Savvy Student Shopper Thrifty Finds 2/1

2013-01-19 21.41.17

It has been a FABULOUS week of thrifting for me. I couldn’t be any more satisfied. There’s so much to say about my finds this week, so be prepared for a rather long, Pyrex filled post.

The thrifting started when Nerdboy went to the thrift store for me (such a great boyfriend!). I had gone to the flea market that morning, but didn’t find anything. Nerdboy had luck instead! He found me a Yellow 503 Refrigerator Dish with lid! This goes to the primary set and has the older style lid, which means it was made in the 1940s, crazy! Also as crazy, the dish was marked at $8 (super pricey for this thrift store!). Luckily, it was 50% off day so he got it for $4! That same night, we went off to another Value Village and a Goodwill. Value Village had nothing good, but I found a Red Primary 402 bowl at Goodwill! It was $2 and is also from the early 1940s set. I am still trying to complete this primary set. I only need the blue 401 to go and I’ve only spent $8 on the set so far!

2013-01-19 22.18.37

2013-01-31 20.15.10

2013-02-01 15.34.12

2013-02-01 15.34.56

School started and back to my favorite Value Village I went! I went THREE times this week. 3. Am I obsessed? Slightly, yes. But LOOK what I found! First, we (Nerdboy actually found everything this trip as I was too busy looking intently at other bowls) found an almost complete Town and Country Refrigerator Dish set! Everything is there except for the last 501 – and I searched the store high and low for that thing! After discount, all 3 pieces including lids came to just $9. Then, Nerdboy spotted a dish nesting inside some other bowls. It didn’t catch my eye at first because it was white and blending in with the Corningware. Even when he pulled it out, the pattern didn’t ring a bell. I recognized the pattern, but the size really threw me off. After some research, I discovered this piece is really rare! Golden Tulip was not made in this 043 size; there isn’t a single picture or word of it online anywhere. How many of these are out there? Maybe only a handful! How neat is that? Obviously, I bought it for $3! I also bought a canning jar for $0.37, but it missed the photo shoot.

2013-02-01 15.35.14

I woke up the next morning and had this strong urge to go to Value Village again. I felt that I could not successfully complete my day without going back. So what’s a Pyrex hoarder collector to do? Go back, of course! I went back in the freezing cold and LOOK what I found! ORANGE BUTTERPRINT! Orange Butterprint is also rare and collectors spend a fortune on them. Mine was $3 🙂 I also picked up a black and white gooseberry 443 bowl for a fellow collector. It will complete her set!

2013-02-01 20.33.29

In addition my my thrifing, my mom went to Goodwill while I was at school and bought me some Pyrex! She had a 50% off coupon to use up before the end of the month. The Trailing Flowers 475 with lid was $4 and the Spring Blossoms Loaf pan was $2, after discounts. Score! Go momma!

Super duper Pyrex week for me!

And now it’s your turn! Any questions, comments, or thrifting shares?!