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Savvy Student Shopper’s Backyard Chicken Update 8/21

First day with 3 eggs!

First day with 3 eggs!

The chickens have been laying for 18 days – wow! My two Rhode Island Reds, Biscuit and Ginger, started laying first probably on the same day. Just yesterday, one of my Barred Rocks, Bonnie, started laying too! We’re getting about 3 eggs a day now. We are still waiting for Luna to lay an egg, but she has always been the smallest chick, so I’m not surprised she’s slower than the rest. The chickens lay about 6 eggs a week each. Once everyone starts laying, we’ll be getting about 2 dozen eggs a week until their laying slows down when days get shorter and weather gets colder. We’re all pretty excited about the eggs! Even my sister, who wants nothing to do with the chickens, will go and steal the eggs if I’m not home.

Weekend brunch: My canned potatoes, veggies from the garden, and eggs from the backyard.

Weekend brunch: My canned potatoes, veggies from the garden, and eggs from the backyard.

Checking out fancy chicken coops! Anyone have $2000?

Checking out fancy chicken coops! Anyone have $2000?

Biscuit and Ginger taking a dirt bath - their favorite thing to do.

Biscuit and Ginger taking a dirt bath – their favorite thing to do.

Chickens and a deer roaming their my front yard

Chickens and a deer roaming their my front yard

Egg comparison: My little rich yolk is on the left, compared to the lighter yolk on the right from the store

Egg comparison: My little rich yolk is on the left, compared to the lighter yolk on the right from the store

As you can see, each chicken lays a different shade of brown. I think the lightest one (almost pink) is Bonnie’s. It’s fun to see the different colors and shapes these eggs are! They are still on the small size (compared to the Large eggs we used to get from the grocery store), but they look and taste great!

From the backyard!

From the backyard!

My first dozen

My first dozen

I just used some of my hard earned money (I’m working 47 hours this week outside the home, what the heck!) to buy my babies new food and water dispensers. Their set up now really needed a change. They kept knocking them over and I had to refill every day or every other day! No one has time for that! Hopefully they will be delivered today or tomorrow and I will get them all set up. I just bought them another 50lbs of chicken feed, but it’s a bit too heavy for me to carry from my car to the coop. Thankfully, they get their fill of kitchen scraps (mostly fruit and veggies) and nature (grass, weeds, bugs, etc.) and don’t really go through that much chicken feed.

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Vistaprint: 50% off Back to School Products! T-shirts and Tote Bags just $6!

It’s time for Back to School season, again!

This year, avoid the in-store back to school rush and get your kids ready for their first day of class with personalized supplies from VistaprintSave 50% off custom t-shirts, note cards, tote bags, stamps, wall calendars, and premium business cards until Friday, plus 25% off sitewide! T-shirts for $6, tote bags for $6.49 and more!

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  • If you’re looking for something for your younger kids who aren’t going to school yet, create magnetic puzzles on car door magnets that you can cut up for them to piece back together.
  • Are you hoping to start the new year off on a good foot with their new teacher? Create a thoughtful personalized mug and fill it with goodies like hot chocolate, sweets, and classroom essentials.
  • If you’re looking to supply a classroom, customize stamps and labels with a basic grading rubric to make the process easier.
  • You can also design your own homework passes, bathroom passes, or playtime passes using premium business cards, or your own rulers for each student.

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