Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 10/13

2013-10-10 22.03.25

I do a lot of thrifting. I go multiple days a week and it would be every day of the week if Nerdboy let me. I usually spend my weekend mornings (when I’m home) at the local flea market (vendors started recognizing me this summer and I just think that’s a bit odd especially because I look like a complete bum that early in the morning), local yard sales, church sales, estate sales, and thrift shops. On the weekdays when I have class (only 2.5 days a week!) I usually convince Nerdboy to stop at my favorite Value Village(s). Judging by ALL my Pyrex pictures from the past year+, you probably think I’m a hoarder and if you see my dining room (sorry, mom), you’d probably be right. BUT this week I’m having a large Pyrex purge (on Instagram @brandilabarre –honestly though, only follow me if you like Pyrex and chickens, seriously). I’m selling off a lot of my extras and unwanteds I’ve accumulated over the year, so I’ve been prepping for that. I just had to purchase bubble wrap and that’s was super unfrugal. I did find the cheapest I could on ebay for $0.13/foot. I try not to buy Pyrex that I don’t personally want, which is a lot, but sometimes I got carried away and now I need to spread my love to other collectors.

The picture above is my most recent acquisitions from this past week. The Pyrex 475 Saxony and Pyrex Pink Stripes 401 were a trade with a fellow collector. I found the tan 402 stripes bowl at Value Village for about $3. The Primary blue 502 fridgie was also $3. I mostly bought it for the lid. I also picked up a Lilly Pulitzer shirt for myself for about $2.37. Lilly is becoming one of my new addictions, watch out, but I can only afford thrift prices! Hopefully by January, I’ll have thrifted enough to make a wardrobe out of it for my Florida vacation.

2013-10-06 14.57.29

Some contacted my locally wanting to sell a lot of Vintage Pyrex for $15… of course I said yes! She even dropped all 7 pieces off at my house. I got the Pyrex Forest Fancies 401 bowl for $0.25 to add to my 401 collection. I also snagged the Pyrex lemon carafe with lid for $0.50. That morning, I made Nerdboy wake up at 5:15 and accompany me to an enormous church sale. I heard the vintage glassware was going to be good so I was planning for success! We woke up early and waited in line for hours until the sale started. By 8:00 (doors opened at 8:30) there were hundreds of people lined up along the parking lots. I could not believe it! We got there early enough and were about 25th or so in line. When doors opened, I rushed to the glassware section. Michael and I already had a plan: he’d take those 2 rows, I had the others. He was to scoop up any piece of Pyrex, Fire King, etc. that I may be interested in and I’d sort after we scooped all the rows. Well, there wasn’t a single piece of Pyrex or any vintage glassware whatsoever. I heard from another collector that a volunteer was carrying around a pink Pyrex bowl, so I believe volunteers got first pick and we waited outside for hours for nothing. I got 2 vintage Ball jars with lids for $1.25 though. You can’t win them all.

2013-10-03 21.51.26 2013-10-03 19.42.33

More Pyrex! I went c-r-a-z-y this week. I spent way over my budget on Pyrex but it was soooo worth it! See that gorgeous 475 Pyrex Spirograph casserole in the middle? Also, take note of the original underplate. I thrifted the entire set for about $10. I could place that piece on Ebay for $100 and it would be gone in minutes, I’d imagine. That is one of my best scores yet! It’s still sitting in my living room in front of the TV so I can stare at it. All the other pieces were from Value Villages throughout the week for $2-$6 a piece.

2013-09-20 11.40.00

A few weeks ago, I had a Friday morning all to myself so I went to the Free Friday Flea Market down the road where everything on the parking lot is free. I scored some good stuff like a few canning jars, Fiesta tea cup, 2 Pyrex lids, wool yarn, and vintage napkins, but I just didn’t need most of the stuff that was there. I then stopped at the thrift store and got the set of Pyrex Early American refrigerator dishes for about $10. I stopped at the nearby antique store and grabbed the other 3 pieces of Pyrex for $2-$4 each.

