Amazon: FREE Amazon Student! (Includes FREE 2-Day Shipping)


Where are my fellow students!?

Did you know, if you have a .edu email address you can score Amazon Prime for FREE?! Amazon Prime gives you access to FREE 2-Day shipping which is absolutely perfect if you’re a pro procrastinator like I am. Nerdboy and I couldn’t live without our Amazon Prime accounts.

In addition to the free shipping (with is awesome in itself) Prime members also score FREE Instant Video which includes all kinds of movies and TV shows, including the seasons of Glee, which my sister loves. You can stream it right from your laptop, XBOX/tv, Smart TV, phone, etc.

And then when your initial FREE subscription is up, you’ll save 50% on a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime for 4 years (if you want, of course). You get a discounted price of just $39.

So why aren’t you signed up for Amazon Prime yet?!