Canvas People: Up to 80% off Personalized Canvas (As low as $20 Shipped!)

Looking to order a personalized canvas for Christmas? Here’s a great offer!

Canvas People is offer up TWO great deals, but you must hurry as this offer ends next week! You can get 60% Off All Canvases PLUS FREE shipping or 80% off all canvas + shipping costs. Prices start as low as $20 shipped! You need to decide on the size canvas you want because a smaller canvas is cheaper with 60% off + free shipping and a larger canvas cheaper with the 80% off + shipping. You can see the breakdown below, just be sure to click the correct link. One link will give you 60% Off All Canvases PLUS FREE shipping and the other gives you 80% off all canvases + shipping costs.

For best results, use a high resolution picture! These canvases make excellent gifts!