Join the Savvy Student Shopper’s Facebook Group!


Hi friends! The Savvy Student Shopper has expanded into a Group on Facebook and would love if you could join!

Facebook is making it awfully hard for pages to reach fans, so I’m hoping this new group will make it easier for us to connect.

In this group, I will post all the deals and even more, including my pictures, clearance deals, hot deals, and questions. I want this to be a space for everyone to connect. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to ask questions, share deals, trade coupons, and post trips.

Just head on over HERE and request to join the group. For now, I’ll be keeping the group “closed” (meaning I have to accept all new members individually) so what you post and “Like” in the group doesn’t show in your news feeds. I know not everyone in your 500 Facebook friends want to know your crazy couponing stories 😉 so this is a place you can join people like you!

If you haven’t already, you can like my Page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and Pinterest.