Food Stamp Challenge: Day 5

Today marks Day 5 of my Food Stamp Challenge! I am also double-posting this post on my class blog.

I had an extremely busy day today, so I didn’t even think much of my budget. I woke up early to go to the flea market and thrift shops. While out, my boyfriend and I stopped at Panera to get breakfast. Had I not been on this Food Stamp Challenge, I would have bought my usual $7 panini, but I was good and bought a Cinnamon Crunch bagel for $1.19. My boyfriend got a breakfast sandwich and a muffin, unfortunately I had to stick to a bagel. On our Panera card, we had a reward for a free drink, so I got a hot tea. To save money and get the most out of your budget, be sure to take advantage of store cards to get the bonuses. Breakfast cost = $1.19.

We canned probably over 50 jars of stuff today; we are exhausted to say the least! We canned a ton (and I mean a TON) of apple butter, some strawberry jam, apple pie filling, and apple jelly. When we can, the kitchen is off limits to the rest of the family. That means they aren’t allowed to fix food in there and absolutely no dirty dishes can come back into the kitchen. I need my space and organization! To keep our tummies full, we threw a frozen pizza in the oven and ate while we worked. I got the entire frozen pizza for $0.75 at Safeway (after coupons and sales). I ate about a third, making my cost just $0.25. I also had a soda today that cost $0.50. Lunch = $0.75.

(No picture of dinner. I was starving and ate it up too fast!)

For dinner, since we were still canning, we had to get dinner out. Even though it’s way more expensive to eat out, sometimes it’s necessary. We got carry out Chinese food. If I were to divide our total by 5 (that’s how many people ate tonight), my portion was $5 worth. Dinner = $5. That’s way, way more than I usually spend on a dinner, but sometimes you can’t always cook at home. It’s a good thing I’ve been under budget every day so far so I could afford today! Had I not been able to stay under budget thus far, I would have been eating an entire bag of chips or some other snack laying around! I tired my best to plan around my budget today, but there was so much going on! In the long run, canning saves me and my family lots of money, so “splurging” on carry out every once in awhile ends up being alright.

My total for today is $6.94!

Week to date: $3 + $2.75 + $3.15 +$2.49 + $6.94 = $18.33. I have $11.67 and 2 days left!

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