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My Review of Boxed.com (Online Bulk Ordering)

Again, Facebook group members already know about the deal I shared on Friday, but I’ve already received my order (holy cow, I ordered Friday evening and it arrived Tuesday – Sunday and Monday being holidays!) and I’m so happy with it! If you’re an AMEX card holder, you’re in for a great savings! Some of […]


My Review of Home Chef (Dinner Delivery Service)

Update from 12/27 (below was written weeks ago): we’ve had quite a few of these meals now and they have all been fantastic. I love the recipes and food choices. Totally delicious and easy! I will gladly pay around $5-7 a serving for these meals. I do think that at $10 a serving isn’t something […]

Introducing… Savvy Wife Happy Life!

Hi everyone! I’d like to welcome you to the new blog, renamed and redesigned (obviously not complete at all)! After blogging on Savvy Student Shopper for years (and then taking kinda years of a break), I am back with Savvy Wife Happy Life! Lots of changes since the last blog! #1 I am not a […]

High Value $5 Off Pro Plan Cat Food Coupon

If you have pets or donate at the shelters, run on over and sign up to receive a coupon (it’ll come in your email after registering!) for $5 off any Pro Plan cat food!!!! Last time we had this coupon, we were able to get the bags for just $0.99 each! This won’t last long!

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Week Five & Six: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

This is my final “Paying for Christmas” post as today I shipped my last packages of the 2015 Christmas season! People were really waiting until the last minute for gifts… I would never do that 😉 I had some great luck these past two weeks! I finally sold a high dollar item I’ve had sitting […]


Week Four: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

This week I had a number of sales but nothing too huge. It seems people like to shop on the weekends the most so I need to get things listed for this weekend! This week, I was happy to get rid of those Skylanders because I knew I wasn’t going to make much money off of […]

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Week Three: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

I skipped a week two weeks ago because I was on vacation and surprisingly (and lucky for me because I didn’t close any listed items on eBay) nothing sold! As much as I would have loved the sales, not having to worry about someone shipping my items while I was gone was great! Nerdboy and […]

New Coupons to Print for Thanksgiving!

        Check out these awesome new coupons available that are perfect for Thanksgiving! Get them printed soon as they won’t last long! Buy Butterball Frozen Turkey, get $5.00 by mail $0.50 off 2 Green Giant Canned, Jarred Vegetables $1.00 off ONE Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Grill Foil $0.50 off ONE Reynolds Oven […]

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Week Two: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

I had another week of some great sales that I’ll be sharing with you guys! So far, I’ve bought a few Christmas presents but I’m still in the positive and haven’t gone over what I’ve earned from reselling yet. Luckily, I don’t have many people to buy for and I’ve been really frugal with the […]

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Week One: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

Hey everyone! This blog has been neglected for too long so I’m going to be posting to it again! It won’t be as frequent as it used to be (How did I post 20 times in one day? Did I really have that much free time and flexibility while being a full-time student? Apparently so!). […]