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Week Three: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

I skipped a week two weeks ago because I was on vacation and surprisingly (and lucky for me because I didn’t close any listed items on eBay) nothing sold! As much as I would have loved the sales, not having to worry about someone shipping my items while I was gone was great! Nerdboy and I are finally engaged. We enjoyed a beautiful and romantic vacation Jamaica. It was so nice to get away! When we came back, we said goodbye to our family pet, our 14 year old Golden Retriever, Jake. When Wednesday came along, we started Thanksgiving festivities. We traveled to visit family on Thursday and Friday and returned back home this past weekend to start Christmas preparations! I hadn’t listed anything for sale in a good two weeks. Obviously I have been quite busy, but it’s a bummer because you can’t really sell anything if you don’t take the time to list it. I’m doing much better this coming week and already listed a few new things, so week 4 sales are already starting!

Thanks to Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’ve bought a quite a few Christmas presents! I think I’m almost done shopping for people. Honestly, I have no idea how much I’ve spent though but I will tally it up and compare it to my earnings to see how well I’m doing. I still have plenty of items to sell, but time is ticking and I need to get listing and selling!  I’ve also picked up some great deals on Amazon, so keep up with the Facebook group if you’re into Amazon deals!

I sold on eBay only and at this point, I hadn’t listed anything new in two weeks so the CHA-CHINGs were surprising! I sold an item on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then that Saturday. I guess people were in the shopping mood 🙂

This past week I sold:


Pyrex Refrigerator Set
Bought for: $13
Sold for: $80 shipped


Beauty and the Beast “Chip” Bank
Bought for: $2
Sold for: $20 + shipping


Melissa & Doug Trunki
Bought for: $4
Sold for: $34.99 + shipping

That makes this week’s net profit (this is after Paypal fees, eBay fees, and all other expenses): $82.89
Week Two’s profit: $137.41
Week One’s profit: $105
Total profit: $325.30

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