Gardening Update 7/22

2013-07-22 16.58.54

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Here’s a little garden update for July! I’ve been working a lot and I don’t spend a lot of time home anymore. As much as I love sunshine, I am very thankful for the large amounts of rain we’ve had this summer. I’ve only had to water my garden a few times so far!

Things growing in my garden: Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, green beans, herbs, radishes, onions, cucumbers, blackberries, zucchini, squash, gourds/pumpkins and some lettuce.

2013-07-22 14.49.23

2013-07-22 14.53.51

The tomatoes are doing pretty good. This week I’ll have harvested pretty much the bulk of the tomatoes I’ll be getting all summer. Maybe I’ll make some salsa? My peppers are so, so slow. And to make matters worse, something nibbled the leaves off so it had to start all over. My cucumbers are really taking over! The squash and zucchini plants are still alive but are not producing as much as they should! The large amounts of rain have definitely taken its toll on the plants. The rain makes it harder to get nutrients into the plant. I also think I have a lack of pollinating bees in the garden.

2013-07-18 18.56.44

2013-07-18 18.56.58

I’m almost done picking blackberries for the summer. I’ve been picking from my yard, my neighbor’s yard, and the neighborhood – yay for free berries! I’ve also discovered wineberries growing wild in my neighborhood. They are a type of raspberry and completely edible. Nerdboy and I just whipped up some berry jam over the weekend (more on that later).

2013-07-14 18.12.07 2013-07-14 18.30.19

My potatoes (in the trashcans and in my garden) have been completely unsatisfied. I think all my potato plants have died, except the sweet potatoes. I dug up some potatoes last week because the plant was dead. I LOVE digging for potatoes. We have them for dinner and they were delicious 🙂

I haven’t had much time to weed the garden or plant anything new. I told my sister I would pay her $5/hour to weed my garden. Can you believe she didn’t take me up on that offer?

I’m happy my garden is finally at the ‘pick me’ stage! I have a ton of tomatoes that I need to pick tomorrow before someone else (critters) gets them. I’ll post another update later!