Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 6/2

And we are here again sharing thrifting stories! The ever so generous Michael was forced nice enough to take me out to thrifting this morning. We stopped at the outdoor flea market, but it was very empty, probably due to the rain/storms we had yesterday. We also found an indoor church flea market, drove by a few yard sales, and checked out a “new to us” thrift store (on the way to get donuts). I only bought stuff at the outdoor flea market, but it was still fun looking around! We also went the CVS and Rite Aid, but those trips probably aren’t worth posting. And for local readers, Menchie’s is having their Grand Opening Week and offering up some fun stuff this week! Today was FREE frozen yogurt until 1 pm, so of course we stopped! Yum, yum!

I came home with 2 more pieces of Pyrex 🙂 It’s so fun finding them! I found the green casserole dish first for $2. It’s is pretty good shape and $2 is a nice price, in my opinion! I believe (and trust me, I’m no expert) that it’s from the Verde color/collection and that it is supposed to have a pretty patterned lid, but obviously mine is lidless. I’ll live.

Like I said, the flea market was really bare, but that gave me time to look more closely at tables. This one family had set up their stuff wayyyy in the corner so we walked over and I was immediately drawn to the big, junky container of old dishes. I don’t know what drove me to dig through it (the Pyrex was talking to me!), but I did and was very glad! I found my FIRST piece of PINK! YAY! As you know, I love pink and pink Pyrex is my dream. I’m cheap when it comes to thrifting, but I will always allow room for a pink splurge. Unfortunately/fortunately (for my wallet) this piece was in bad shape. And I mean bad. It was digusting, there was grease and black stuff caked in the crevices, the pink has worn off the corners, there’s scratches, some chips, and I can keep going. BUT it’s pink and in one piece, and that’s enough for me at this point in my Pyrex career. PINK. I spent all today scrubbing and picking the thing clean, it’s not perfect and definitely won’t be displayed for the public, but it’ll make a mean brownie pan! I *think* it’s a Flamingo Pink Utlity Dish from 1952!!! When you consider that this baby is 60 years old, the flaws are acceptable and it was obviously a much loved piece. And I will continue to love it… and brownies. I offered the lady $0.50 and a deal was made 🙂

I also scooped up the new clothes pins for $0.75. My mom asked me to pick up clothes pins at Dollar General while we were out. Ironically, I found a pack at the flea market for less than $1, so I grabbed them!

I hope someone enjoys reading these posts… I surely enjoy sharing 🙂 Please feel free to share your thrifting stories, Pyrex collections, or anything of the sort!

(And here’s the back of the car after our morning out!)

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  1. alyssa says:

    Hey! So I’ve been following your blog for a couple months and I think its so funny that you love couponing and thrifting. What makes it better is that you are obsessed with vintage pyrex. I told my boyfriend I think I found my twin in another city lol. We go thrifting ALL the time and we started an etsy store with the things we liked at the thrift store that we wanted to buy but don’t need. There are a couple of pyrex pieces on there/ we have sold a couple. I mostly keep everything for myself though. I have my own collection that I should post a picture for you. Its ridiculous. I tried to say I would pick one pattern and only keep that pattern for myself but I have like 5 different patterns I’m keeping right now lol We also go dumpstering for coupons. So I love couponing too 🙂 I just thought I would share!

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