Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 12/26

2012-12-13 21.02.15

It has been quite some time since our last thrifty finds post! This has easily become the most popular read on my blog. I love that you guys share the love of thriftiness with me.

Pictured above is a Butterprint 401 sized bowl. By now you all know that this size is my favorite size to collect. They are perfect for soup, cereal, and salad. I use them all the time! I’m trying to collect one from every pattern to stack up in my cupboard, so this Butterprint is a newbie for me. This bowl was actually a trade with a fellow Pyrex lover. I traded one little brown speckled bowl (that I bought earlier this month) for this bowl. Yay for trading!

2012-12-17 13.44.08

Now that the semester has ended, I’m surely going to miss my Value Village. I was used to going once or twice a week, but now that I’m living back at home, I won’t be there until the end of January. Check out the gorgeous bowl set I picked up my last week at school! It’s the all yellow bowl set (#401-403, I’m missing the large 404). It’s such a rich, bright shade of yellow. It screams happiness! The bowls are scratched but their color and shine are amazing! They were priced at $9.99, but it was half off day so I got them for $5+ tax! YAY!

2012-12-17 13.47.38

That same day, I checked out the craft section and found some yarns I could not leave behind! I always check the craft section because it’s a part of my routine every time I go. I usually refrain from buying any because I don’t use up the yarn fast enough, but today was an exception. First I found the bag of yarn that had that beautiful aqua handspun yarn in it (third from the left). A few months back, I left behind some handspun yarn and I still regret it, so after seeing another ball of it, I HAD to have it. The three yarn balls on the left set me back just $0.75! Then upon closer inspection, I found another bag of yarn and noticed they all still had the tags on them. I looked through the bag and saw that the one yarn was originally priced at $22, the other $20! They are beautiful hand dyed yarns (alpaca, merino, etc.) so I could not leave them behind at Value Village! Surely I’ll find some use from them, right? And for just $2 for all 3 skeins! I was so excited about that trip.

2012-12-26 11.30.51

Pictured above are my newest pieces! I didn’t thrift the items above, they were given to me by Nerdboy’s grandmother for Christmas. Isn’t that sweet? There’s the Spring Blossoms 403 (I have the full set here -yippee!) and this pattern just screams Pyrex to me. It’s a common pattern, but it’s also one of my favorites. I feel like a lot of people recognize vintage Pyrex by the Spring Blossoms pattern. Under the bowl is a 474 Homestead Casserole dish with lid. And on the bottom right is a Butterfly Gold 043 with opal patterned lid! This is my sister’s favorite pattern, so she’ll probably be stealing all my Butterfly Gold when she moves out one day.

I’m so happy to be adding to my Pyrex collection. I even got a new shelf to display it for Christmas! I use my Pyrex all the time and picking out which design I want to use is so much fun! I’m planning a Pyrex party for the near future – let me know if you want an invite 😉

Now that I’m home from school, thrifting will probably slow down. I had such good luck at the Value Village by school. And I’m not going to the local flea market anymore because it’s just too dang cold and not many sellers. Hopefully things will pick back up this Spring with yardsale season. I’ll definitely post again in the near future if I find anymore goodies.

And now it’s your turn! Any questions, comments, or thrifting shares?!

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  1. Mamaw's Place says:

    I scored two new pieces of Colonial Mist Cinderella bowls and a Pink Flamingo Pie plate recently. One for birthday, one for Christmas and one from a trade…that arrived on Christmas eve!

  2. Brenda Steffen says:

    I love that you use the 401s for cereal bowls, etc! They are such a fun size. What a great way to collect different designs in Pyrex. And those yellow bowls were a total steal — wow.

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