Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 6/1


I hope you all are having a great Spring/Summer (it’s definitely Summer weather here in Maryland now!). I am working and it takes so, so much time away from blogging and thrifting. During the school year, I could thrift in between classes or after class, but it’s not so easy in the summer. There aren’t any large thrift stores close to my house; I’d have to drive 15-25 minutes to hit a couple of them and sometimes it’s just not worth it and  I can’t do it every day like I did at school (thanks to the free campus bus)! But I am still trying to get some good deals. I’ve been hitting the flea market as early as I can get my sleepy butt up and I also go to some yard sales, though I never have yard sale luck around here.

At the flea market, mom and I scooped up 2 lovely Pyrex casserole dishes. We found the Kim Chee (#043) promotional piece for $2 and the New Holland (#045) for $4. My dad asked for the blue New Holland for Father’s Day because he liked it so much! I also scored 12 canning jars, including the blue, for $1.50!

2013-05-19 08.52.51

At a recent trip to Value Village, I found 2 hard-to-find Pyrex Colonial Mist mixing bowls (both 404s). I am keeping one and the other is being traded/sold at the moment. They were priced at $7 (which I think is super high for a stupid bowl). Value Village’s prices have absolutely skyrocketed. It’s sickening. You can go on any given day and find an item from the dollar store or the Dollar Spot in Target, priced at more than $1 at Value Village. Why I still go is simply for the hunt. Sometimes you find good things and have to suck up the prices. I would much rather give my money to other charitable shops or people at yard sales. I also found a primary blue refrigerator dish for about $2.50 and another (yep, that makes #3) Pandora Cupcake jewelry holder.

2013-05-26 16.46.49

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went up to the mountains and you know I cannot give up my thrifting hobby. We went to a few antique stores and yard sales while we were up there. I bought the blue mixing bowl (401) for $3. It’s unnumbered which means it goes to the set made in the ’40s. I think that’s just insane! How amazing that these adorable bowls survive all those years and come out looking so pretty!? I am 1 bowl (green) away from completing my 1940s primary mixing bowl set and spent $10 so far. Patience pays off! One of the yard sales we stopped at had a “FREE” box. Those are my favorite. Who doesn’t love free?! I found a canning jar (quart size), Butterfly Gold salt/pepper shakers, and the Butterfly Gold cream and sugar bowls in the box. Michael bought some cake decorating supplies, so I didn’t feel as bad taking the freebies. Michael’s sister also got 8 free Butterfly Gold mugs for her apartment (she goes to college this August!). We stopped at a Goodwill and I picked up the (2) Spring Blossoms mixing bowls (#401) and the lid for $4.50 total. Yes, I have 5 of those green bowls now, thanks for reminding me 😉 I simply can’t leave the 401s behind.

2013-06-01 12.04.20

Today Michael and I took a ride to another city for some nice yard sales. FINALLY I found some Pyrex at a yard sale and at great prices! The big Daisy bowl (#444) was $0.25!! I wish I could have seen the look on my face when the lady said “a quarter!”. The Butterfly Gold refrigerator dishes (502 and 503) were $3, the Butterprint Cinderella Bowl (441) was $1, and the Apple Dumplin’ (friends of Strawberry Shortcake) mug was $0.25. I found the 503 lid for $2 at an antique store along the way. And the blue and red primary refrigerator dishes were found at my local flea market for $4. I was a beautiful morning, we hit some great sales, and had a lovely time together! That is my kind of date 🙂 (We drove his new car and we stopped and got donuts, too, so Nerdboy was satisfied).

I hope you guys are still enjoying these posts! I love, love, love my thrifty finds and really love reading about your finds too!