Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 4-11

2013-03-01 22.28.10

It has been over a MONTH since my last thrify finds post. Why hasn’t anyone told me?! I am a bad, bad blogger lately. I go thrifting almost every single day (I know that’s totally not normal, but neither am I) so I ought to post more often! Or maybe I just haven’t bought anything good lately? Let’s see!

I bought this vintage Dansk yellow pan for around $7. I don’t personally collect Dansk, but I know it’s collectible so I picked it up. I has since been sold to a collector – yay! The 3 salt/pepper shakers were in a bag together for $0.99. I HAD to have Miss Priss. She’s very collectible and adorable.

2013-03-13 18.22.07

I scooped this turquoise snowflake casserole 045 dish for around $4 something at Value Village. Great shape!

2013-03-22 18.15.27

During our Spring Break, Nerdboy and I ventured to a few new-to-us thrift stores because they were near the place we were going for lunch. First stop was a Goodwill Outlet store. Instead of having shelves for everything and hangers for clothing, almost everything (minus glassware and some electronics) were in humongous bins (see example here (clean version). Really, listen to it, it’s my theme song). Not only were we totally confused by the bin shopping… almost everything was sold by weight. $1.69/lb! Totally new to us. Luckily I found some Pyrex! The Snowflake Spacesaver was about $4. I found the red primary 402 bowl and Daisy 471 for $1 each at a Salvation Army.

2013-03-28 19.55.38

Pictured above was a little trip to Value Village (one of the rare times I actually buy anything). It was 25% off day. I bought a Maryland jacket for my future child. It looks brand new and it was less than $2.50. Nothing is wrong with buy for the future early, right? I plan to dress my children in Raven’s and Maryland gear anyway and this stuff really doesn’t go out of style. Might as pick it up while it’s cheap. I also bought a Pyrex bowl sized 024 in Pineapple (though, it’s usually called mustard). I picked it up for a fellow and local Pyrex collector.

2013-03-29 14.47.53

The next day I went back and found these cute Terra berry bowls. They are marked Corning, but are the same pattern as the Pyrex Terra pattern so they are practically Pyrex. They were $0.75 each but I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping them yet.

2013-03-31 10.19.50

2013-03-31 13.24.20

I’ve also been trying to hit the flea market when I’m home. I haven’t scored anything good there in months. I did get 8lbs of Strawberries for $4. I had to throw some away because they were too soft, but it was still a great deal. I also should have tried them before buying so many because they aren’t too sweet or flavorful yet. I cut and froze them all though!

I still have a few recent trips from April to add, which I promise to post soon! I hope you guys enjoy these posts. I’m really not a hoarder 🙂 Have you done any thrifting lately? It’s yard sale season!