New Changes + Help and Hints!

In addition to all the new coupons today, got a whole new look! Here are some helpful hints:

1. Clipping Coupons: To clip a coupon, hover over a coupon and click the coupon. You’ll see the Clip Coupon circle and it will be added to your list of coupons waiting to be printed.

2. Unclipping Coupons: To unclip a coupon, hover over the clipped coupon and click on unclip.

3. Changing Your Zip Code: To change your zip code, first click on the “Local” button on the top bar. Enter your your zip code in the box. Click “Change zip code”. Enter your your zip code in the box and hit Apply.

4. Printing coupons from posts that link directly to the coupon: Most of the coupons I post will take you right to the coupon and will have a blue bar across the bottom that says “Clipped”.

Thanks Coupons in the News!