Canvas People: Large Canvases as low as $30 Shipped! (Lowest Price of the Year!)

Still need to order a canvas? Show off those Christmas pictures!

You can head on over to Canvas People (for a limited time!) and turn your favorite photo in to a canvas!  Think ahead for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s day (I know my grandmother would LOVE one with her granddaughters), graduation, etc. It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes to order. The best deal would be purchasing the large 18×24 for just $32.99 shipped! That’s the cheapest you’ll ever see it!

Sizes available:

18×24 – Just $32.99 Shipped!

16×20 (originally $90.99 + $15 shipping) – $39 Shipped!

11×14 photo canvas for only $30 Shipped!