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Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 7/29

This weekend turned out to be a fun thrifting weekend! Luckily, I got over my fever and sickness and was all ready to hit the good deals! On Saturday morning, Mike and I met our friends at the flea market. I didn’t end up buying anything there, but my friend got a little Pyrex casserole dish.

Michael and I then went to Safeway to get a free breakfast sandwich (I loaded it on my JustForU account!). We stopped at the new thrift store that just opened up a few minutes from his house and while there was no Pyrex, I did find the snowman bird feeder for $1. It’s pretty rusty, but I’m going to get some white spray paint (for rust) and make it as good as new! Ace Hardware sells this bird feeder for $30.99, so I think I got a bargain 🙂 I’m going to give the bird feeder and some bird seed to my mom for her birthday. Hopefully she doesn’t read this post 😉

On our way back home, I spotted a sign that said “Free Family Flea Market —>”. We turned around in Lauer’s parking lot (and we had to walk in and buy a box of dounts -darn their bakery!) and headed off in search of this flea market. I was thinking “Free Family Flea Market” meant that it was a free space for families to come sell their belongings… but I was wrong. We got there and it was crowded as anything… because… EVERYTHING WAS FREE.  Crazy, huh? There were a few long tables full of household goods, tables of books, tables of junk, and a huge tarp of clothes and shoes. There was live entertainment and free food and drinks. Donations were accepted and went towards the church who helps out a shelter for men who are recovering from addictions, abuse, etc. Overall, there was a lot of junk, of course, but it was a great event for people who don’t have any money. There were dish sets, holiday decorations and plenty of clothes and shoes to go around.

We ended up with a few wool sweaters, a couple baskets, plastic gift bags, a SAT Prep book for my sister (not pictured, oops), and turtle and dino cookie cutters. I always buy cheap wool sweaters when I can, but free is better! I use wool to make the Wool Dryer Balls, but there are so many uses for wool. If you’re frugal and/or crafty, never pass up a cheap/free wool sweater! They can be re-purposed into mittens, hats, dryer balls, wool shorties/longies for babies/toddlers, stuffed animals, purses, and much more.

And lastly, on Sunday I stopped at the flea market real quick on my way to a party. I grabbed a Pyrex Woodland Cinderella Bowl for $2. It’s in pretty good condition. I’m not usually a fan of the browns, but the pattern kind of strikes me. My mom technically bought it, so it’s “her’s”. I think it would look really pretty with a matching pink bowl 🙂 The lady wanted $3 for it, but asked her if she would take $2. She said she would because I always ask her that. Now people at the flea market are recognizing me… this can’t be good, can it?!

Going to the flea market pretty much every weekend, you usually see the same ‘ol things, same set ups, etc. But on Sunday morning 2-3 “spots” were taken up by ROWS of boxes filled of junk -amazing right? The boxes were from a company who (I assume) purchases estates and old antique stores and then resells the junk. I quickly skimmed through all of them looking for anything good. I found an antique blue Ball jar and got it for $1 -yay! It had a price tag from some antique store for $26! I love these pretty jars. I’ll probably use it as a flower vase. It was ironic because 4 minutes before rummaging through those boxes, I was telling my mom how mad I was about passing up the $2 blue Ball jars last month. Luck was on my side! Underneath that price tag sticker was another sticker that read “Chicken Waterer”. I thought that was kind of interesting!

Sorry for the long post, but it was a good thrifting weekend! I hope I am inspiring some of you guys to go out thrifting 🙂 It’s truly a treasure hunt every single time. Feel free to leave comments and tell me about your thrifting adventures!


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