Chicken Update: 3/25


I thought you’d like to see a few more chickadee pictures! 🙂 The girls are growing like weeds. The Rhode Island Reds (Ginger and Biscuit) must be older or develop faster than my Barred Rocks (Bonnie and Luna) because they have bigger wings and are starting to get tail and shoulder feathers! My fluff balls are growing up just way too fast.

2013-03-23 22.53.09


They are all “flying” now and by flying, I mean leaping across the cage with their wings sprawled out causing a ruckus each time. Very graceful little fellas. As of 3/21 they were all roosting on the stick (actually it’s an arrow without a point) inside the cage. Little Luna was the last to figure it out. She’s still the smallest of the bunch.

Bonnie stretching - it's so cute!

Bonnie stretching – it’s so cute!

In order to save on food costs, I scoop up all their dropped food, pick out their droppings, and then fill the dish back up. Reusing all their spilled food cuts my food cost by almost 50%! I really can’t get over how much they poop.

Bonnie roosting

Bonnie roosting

I’m certainly enjoying my new bundles of joy and now that I’m back at school I miss them dearly. By the time I get home the following weekend for Easter, they are going to look all grown up! I am going to miss their soft fluff, but this brings them one step closer to their egg laying age. I cannot wait to make french toast!

2013-03-23 22.52.15

The gang

So do you think I should pick up 2 more chickadees this week when the store gets their green/blue egg layers in? Do I really need 6 chickens?! I can’t decide. What’s another 2, right? But having 6 total was never my plan for this year. But having 6 this year means I won’t necessarily need more chicks the following year which is good because they are a lot of work… but they are so darn cute. But they eat and poop a ton. What a dilemma! So let me know if I should be planning to pick up two more babies this week. I need advice! 🙂

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  1. valora says:

    I say go for it…they take a long to to be old enough to lay…might was well go through this stage once.

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