Savvy Student Shopper Thrifty Finds 1/17

2013-01-05 10.58.21

Welcome to another thrifty finds post! I know you have all been waiting for it 🙂 I just had to find some free time to sit down and write. I might have to start making videoes 😉 It may be faster than taking pictures and typing. I was planning on posting this post last week but then I got busy with our vacation and then I decided to hold off in case I find anything in Florida. Unfortunately, we did not have Pyrex luck in Florida. Nerdboy and I headed out one day to 2 antique malls and a thrift store. We also visited a huge flea market/swap meet, but most of the items were new/resell items. The first antique mall was so, so expensive. I have no idea where the get their prices from and if they ever sell anything. The second antique mall was a bit more reasonable. One stand even had a whole shelf of Pyrex! The prices were reasonable for an antique mall in my opinion ($12 for bowls, $9 for divided dishes, but $5 for a lid -ouch!). The seller really didn’t have anything I couldn’t live without, so I left empty handed. We drove all over trying to find a Goodwill, but it was not at the address listed online! The flea market was neat, but like I said, most of the stuff was resell items, like sun glasses, purses, As Seen on TV, and produce. There was one aisle of “old junk” but the prices were either too high (one lady wanted $8 for a Pyrex lid – seriously, old lady.. at a flea market?!?!) or just not something I am interested in collecting.

You guys know I typically buy any Pyrex that’s cheap… which is why I’m probably close to 100 pieces in just a year (Shh… Remember, it’s a collection, not a hoard.) BUT I am saving my money for certain pieces: PINKS, Turquoise, Friendship, and Promotionals. This means, I will continue to snag cheap Pyrex, but I will “splurge” at these antique malls when I see these select pieces, as long as the prices aren’t outrageous (the antique mall in Western MD wanted $99 for 3 pink bowls. I couldn’t do it!). I have a very hard time coming across Pinks, Turquoise, Friendship, and Promotionals which is why they go for a lot of money I guess. I head back to school next week which means I can return to my Value Village for my weekly thrifing and I am so excited!

So onto the thrifted goods!

About 2 weekends ago, my sister and I headed out to the local flea market. I was hoping I wouldn’t find anything because this time of year is not flea market season, and I didn’t want to feel obligated to go every weekend in this cold weather. But, I did have luck so I’ll have to continue going to the flea market every now and then during this winter.


For being so deserted this time of year, there was actually quite a bit of Pyrex at the flea market! I only bought half the Pyrex that I saw. First, I came across another Spring Blossoms 401 – yes, that’s my third one. This size bowl is just perfect though; I can’t get enough of them. And for $0.50 – you cannot say no! I now have one bowl in my complete set (pictured above), 1 as a spare cereal bowl in the cabinet, and the new one will go with my double 403 from Christmas (half way done set #2!).

I also found another snowflake dish! I already have a charcoal snowflake open baker, but now it has a friend! I got the turquoise snowflake divided dish for just $1.50! They are great for winter time!

And lastly, at the same table, I snagged a Royal Divided Dish with Gold Medallion Lid for $1.50! The blue bottom is beautiful and bright. Both divided dishes are in excellent shape! I normally won’t buy divided dishes, but these are a little bit harder to find than other patterns and they were so cheap! I love sellers like that 🙂

I’ll be heading back to the flea market this weekend, weather permitting, hopefully I find some goodies!

Now it’s your turn… share with me your comments, thrifty finds, or anything!