My Review of Boxed.com (Online Bulk Ordering)

Again, Facebook group members already know about the deal I shared on Friday, but I’ve already received my order (holy cow, I ordered Friday evening and it arrived Tuesday – Sunday and Monday being holidays!) and I’m so happy with it! If you’re an AMEX card holder, you’re in for a great savings!

Some of these codes may not be valid anymore (probably the Pepsi one), but I’ll be sure to post in the group if I find any other codes in the near future!

Essentially, I was able to order all of this fantastic stuff shipped to my house for just $25! My out of pocked was $52.51. AMEX credited me $15 for spending $50+. And ibotta credited me $11.93 (15%).

Sign up for Boxed.com and start shopping! You’ll want to make sure your cart is over $50 (and then you may have to keep adding after applying coupon codes.) Your cart must be at least $50 for the AMEX offer, after all codes.
Here are the codes that should help you out at checkout! Shipping is free.

Enter OURGIFT for $15 off
Enter BOXED 15% off (only one of these will work ^)
Enter XSHT5WB3AH98FT ($10 off MUST SPEND AT LEAST $20 in Pepsi brand. I got IZZE and pancake mix). **this may be expired**
You should also receive $15 off $60 from signing up under my link, but I’m not sure what it stacks with!

You’ll get an additional $15 back if you use your American Express card. You MUST ADD THIS OFFER TO YOUR AMEX ACCOUNT BEFORE CHECKING OUT. $15/$50 Your total must be $50 before you check out, after discounts to receive the $15 AMEX credit.

After registering and shopping via a browser, you can go on your phone to your iBotta app. Search for Boxed, download their app, log into your already created account, and checkout on your phone. This **SHOULD** get you an additional 15% cash back.

Also, in the Boxed app, I was able to apply a $2 “cash reward” towards my cart. You had to check the box.

After all that confusing savings, I was able to score some awesome stuff for cheap – shipped to my door in like 2 days! This site (with coupon codes) is especially helpful if you aren’t a member of Costco/BJs but would still like to purchase in bulk, plus you don’t have to leave your couch.

Everything was packaged great. Cans were wrapped in bubble wrap and the soap and pancake mix were in sealed bags. The only thing that crushed was my free sample. I would totally recommend this site if you’re lucky enough to combine some coupon codes and cash back!


My Review of Home Chef (Dinner Delivery Service)

Update from 12/27 (below was written weeks ago): we’ve had quite a few of these meals now and they have all been fantastic. I love the recipes and food choices. Totally delicious and easy! I will gladly pay around $5-7 a serving for these meals. I do think that at $10 a serving isn’t something we’d do all the time, but I do think it’s worth it, especially for the busy couples!

If you guys are members of my Facebook Group, Savvy Shoppers, you probably took advantage of the great Home Chef deal I posted a few months ago. I wanted to review my 3 meals and service overall! But first, if you find yourself interested in a dinner delivery service, if you sign up here you’ll receive a $30 credit! It’s also very possible an additional $10 credit pop-up will come up while you’re making your account, saving you $40 (this is random though but most of us got it!).  You’ll pay as low as $2.50-$5/serving shipped and that’s pretty awesome because these meals are great and I really enjoyed the service. If you order 3 meals, your shipping should be free, so play around to get the best price per meal for your family.

Without the credits, which you’ll receive when you sign up, the original price is $9.95 per serving. There is a $10 delivery charge. So for 2 meals for 2 people (4 servings all together), the cost is 49.80 shipped. Cheaper than going on to a nice dinner, definitely, but it is expensive for most of us who are couponing or budgeting the grocery budget. I love that they offer the credit though and it’s definitely worth trying for that!

With the promotion I took advantage of, I was able to score 3 meals for 2 people (6 servings total) for a fantastic price and I wanted to share my experience with you!

First, you choose your delivery day. I chose Wednesday. Your order must be finalized before noon the Friday before. The delivery period was Wednesday from 8am – 8pm. Unfortunately, FedEx was delayed (nothing to do with Home Chef) and our meal wasn’t delivered until after 10:30pm that night and it got left on our porch until morning. (Note: our next week’s delivery was delivered before dinner on Wednesday, no problems!). Due to how well the meals are packed, all of our food was still fine the following morning. Meals are surrounded by insulation and included are a bunch of ice packs! Each meal is packaged in a labeled bag (every 2 servings in a bag) and lasts for about 5-6 days in your fridge. A few of our items got a little smashed during delivery (tomato and jalapeno), I’d like them to offer a bit more protection for soft produce. Another complaint that I’ve heard about these services is that there is a lot of waste. I took a picture of what was left after one of our meals. It is a lot of plastic waste, but a lot could be reused and/or recycled so it didn’t bother me too much!

I loved how organized the meals are with the exact measurements and fresh ingredients. Each herb is carefully packed and all you need to provide (usually) is salt, pepper, and olive oil. I’m really not a recipe follower, but when most of the hard part is done, it’s really fantastic! I timed the meals (most take 35-45 minutes) and my times were about 5-10 minutes more than their times but I was taking pictures (and multitasking with other things) at the same time.

The first meal we tried was:

Chicken Breast with Saffron Beurre Blanc

with roasted Brussels sprouts and red pepper

img_20161015_133324 img_20161015_134618

It was really good! I loved all the fresh veggies and the chicken was good quality.

img_20161015_135222 img_20161015_135322

Pictured here is the Saffron that came with the meal. My favorite part about this meal was that we got to use Saffron without having to buy a bottle from the grocery as it is VERY expensive.

img_20161015_140818 img_20161015_141225

Here is the waste from this meal. Baggies could be reused. The small condiment bottles could be handy too! And the veggie scraps are all compostable.


We really enjoyed this meal! I do think I overcooked the chicken, but that was my fault. I should have removed the chicken sooner so the veggies could cook by themselves, which the recipe mentioned. Portion size was great.

Our second meal:

Acapulco Steak Tacos

with pico de gallo and cilantro-lime rice


We loved the tacos! They were our favorite. Again, love the fresh ingredients and the meat was great quality.


Here’s our tomato and jalapeno that got a little smooshed. I just cut around the bad part, you don’t use all the jalapeno anyway. Our lime had brown spots though, but again, I zested around it. Nothing major and it didn’t hold anything up for us.


I love my Le Creuset grill pan! Great for avoiding the outside grill if the weather isn’t great.


My plating isn’t beautiful but these are delicious! It came with enough for 6 tacos. You could certainly stretch this one into 3 servings, especially if you add some beans!

And our last:

Healthy Takeout Orange Chicken

with snap peas and jasmine rice


Another great meal with fresh ingredients! I love that it came with all the sauces.

img_20161017_205701 img_20161017_211040

I actually packed mine right up for leftovers. I ate mine serving over 2 days so again, I was very happy with the portion size! I wish they would have made a bigger warning about the spiciness of this recipe. Recipe stated that you could crush the red peppers for more heat. I cut 2 of them in half and stirred them in (I never crushed and left most whole), but it was SO SPICY. I love spicy foods, but this was a little much, so I will definitely be more cautious next time hot peppers like this are included.

So if you want to give this service a try, be sure to sign up with Home Chef  to get your credit! Menus change every week and you get to pick which recipe you want from about 10 choices. I’ve been really enjoying the meals, the great quality, and just trying new stuff!