Food Stamp Challenge: Day 6

Today marks Day 6 of my Food Stamp Challenge! I am also double-posting this post on my class blog.

My budget was not too much on my mind today. It’s much more difficult to watch what you eat on the weekends. I went home this weekend so it messed up my challenge since there is a lot more things I eat there. During the week, when you’re on a schedule and out of the house during the day, staying on a budget (using coupons and sales, of course) is reasonable. But during the weekend, it’s much more difficult! It’s so much easier to buy anything I want on the weekends (that’s when I shop) and eat out while I’m doing errands.

After getting home from shopping this morning, I ate 4 chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious! I got the whole bag of cookie mix for $1 (after coupon). It made about 18 cookies, so my total cost was $0.22. My family ate the rest of the cookies!

For lunch, I made BBQ pork and some buttered noodles. We were still cleaning up from yesterday’s canning adventure, so it had to be something quick and easy. We got the pork chops today at Safeway for $7.41 for the big pack. We used half ($3.71 worth) for lunch. I ate one pork chop which cost $0.93. We got the whole bag of noodles for $0.50 after coupon. I ate approximately $0.10 worth. Lunch = $1.03.

I ate dinner quick because we had to head back to school tonight, so there’s no picture. I had a hamburger (no roll) and the fixings. I had some frozen veggies and sweet potato fries. The hamburger costs approximately $0.95. We bought a pack of ground beef at the grocery store for $10, froze some and used the rest for hamburgers for dinner. Since I only ate one and left the rest at home, I am only adding the $0.95 to my budget. The veggies were very cheap after coupon. I ate about $0.15 worth. I ate a bunch of sweet potato fries, but lucky the whole bag only cost just over a $1. My cost for those was $0.50. Dinner = $1.60.

My total for today is $2.85! I really thought I was going to go over budget today, but that goes to show you that cooking yourself and buying meats based on sale price and other groceries with coupons is extremely important. A day doesn’t go buy where I don’t eat or use something that I got for cheap/free after coupons!

Week to date: $3 + $2.75 + $3.15 +$2.49 + $6.94 +$2.85 = $21.18. I have $8.82 and 1 day left!