Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 12/6

Hi guys! These past two weeks have been crazy. I’ve written so many pages of end-of-the-semester papers. If you notice any grammar/spelling mistakes in this post (or any others) then just skip over them. I’ll be refreshed after the new year. My last exam is on 12/18, so after that I’ll be getting ready for the holidays!

I love, love, love how popular my thrifty finds post are! I have readers commenting and emailing every single week about them. You all are great and I love that you share my love of thrifting (at least someone around here does!). I love going thrifiting. I try to go at least every week! I’ve cut back on the flea markets because it has gotten too cold and weekends have gotten too busy for me to make time. I’ve been hitting the thrift stores as much as possible to make up for the slow flea market season. I don’t want you think that I find something every single time I go thrifting and get your hopes up. I only find stuff worth buying about 1/2 the time. If I bought something every single trip… I’d be considered a hoarder, right?

Pictured above you’ll see a beautiful turquoise Pyrex cake pan (#221) from Value Village. It’s in awesome condition! After discount (I almost always go on 25% off day) I paid about $2.74 – a stellar price for turquoise! The other two bowls are dip bowls from the Pyrex Speckle Lines Chip/Dip Set. They are pretty hard to find, especially two at once, so I scooped them up. I don’t particularly like this pattern, so one I am trading with a fellow collector, and one is up for sale.

Nerdboy and I ran out to do some errands last weekend and stopped at the Salvation Army (and Panera. As usual). Thank goodness we stopped! I hit the jackpot (in Pyrex speaking)! It was one of those “OMG” moments while at the store. Surely I’m not the only one? I found THREE Refrigerator dishes WITH LIDS! And the best part they were amazingly priced AND 50% off that day. The littles were $0.49 each and the bigger one was $0.99. I almost died. And the even better part, they completed my Butterprint fridgie set. Halleluiah! I’ve been waiting for months. Final cost for this amazing set was only $3! Plus, I have an extra little one (501) that I got from a trade in October. I also found the (ugly, sorry) Early American casserole (#043) for $1. At that price, I had to bring it home. Everything was in beautiful shape. When checking out, I saw the cashier was wrapping up my glassware in the Saturday paper and saw the coupons lying there! He let me take them home too 🙂


My family knows I collect Pyrex, obviously. I mean, how could they not when it’s spread all over the house!? 😉 Sorry mom, I’ll move out one day! My dad’s friend found this bowl for me since he knows I collect Pyrex. It’s an Early American Cinderella Bowl (#441), but it doesn’t go to the normal bowl set, it goes to a promotional chip/dip set. It’s harder to find than the white one in that size.

The following week, Nerdboy and I went back to Value Village. I found another cake pan! And do you see the color? PINK -YAY! I paid $3.33 (or something like that) for the Pink Pyrex Cake Pan (#221). I found it in the bin that she had just rolled out from the back room – that’s good advice for you newbies, always check the bins! I also found a Pyrex Woodland small mixing bowl (#401). You know I collect all extra 401s for soup/salad/cereal bowls. They are probably my favorite size item. It’s in bad shape (dishwashed) but I couldn’t leave it for $1.21, especially when I’m trying to collect a spare of every pattern.

I’ll end this post by showing off some of my new sets! Above is my completed Butterprint Refrigerator Dish Set.

And here are my two new cake pans! I need the Lime one now 🙂

And my beloved stack of spare #401s. They make me smile so much! Granted, they are not the prettiest Pyrex colors, but I still have many, many years to collect them all (hint.hint PINK.. Turquiose.. come out of hiding!).

I hope you all enjoyed this long post! Please, please, please share your comments, questions, thrifts, etc! I love talking about thrifting and good deals. Happy hunting!

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  1. fashionistadiane says:

    Hi, great finds! I went out thrifting for the first time last weekend. I went to 1 Salvation Army, 3 Goodwills and 1 antique store. I have never been in any of these stores before and was kind of sad to see some of the things people were buying at SA, such bad condition but that is all they can afford. Although I do think they could find similar things at Wal Mart and clearance on Target. Now onto Pyrex, three different items but they were green and I didn’t really care for them and not sure about pricing yet. I did find a full set of bowls with the leaf pattern, maybe something Harvest? It was $44.99 with 40% off. Didn’t buy that either because I don’t know anything about pricing. Antique store, even I knew the prices were way too high. So first time out I didn’t get anything 🙁 How do you know the size numbers and what the sets are? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Brandi says:

      I totally agree with you! I see jeans for $7 at the thrifts and jackets for $20. You know you can get them cheaper (new) on clearance at the other stores! Some thrift store pricing is very, very bad. I almost always try to go on their discount days because I’m still usually too cheap to pay thrift-store pricing.

      The first times I started, I didn’t buy anything either! It’s a learning game. My number 1 advice, is if you really like it (whether it’s the color or pattern) and it’s in your personal price range (whether that be under $5 a piece, or whatever) then buy it! You don’t want to regret not buying something because it probably won’t be there next time. If you don’t like something, definitely don’t buy it! UNLESS it’s a promotional type of item. As you get familiar with the patterns you’ll learn which ones are more sought after and valuable. Spacesavers (rectangular baking pans with lids) and lasagna pans are something you’ll always want to scoop up. They are very hard to find. Pinks, Turquoise, and Friendship are the most valuable patterns. The bowl set with polka dots is very sought after as well. You’ll get familiar with all of these things eventually. Browns, greens, Butterfly gold, Autumn Harvest etc. are all very common and not often sought after. I’ll only pick up those patterns when they are super cheap.

      I try to stick to cheap prices (less than $4 or so) for most pieces, but if I ever come across something I really want at a fair price ($5-$15) I’ll probably buy it. After all, these pieces are vintage and will never be remade. Almost every piece is numbered on the bottom. Those numbers correspond to the size of the piece. So for instance, the 401 = smallest mixing bowl out of the 401, 402, 403, and 404 set. is an awesome resource to help get you started with the patterns and numbers. I also recommend the flickr page: . You can search for patterns and/or numbers to see what things look like or how highly sought after something is (all the favorite items will have a lot of comments!). Feel free to ask any questions, I can talk about thrifting all day!

  2. fashionistadidane says:

    Thanks Brandi! Now I can’t drive by a thrift store and not stop because I am afraid I might miss something. And this is all before I have even bought anything! I can’t imagine what it will be like when I buy stuff and get really into it!! I must say you inspired me to start the search for pyrex, from reading your blog I saw dishes and such my mom used when I was a kid. I can’t wait for my first purchase!

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