Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 5/15

2013-05-02 17.21.55

The grease stains came off and it looks great! One of my newest faves -Pyrex Pink Daisy Spacesaver

2013-04-13 10.09.57

Hit the jackpot at this estate sale! Mom went crazy!

Gorgeous Dansk turquoise paella pan found at Value Village!

Gorgeous Dansk turquoise paella pan found at Value Village!

2013-03-24 12.10.34

All for $1! A wool sweater, sugar shaker, milk glass vase, Merry Mushroom salt/pepper shakers, and a leaf tray

2013-03-29 14.48.09

2 Terra Corning/Pyrex Berry Bowls

2013-04-09 17.23.51


2013-04-10 14.39.01

A new bowl for Nerdboy’s doggy -These sell for $14, this one was $1!

2013-04-11 14.20.04

Jars! The blue one is a Made in Mexico knock off -darn it!

2013-04-12 15.46.40

Hazel Atlas Striped Tumbler and 2 Federal flower bowls

2013-04-17 23.00.34

Some Yankee Candle tarts and another Pandora cupcake (will sell on Ebay)

2013-04-20 12.48.01

Some salt and pepper shakers (got all for $1), 2 more Terra berry bowls, and some Lustroware canisters

2013-04-26 20.10.20

All in the same evening at Goodwill and Value Village: Primary 404, Town and Country 503 & 502, plus extra lids!

2013-04-27 15.09.59

Mom picked this beauty up on the side of the road! She’s working on making it a little better and then I’ll take another picture of it.

2013-04-27 15.14.03

Some yard sale finds: Canning jars (all for $2), a Pyrex lid (5 cents!!!), and a Spring Blossom Gravy Boat – with box!

2013-05-14 11.01.26

Butterprint Butterdish – Bought for $3


Nerdboy went to Value Village for me when I couldn’t! Butterprint 503 and Daisy 502. He’s a sweetie!

Welcome to a catch-up version of Savvy Student Shopper’s thrifty finds! This covers most of the stuff I’ve found in April and May. I’ve been going to yard sales and the flea market, but I’ve had very, very little luck. Maybe people haven’t done their Spring cleaning yet?

Value Village is my hot spot, probably because I go every day! Now that I am officially finished school for the summer, I promise I’ll post more thrifty finds posts like I used to! I just hope I find some luck this summer because I will be leaving my favorite Value Village and returning back home on Friday. It’s bittersweet.

If you have any questions about what I bought or any questions in general, leave a comment or shoot me an email! As always, you are encouraged to share your thrifty finds!


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  1. Laura Sheriff says:

    Hey! what did you pay for the wool yarn? My mom was just lamenting the cost of yarn to me, and she lives close to the Brooklyn park Value Village!

    • Brandi says:

      I think they were around $1/skein.. I honestly can’t remember! I try not to pay more than that though, but sometimes I do. Value Village sells bags of yard for $2.49-$4.99, so sometimes the price is good if it’s yarn you need! I try to only buy yarn that still has it’s original wrapper, so I know the material and brand.
      Wool is $12/skein at the craft store, so I always try to pick it up for cheap at the thrift stores.

  2. Ashley says:

    I don’t believe you found another pandora cupcake! What luck! I like what your mom found, it’s pretty! It’s for storage right? I normally don’t think much about salt n’ pepper shakers but they are all cute! Are you collecting those now too? My mom and I went yardsaleing two weeks ago (there wasn’t any good listing last week) and my best find of the season so far was a moonstone ring set in sterling for $10! That’s normally kinda steep for yardsales (I know you understand lol) but I was JUST talking about how I wanted a moonstone ring and there it was! I love when that happens! I knew from my internet window shopping retail would have been $50-$80 +shipping! So I went for it, I haven’t taken it off yet! My BEST yardsale find was my vanity I bought last year. It was definately a fixer-upper but the funny thing is my mom asked the woman how much it was and she said “two- fifty” I was hoping she didn’t see my jaw hit the floor, because it was in rough shape. Water damage, scratches, the chair needed reupholstered the whole sh-bang. Me and my mom said okay and started looking at other things, then she came back and said “Oh I meant $2.50, not $250” LOL So we bought it, about two cans of spray paint, some sanding, and $12 in fabric later I had my $20 vanity! *Didn’t mean for that to be a paragraph* :p

    • Brandi says:

      I just found another Pandora cupcake on Saturday, that makes 3! Haha!!

      The thing my mom found is super cute. It has 4 little compartments for storage. I think I’m going to display Pyrex in it 😉
      I don’t collect the salt/pepper shakers because space is of the essence! I’m already filling my parent’s house with Pyrex. I usually sell the shakers. The owls, mushrooms, and the kitty (from last post) are already sold. When I can pick them up super cheap (less than $1) and sell them for $5-$10, it works for me!

      That’s super awesome about the ring! $10 is a horrible yard sale price (We are so cheap!) but that’s a great deal compared to retail! You’d never be able to get another one that cheap. And your vanity sounds amazing! We are so limited on space here that I never really look at furniture, and fixing up stuff is not one of my strong points! I leave all painting and tools to the guys 😉

      Good luck with the rest of yard sale season and keep sharing 😀

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