Savvy Student Shopper’s (& Savvy Momma’s) Black Friday CVS Trip!

I’m finally just getting around to posting “my” Black Friday trip at CVS! I was stuck at school that weekend so savvy momma was in charge of getting the deals. Lucky her, right? 😉 I was bummed about missing out on one of my favorite trips of the year, but I was confident momma would make me proud. And she sure did! She dragged along my sister (who still needs a blogging nick name…) for company since I made strongly encouraged her to go at midnight before the stuff sold out. I coached her through the shopping trip via phone call the entire time. My favorite cashier was working and knew who my mom was on the phone with (since I’m the “little blonde girl that always comes in here and pays practically nothing”). It’s surely a great feeling to be “known”.

Momma’s trip is posted above! Some of the items couldn’t be found and I didn’t buy everything, only the things we will use. She paid a whopping $1.63 (only tax – subtotal was $0!) for everything pictured and we got back almost $50 in ECBs. Saved $95. Awesome trip! My receipt was 14.5 feet long. And that just makes me proud. And Lucy too.