of the boxes or at least a similar size they could use to do this project.

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