Savvy Student Shopper = No Longer a Student! + Updates on Everything!


Hello! Is anyone still reading? 😉 My last blog post has been way too long ago. As the semester came to an end, I had papers to write, projects to finish, and then exams to study for. I was making and shipping ornaments like an elf, plus I’ve been reselling a lot of the vintage finds I’ve accumulated and have no space for. Then, I graduated! And then there was Christmas, which included parties, family, friends, and lots of food. Now that I am no longer a student (what do I do with myself after being a student for like 16 long years?) I think I need to make some changes to the blog, most importantly, the name! One of these days, I’ll be changing the name and blog decor (actually, Nerdboy will). I’ll keep everyone posted on the new link and all that jazz. I’ll also have to change the name of my Facebook Page and probably the Group, too. And Twitter. Oh, what a headache.


I haven’t been couponing in ages! I’m also headed out of town until late January so I can’t see too much couponing in my near future either. I have 3 trips planned, with less than 2 days home in between, but I’ll keep you guys posted on my whereabouts. I’ll end my adventures in sunny Florida! YAY! I’m sure I’ll make a few trips to Publix while I’m there since it’s only a golf cart ride away 🙂

My hope is to continue this blog in whatever free time I can get a hold of after I get back from my trips. I’m accepting a job that starts when I get home that’ll be 50 long hours a week. I’m already exhausted just thinking about it. I’m hoping I can find a blogging routine like I used to have. My goal is to focus less on the short term deals (i.e. not posting every freebie or hot store deal) and focus on writing posts that share a bit about what I enjoy (i.e. thrifting, canning, raising chickens, frugal living, getting things for free, and of course, couponing). I got a chicken cam for Christmas so now I can watch my babies LIVE from inside and outside the coop. Maybe I’ll be able to share some chicken streaming with you guys soon?! I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s in store for the Savvy Student Shopper (can I even say that anymore?)! If you have any creatives names for my “new” blog, feel free to shout them out! You can also email me ([email protected] or post on the Facebook Group). I haven’t even begun to think about my new name!

Although I have been totally MIA on here, I have been continuing my frugal ways out in the real world! All my gifts from Amazon were paid for with Amazon gift cards thanks to Swagbucks! Love them! I used credits from online websites to pay over $150 worth of gifts. I used eBay to score a lower than retail price on a gift for my sister. And, of course, I took advantage of sales and coupons for many other gifts in store! I gave out dozens of homemade jams, jellies, canned peaches, relishes, and more. All that canning craziness over the summer paid off because it took me less than minutes to have numerous gift baskets made for people.

I also want to thank everyone that ordered personalized bottled cap ornaments for Christmas presents this year. I worked my butt off getting them out! I got at least 20 TIMES the number of orders than I did last year, and it keeps going up every year! I think we’re on year #3 of making ornaments! Next year I might need to hire an elf because I’m not sure how much longer Nerdboy will work for free. The profits helped me pay for Christmas gifts for my family and friends (as that money went right into Paypal and I never had to take from my bank account this month!) and also towards college.

I’m leaving right now for my adventure #1. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year!