Introducing… Savvy Wife Happy Life!


Hi everyone!

I’d like to welcome you to the new blog, renamed and redesigned (obviously not complete at all)! After blogging on Savvy Student Shopper for years (and then taking kinda years of a break), I am back with Savvy Wife Happy Life!

Lots of changes since the last blog! #1 I am not a student anymore! I graduated from UMD in December 2013. #2 Because I started working over full-time and I was no longer a student, I stopped using this blog regularly, but started a Facebook group for sharing deals! Please join if you’re a Facebook user! #3 I’m married! Nerdboy and I got married in Jamaica on May 31st of this year. #4 We just bought our first house so I’ll be sharing some of that process and posting pictures along the way! It’s an older house so we’re trying to give it some updates to make it more our style, while being frugal and not going into debt along the way!

Because I love Facebook, I’m going to continue to use the Facebook group for daily postings, Amazon deals, freebies, etc. because it’s quick to post, easy for you to see, and great for communication. This blog will be used for posts that aren’t super timely. I’d like to continue to share my shopping trips, gardening/chicken adventures, eBay sales, and other things going on in my life. One of the biggest reasons I love to blog is for record keeping. I can go back years from now and see what I was doing, what veggies I was picking, food I was making, and what I was buying/selling. It makes for great memories, especially if you have kids or pets that you want to record moments for. I love being able to share what’s going on in my life and be able to look back on these things in years to come. Thanks to social media (especially Pinterest) this blog (technically rerouting them from Savvy Student Shopper) still gets quite a few views every single day despite how neglected it is! So I’m going to try to add some new stuff to keep things fresh.

And for anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Brandi! I am 24 years old, newly married to my high school sweetheart , full-time nanny, babysitter, crafter, reseller, hobby girl, and I have loved deal seeking my entire life. I learned to cut by cutting coupons from the newspaper for my mom. And I still have memories of walking the flea market with my dad and buying clothes at Goodwill with my mom when I was just a little girl. I’m frugal and I love it. We raise chickens (right now we have 7), I garden every year, and I taught myself how to can about 5 years ago. My favorite hobby is thrift shopping. I could spend every single day hitting Goodwills, Value Villages, church thrift stores, and flea markets. It is, hands down, one of my favorite things to do.

So welcome back to the blog! Every time I make a blog post, I’ll be sure to post it in the Savvy Shoppers Facebook group. If you aren’t already over there on Facebook, we’d love to have you.