Savvy Student Shopper’s Garden Update 4/15

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was lovely. The weather was awesome here and I spent most of the time outside! Other than Target on Friday, I haven’t gone shopping at all. Let’s hope my UP Rewards aren’t expired yet!

We celebrated my birthday this weekend (don’t forget to enter the surprise giveaway here!) and for my birthday I wanted my garden ready to go! We got the majority of it finished and my back, hands, and feet are definitely sore and tired.

As you can see, I finally have a fence! I wasn’t planting anything until a fence got put up due to the hungry jerks deer. We also decided to use pieces of wood (that were laying around the yard) as dividers. Hopefully the dividers will keep the garden more organized and more importantly, retain water. I also thinks it makes it look nicer. In addition to my fence, I got some new dirt! I love good dirt! These pictures were taken after I watered, so it’s a bit difficult to see the difference I guess, but there’s a HUGE difference. The dark stuff is my new dirt, and the gray stuff is the sand that I used to be in constant battle with. I planted radishes and carrots in the one divider. I have tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers growing in little seed starters. Once they start to grow, I’ll transport them into the garden, along with some squash!

Here are some baby tomato plants we picked up, surrounded by my new dirt and compost! I like to have tomatoes of different ages so I have a longer growing period. And the trash cans in the upper left are my potatoes! In a few weeks, we’ll fill this lot with the rest of tomatoes and peppers (salsa!).

It’s not finished and it’s not perfect, but it’ll be perfect for me. My dad even made me a hinged gate -don’t laugh at it like my mom did! You see, my dad’s a lot like me… or I’m a lot like him… in the sense that we always try to do everything on our own, using what we have on hand. It’s a nice skill to have! You don’t have to spend money buying things pre-made or hiring someone else. And you’ll never learn how to do something if you don’t try.  He even wrote my name on the gate, in case the deer can read, they’ll know it’s my garden, not theirs!  😉

Have a great week everyone!