Week Four: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

This week I had a number of sales but nothing too huge. It seems people like to shop on the weekends the most so I need to get things listed for this weekend! This week, I was happy to get rid of those Skylanders because I knew I wasn’t going to make much money off of them (6+ months ago they were selling for about $25 each, but I waited too long). I also wanted to get rid of the Holt Piggy Bank because I spent a lot on it, mainly because I knew it was something special and I couldn’t let it sit at Goodwill (#collectorproblems). It was also in perfect condition! And then you’ll see some new things in the sold category, Littlest Pet Shops! Hopefully you have a bin of these in your basement collecting dust, because they can be a great money maker! I’m no expert at them by any means, but I’m trying to catch on fairly quickly. I picked up a lot of LPS (Littlest Pet Shops for short) off a yard sale Facebook page for $30. It was a cardboard box full of animals and the buildings. I’ve been going through the animals, picking out the ones worth money and working on making a profit off the lot! I’ve already made back my money selling just 2 of the pets and I have an $80 dog listed! It’ll take me a bit to finish sorting through and then everything that isn’t worth much, I’ll probably toss back on a yard sale page (or eBay, who knows!) for $20-$30, especially the houses and buildings that are missing doors and accessories.

I also toy around on Etsy, but it’s definitely not my #1 spot. I included my Etsy profits from the week though!

You’ll notice if you add up my sold prices and look at what I actually made, it is a pretty crazy difference. Item costs, shipping and fees take a large cut of the profits. If you’re looking into selling on eBay, keep in mind they charge about 10% of the selling price AND shipping. In addition, Paypal takes a cut of $0.30 + 3% (approximately). It doesn’t sound like a lot, but these fees really add up. I owe eBay a good chunk of change each month and Paypal sucks it right out of your earnings when it’s deposited. I can’t complain though as eBay has proven to be a great way for me to make some extra cash this holiday season. As usual, I still have plenty of items to list so I need to get moving! It is so, so busy around here!  Don’t forget to keep up with us on the Facebook group if you’re into online deals and frugal chatting!

This past week I sold:

s-l1600 (9)

Two Skylanders Trap Team
Bought for: $13 (I planned to sell when they were selling for more money, but I didn’t get them listed when I should have)
Sold for: $27.50 shippeds-l1600 (10)

Littlest Pet Shop Collie
Bought for: $2 (I bought a whole box of pets and houses for $30, so really, it was less than $2 but this will just keep things simple)
Sold for: $32 shipped

s-l1600 (11)

Little Pet Shop Corgi
Bought for: $2 (See above)
Sold for: $12.99 shipped

s-l1600 (12)

Holt Corky Pig Piggy Bank
Bought for: $15
Sold for: $44.67 + shipping

Etsy Profits: $20.35

That makes this week’s net profit (this is after Paypal fees, eBay fees, and all other expenses): $79.25
Week Two’s profit: $137.41
Week One’s profit: $105
Week Three’s profit: $82.89

Total profit: $404.55

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