New $0.50/1 Bar Keeper’s Friends Coupon (My Pyrex Cleaner!)

$0.50 off ONE (1) BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cleanser

If you’re familiar with Bar Keeper’s Friends, you know it’s great for stainless steel cleaning, as well as scrubbing your tub which my dad did last week. He wasn’t aware that the BKF sitting on our counter is my trusty Pyrex cleaner -not to be used by anyone else! It works like magic taking off stuck on crap and utensil marks on my vintage pieces. So there’s a tidbit for ya!

You’ll find BKF at the grocery store around $2-$3, so inexpensive after the $0.50 off ONE (1) BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cleanser coupon and doubles.

My Safeway had it for $1.99, so just $0.99 after coupon.