2013-09-08 10.33.58

Here are a weekend’s worth of flea market finds! I scored 2 more blue Ball jars with lids. I think I paid about $4 for both. I got the super duper Pyrex carafe for $0.50. I already sold the carafe and Hazel Atlas Kitchen Aid bowl. The Corelle Christmas bowl has also been traded. All were scored for $0.50 each. I found 2 Pyrex refrigerator dish lids! I got the Pyrex Spring Blossom 2 441 for $1 I think. And my mom got the cute tank top for $1.

2013-09-13 13.00.20 IMAG4977

Here was another stop to Value Village. I saw the Pyrex Pink 503 refrigerator dish there the day before and didn’t buy it because it was pretty trashed… and $5! Vintage Pyrex should never go in the dishwasher. It removes the shine and then the paint. I felt sorry for it the next day and bought it at 25% off and the Snowflake Blue loaf dish. I cleaned that Pink 503 up, scrubbed a layer of yuck off, and shined it up with some oil. It looks 95% better! I’m SO glad I bought it.

2013-09-15 18.06.23

Last time Nerdboy and I went to Deep Creek, we stopped at a tiny thrift store that benefits pets. I spotted the Pyrex Old Orchard 502 there for $1, so I bought it! On the way home, just a few minutes from my house, I saw someone on the main road was having a HUGE yard sale at like 6 o’clock PM on a Sunday. Their yard was filled of boxes overflowing with vintage crap. The man clears out old estates and this one must have been enormous. Nerdboy and I spent a good chunk of time picking through those old boxes, I even sliced my hand on the glass! Out of an entire yard full of vintage stuff, all I snagged were two refrigerator dish lids. I don’t mean to complain, but where are the dishes?!

2013-08-25 14.45.49

This weekend was slim pickings but I grabbed a Pyrex Daisy 475 (no lid) and a 045 lid for cheap.

2013-08-17 09.46.12

First, I need to point out, everything in this picture was bought the same morning at the flea market. It was a morning that I went by myself and I carried all of this to the car (I bought the cases of jars at the complete opposite of where I parked, of course) by myself. I used so much energy and so much time and not one person asked if I needed help. What is wrong with the world!? The stack was taller than me and I had to put it all down to rearrange/take breaks every 10 steps. My arms ache just thinking about that adventurous morning. Anyway! I scored the two cases of jars for $6 I think. That’s less than $0.25/jar! I found some more Pyrex lids and a Pyrex Verde 442 and Wheat 023. Both Pyrex pieces were only $0.50-$1 each.

2013-08-11 19.56.04

This picture really doesn’t count as thrifting, it’s kind of a “Brandi went crazy at the antique stores and malls when she was out of town”. I spent a lot that weekend but everything I bought was a good price and I’ve already resold about half of the items here (to make some extra money).

So after all this you probably think I’m a Pyrex hoarder, and that’s alright. I always tell myself that there are worse things I could be spending my money on. Not pictured are also quite a few pieces of clothing I got for myself at Goodwill. I think I got 3 pairs of dress paints (all $2-$4 each), a dress shirt ($2), and a cardigan ($4). My mom also scored some clothes at Goodwill when we had a $10 off $20 purchase coupon. She got 4 great looking dress shirts for work at about $4 each! I like shopping for clothes more at Goodwill/thrift stores than at any other store. It really helps when you have a coupon or when you go on discount day because sometimes you’ll find stuff that’s just so overpriced. But I grabbed a few pairs of dress pants for a small fraction of what I would have paid at the mall, so sometimes it pays to thrift shop!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Nice haul! My mom also hoards dishes but she’s more of a fiesta lady herself lol In August I got her a box literally overflowing with new fiesta and vintage fiesta plates, bowls and assorted things for $15 and she was thrilled! My thrifting’s slowed down here, since fall 🙁 But anywho I agree that there is worse things to be spending you money on, the way I look at it is these vintage dishes have a resell value (and it’s a lot more than you payed!) so it’s more like an investment. My mom and I’s problem is we need to start reselling! 😛

    • Brandi says:

      Fiesta is fun to collect too, but it’s so heavy! The rainbow of colors all stacked up in a cabinet is the best though! I have to limit myself to Pyrex so I don’t get carried away.
      I thrift to get stuff for my personal collection, but if I come across something I don’t want and know I can sell for more money, then I buy it. I also just sold over 20 pieces of Pyrex from my personal collection because it was just getting to be too much to handle!

      Good luck to you and your mom! Happy thrifting 🙂

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