Welcome Learn Vest Readers!

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I want to welcome all the new readers today from LearnVest.com! Alden worked hard getting that article posted and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If anyone has any questions, please shoot me an email ([email protected])! I will reply once my laptop/internet start cooperating. I invite you to follow my page on Facebook or Twitter to get all the great deals right in your news feed.

I know some of you are coming here to learn how to coupon or find ways to save money for your family. Couponing has totally changed my family’s lifestyle. We buy what’s cheap (with exceptions of course) and cook with what we have. I eat very healthy and often pick up wholesome food at a great cost. Don’t just assume all I buy with coupons is junk! Between my mom and I, we purchase food for our immediate family (4 people total), and often times food for me and my roommates here at the apartment and my grandparents. If you’re willing to change your shopping habits and learn to cook from your pantry, then you’re in the right place! Couponing and frugal living can change your life!

Here are some helpful resources: