Chicken Update 7/24

2013-07-14 17.45.08

Here’s another backyard chicken update! Everyone is doing well and I am still waiting for eggs. I know Ginger and Biscuit (the reds) are going to lay their first egg soon. I can’t wait!

2013-07-14 17.46.01

We’ve been letting them roam the yard as much as possible which saves a lot of money on feed costs. They don’t eat much chicken feed when they can munch on nature all day long. Grapes are still their absolute favorite food in the entire world. They go crazy over grapes. We like to bring them scraps as much as possible. They are healthy and well-fed chickens!

2013-07-14 20.52.32

Ginger and Biscuit sitting on Luna in the nesting box

We’ve been having problems with them flying too much. The other day, we went to put them in their pen and they were all high up in the tree! All but Luna could figure out how to get home. After pull the branch lower and using a pool skimmer, we finally got her down. Wing clipping will happen in the near future probably.

2013-07-10 18.09.12

If you’ve never watched a chicken take a dirt bath, go youtube it! I’ll try to post of video of mine taking their bath one day. It’s hilarious! My yard is very sandy so they always find a nice place to roll around in the sand.

A few weeks ago, mom and I were at a local store and asked the produce manager if we could have his box of old produce for our chickens. He was taking the smooshed or brown fruit/veggies off the shelf and we saved them for our chickens! I also managed to save a few squash and zucchini from the box, cut off the soft spots, and make zucchini relish! It doesn’t get more frugal than that.

2013-07-10 18.10.47

I will certainly post an update once these babies decide to lay eggs. For now, they will continue to munch on nature all day long and make loud noises when they are locked in their pen!