FREE $25 Prepaid American Express Card (For Loading a $200 Card)! -Ends today!

The offer ends today, so here’s your final reminder!

I don’t know if you’re a fan of these deals, but who doesn’t like getting $25 for FREE? It’s a little extra spending money (well, it would last us months at the drugstore!) and it takes little to no effort 🙂

You’ll need to head on over HERE and order a new card. This is for any person, you don’t have to have an American Express card already. I do not! You’ll need to load $200 on this card. That’s the hardest part. Some people don’t want to spend $200 today, but in a few weeks, you get $225 back. It’s a win-win situation, if you can “give up” that $200 today. You’re not losing anything!

In the mail, you’ll receive your $200 Prepaid card, which can be used anywhere, including online. And you will also receive the $25 bonus card. I really like having Prepaid cards to use online because it’s so much safer than giving away your debit information. So you put out $200… get back $225. Sound good? 🙂

Order an American Express Prepaid Card, load $200 or more at the time of order, and receive a complimentary $25 gift card. Offer Ends June 30, 2012. Limit one (1) offer per Card. After qualifying for this offer, please allow 6 weeks for the $25 Gift Card to be mailed to the Card purchaser.