Wool Dryer Ball Clearance Event!

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I’m liquidating all dryer balls from 2012 to make room for more goodies in 2013! You can take advantage of these rock bottom prices by visiting the album on Facebook or shooting me an email at orders(at)savvystudentshopper.com.

All wool dryer balls are $4 each or choose any 6 for $21. Shipping cost will be calculated by weight. I usually sell them for around $6-$8 each because the price of wool is crazy, so you’re getting quite the deal if you take advantage of this!

If you want details or sizing about any of the dryer balls pictured, just let me know! I’ve been using wool dryer balls for over a year and they do reduce drying time and I do not have to use dryer sheets or softeners any more!

If you need to know what a wool dryer ball is, read this post here!