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2013-06-14 09.32.19

“Mom, my favorite part of Pyrex is the newspaper”

Okay, okay, I finally have a minute to post another Thrifty Finds post. It has been entirely too long! These photos are from July-August. I’ve been visiting the local flea market as much as possible, hitting yard sales, estate sales, and a thrift shop every now and then.

2013-07-27 18.01.20

Here’s a part of my most recent haul! At the free flea market (where everything in the parking lot is FREE for taking), I got a stack of Butterfly Gold Corelle plates, a Pyrex Spice of Life canister and that solid green Pyrex casserole. At the flea market I got the Fire King Jadeite mugs/tea cups for $1 each (great price!), the Spring Blossoms Pyrex 471 casserole for $1 with lid and the set of 3 Catherineholm 4-inch stripe bowls for $2. Those Catherineholm bowls are my biggest score of the year! I was so, so excited to find them. Check out the prices they go for on Ebay!

I bought the red Pyrex Friendship refrigerator dish and Daisy 444 bowl at an antique store in Ellicot City.

2013-07-27 17.53.26

Here’s most of the stuff I got from the FREE Flea market! I also got some clothes that aren’t pictured. I got TWO working Foodsaver machines, the Corelle plates, a Coke glass for Nerdboy, the Spice of Life canister, the Pyrex casserole, 2 100% wool sweaters and a pair of like-new Crocs for my mom! Sweet finds for FREE! My mom and I got there almost an hour early to wait in line. It’s my Black Friday, what can I say!


I found another old blue ball jar for $0.50 -SCORE!, a Pyrex yellow Hostess bowl for $0.50, a blue Pyrex refridgerator dish for $0.50, the Butterprint 444 bowl for $4, and the Golden Tulip 024 casserole with lid for $1. These were my finds from the flea market and a yard sale. I find Pyrex (or anything worth buying for that matter) at every 1 out of 15 yard sales I go to. Bad luck.

2013-07-08 21.07.20

On my way home from the beach, we stopped at a few Goodwills. I got this Homestead Pyrex 503 refrigerator dish with lid for $3. I only bought the dish for the lid. I already sold the dish itself to someone else as I do not collect Homestead. Also, take note of my new shirt! I love thrifting – how perfect! The Goodwill in Delaware was selling them (new) for a scholarship fund.

2013-06-23 15.17.00

The Pyrex Town and Country 043 casserole was another flea market find. $1! I bought it just for the lid.

2013-06-22 13.09.42

Nerdboy and I like to hit the yard sales together. Actually, he’d rather stay in bed, but I think it’s good for him to get fresh air. We found the Pyrex Butterfly Gold 404 for $1 (or $2, I can’t rememeber) at a small yard sale. The biggest bowls are sometimes hard to find, so I was happy with that score! I also came across an entire set of Butterfly Gold Cinderella bowls in mint condition. The nice old lady had everything Butterfly Gold (the plates, tea cups, gravy boat, creamer, sugar dish, and the whole 9 yards). I only bought the bowls. She said she never even used them! It set me back a whole $4. I already have this complete set so I will be selling this one. I bought the Christmas Holly 024 at the local antique shop during the booth’s 25% off sale.


This picture shows my goodies from the first FREE flea market I went to this summer. Some Fire King, Jadeite, crewel artwork and another wool sweater.

2013-06-16 11.06.06

Here’s another flea market score from one weekend. I got the Topsy Turvy and a tomato plant for $1.50 for both. I got the Spring Blossom 472 casserole for $2, some extra lids for $0.50 or so, Green Primary 403 (from the 1940s!!) for $1, Woodland 475 for $1, the Butterfly Gold butter dish for $1, and $1 for the Strawberry Shortcake mug.

2013-06-14 09.22.53

The set of 8 Spring Blossom-like mugs were from Value Village and the almost complete Woodland Pyrex Cinderella set was a Goodwill find for $10.

2013-06-10 20.14.16

2013-06-10 20.52.51

These items pictured above were items picked up by friend’s of mine! The green Pyrex Heinz baker and Gooseberry 441 were $1 each. The Gooseberry was in awful shape, but I was able to bring out the color again with some Bar Keeper’s Friend. The Friendship 473 was a buy from an antique store.

That’s all for now! I’ll update again in a few weeks! I hope you’re having fun thrifting too 🙂

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  1. Katherine says:

    Whoa! You scored big this summer! 🙂
    I’ve been able to go thrifting much more this summer because I’m off from work but none of the stores ever have Pyrex. Lol. Keep up the good work!

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