Easy Homemade Peasant Bread in Pyrex Bowls


I finally had a not-so-busy weekend 2 weekends ago and was able to make this recipe that I’ve been eyeing up for years. It seems like everyone in the Pyrex groups always makes this bread (since Pyrex bowls really work perfect for it) and I wanted to give it a try too, finally!


After the first rise

Before the second rise

The recipe that gets shared around is from AlexandraCooks.com and I’m sure it’s one of her popular posts!

I’m not really a huge fan of baking because I feel like it’s time consuming and you have to follow the recipe exactly. I’m more of a grab and throw in whatever we have on hand type of gal. But, this bread is really easy and I had every ingredient on hand, aside from yeast, which I grabbed at my weekly Aldi run. Flour, salt, water, sugar, yeast and butter. That’s it! I followed the recipe and had the dough in the bowl ready to rise in minutes. It literally was so quick (of course I had to give my Kitchenaid Mixer some love!), I had the dough rising in the oven and everything cleaned up in like 10 minutes. My dough was actually really wet originally and didn’t look like her picture, so I (probably) miscounted flour cups or something. I just added more flour until it looked like her picture and it was perfect!


She mentioned used the Pyrex 441 size bowl (which was the smaller, orange bowl, which made the taller loaf on the right). 441 definitely worked better, so I’ll be sure to use two 441 bowls next time! If you don’t have these exact bowls on hand, check to see if you have any oven-safe bowls about 1.5 pints each.

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