*HOT* Cardstore: 75% off + FREE Stamps = Card + Stamp less than $0.22!

This deal is back AGAIN! This is the card deal I personally used, so I promise you it’s a good one 😉

I’m posting this deal because it is one of the best ones I’ve seen yet and I hope, if you haven’t already ordered your cards, that you take advantage of this deal. Keep in mind that this deal is good through tonight. So get movin’.

This deal is SO great because you can score your cards, envelopes, already addressed AND STAMPED for less than the cost of a stamp. How is that even possible?! I have not a clue how CardStore.com can give us such great of a deal, but it works. I did these last year and it worked perfectly. Hopefully I’ll have time to take advantage of the deal again! The cards come in envelopes, addressed, with stamps and sent to your recipient. I paid about $0.30 each including the stamp, but your cost will be even lower if you’re ordering in bulk, depending on the style you choose! Obviously the simpler, smaller cards will be cheaper, but as long as your cost is $0.45 or under, you’re good to go -since that’s the price of a stamp, so that’s like a free card!

  • Go here to CardStore.com
  • Choose a Christmas Photo Card (the cheapest are $1.09 (search for “value cards”), but when you buy in bulk the price gets even lower)
  • Personalize your card
  • Choose Free Shipping to Recipient + Free Stamp at checkout
  • Enter all your addresses (you can pull them in from Excel, email, etc.)
  • Use code CCN2355 at checkout to score $35 off any order of $50 or more OR $75 off orders of $100 or more
  • You’ll pay as low as $0.21/card (including the stamp) *Card prices vary from $1.09 & up originally*
  • You can pick when to have them delivered to the recipient
Because this deal gives you personalized cards LESS than the cost of buying cheap cards and stamping them yourself, please do this deal! Let me know if you have questions!