No internet, no freebies?!


Back in the day, free samples used to be just the food samples in the grocery stores. Nowadays, the internet is home to so many free samples. How else could a company get that many people interested in their products? They can’t just randomly mail samples to people and it would be unrealistic for a toothpaste company to set up a table and give out samples in your local grocery store.

I have never realized before how much of an effect the internet has on the business world. Not only are companies able to give out free samples and coupons (to many willing people!), they are able to advertise this way. With one site they can reach anyone in the world. That is impossible to do with television or snail mail.

On the companies’ websites you can contact them directly, eliminating the need to make a phone call. When you give a company your email address, through ordering a free sample or just to sign up for their newsletters, they are able to contact all of these interested people at once just by clicking the “send” button. Many of the companies also have their own pages on Facebook. On the wall, people can give the companies suggestions, voice their good and bad opinions, and even meet with other people that share your opinion. And when you “like’ a page on Facebook your friends can see and then they might “like” it too! Facebook allows the companies to connect to the crowd with just one click.

You already know how much I love free samples, almost as much as I love the internet! It’s a good thing we have the internet or we would be missing out on so much! Companies would also be missing out! Many people use their websites to see information on their products and find coupons to use. If the internet wasn’t here, it would be much, much harder for companies to advertise and connect to people.


Here are some freebies you can try, thanks to our lovely internet!



U by Kotex




Starbucks App for iPod, iPhone and BlackBerry!

How do you think most college students make up for their lack of sleep? Coffee, of course! And where do you think the majority of them go to get their coffee fix? Starbucks! With multiple locations on and near campus, Starbucks is always at hand. There’s an awesome app available for iPods, iPhones, and the BlackBerry to help you the next time you go to get your coffee. The app is called “Starbucks Card Mobile” and is free.

After you create an account you have the option to upload all of your Starbucks gift cards. This was very helpful for me because the wristlet I carry around does not have room for all those gift cards! When you go to Starbucks and place your order, instead of handing them a gift card you simply hold up your iPod/iPhone when you are on the gift card part of the app. There will be a barcode that the cashier can scan, along with a total of how much you have left of gift cards.

There are bonuses for using this app. Not only is it convenient, but you don’t have to worry about losing all your gift cards. There is also a “Starbucks Club” when you make an account. For your birthday, you will receive a free drink and every time you make a purchase it’s recorded. Certain number of purchases gets you to certain levels. Each level has bonuses, and the higher the level, the better the bonuses. For instance, after 5 purchases you get complimentary syrups and milk options in your drink, free refills on coffee and tea, and free beverage with a whole bean purchase. At the last level, (after 30 purchases) you get a free drink every 15 drinks, a special Gold Card, and special offers and coupons.  All of this is in the palm of your hands; it is so easy! You can check out all the details about a Starbucks account here.

My Freebies from last week!

I enjoy getting my freebies every weekend from my house, either when I go home or someone comes to visit me. This week I got detergent samples, Bath and Body Works lotion, Parenting magazine, samples of shampoo and conditioner, a small box of cereal, contact solution, granola bar, gummie vitamins, post it notes and tabs, Bisquick, 2 coupons for free Sobe’s, and a coupon for a free pack of rechargeable batteries. Yay!

Free Entree for Panda Express!

Here’s a freebie that all the UMD students can use at Stamp this Wednesday! Print out the coupon for a free entree!


Students: Sign up for Amazon Prime for free! is America’s largest retailer. started out selling books when it launched in 1995, but now you can find almost ANYTHING, from toys, food, to electronics on this site. The name Amazon comes from the Amazon River (the largest river in the world) and because of the fact that Amazon wanted their site to show up on the beginning of alphabetical lists. Amazon Prime gives students a free year of 2-day shipping! This is originally an $80 value! If you haven’t already signed up for this deal, I would highly recommend it. All you need to sign up is your .edu email address and then you are ready to buy anything you need and have it shipped quick and free!

If you’ve never used Amazon before, you will be overwhelmed by all the products that are on there. There are tons of departments and then sub-departments to choose from to keep some digital order or you can simply search for whatever you are looking for. So let’s say, you are looking for a new UMD T-Shirt to wear to the Duke game this weekend. Simply choose the “Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry” department, then choose “Clothing”, “Sports Fan Gear”, “NCAA”, lastly “Maryland Terrapins”, then start shopping! (Or simply type Terps T-shirt into the search box on the first page). Amazon is super organized with all over the categories to meet all your shopping needs.

When you finally find something you like, you can read comments, check out its ratings, and also see what other people that have viewed this product have also viewed. You can also “tag” items you see to help you, and other shoppers, find products much easier.  Amazon says, “Think of a tag as a keyword or label you consider is strongly related to this product. Tags will help all customers organize and find favorite items.”

So sign up for Amazon Prime!

Maryland Terps Men's Spectrum Tee

Play Subway Fiery Footlong Instant Win Game!

When you are waiting on your free samples to come in the mail and you are done shopping with all your new coupons, how about you play a game and try to win some great prizes?! All you need to do is find some codes. Codes can be found on various Subway products such as on a cup, a Breakfast Wrapper Sticker, a specially marked bag of SUNCHIPS® Monterey Jack and Sundried Tomato Multigrain Snacks Sticker or a Complimentary Code found on various online places (just Google for them!)

So go here, type in your codes, and play the simple little game for your chance to win free subs, movie rentals, game systems, and a year supply of Subway! You can type in as many codes as you want a day.

A great place to find these codes is Twitter! Twitters is another social networking site and since we just discussed it in class, I thought I would bring it up. In addition to finding codes on Twitter to use to get prizes, everyweek for the past four weeks Subway Fiery Footlong did “fire drills”. Randomly, Subway would post a “fire drill” and the first, say 1,000 or so people, to click the link in their tweet would win a prize! Unfortuantely, the “fire drills” are over for the time being, but you can still try to win prizes from codes!

After creating your own Twitter account, make sure to “follow”  subwayfreshbuzz, and then tune in for new codes. Twitter allows you to see what your friends, and places like Subway, are up to. Twitter asks “What’s happening” and then you can post a status that all your followers can see. You can follow whoever you want and people can follow you, so you can always see what your friend is up to and vice versa.

Free Sample of Quaker Life Bars!

Click here and fill out your info to receive a free sample of Quaker Life Soft Baked bars! You get to choose between two flavors!

Thanks, Mojo Savings!

Free Sample of Wisk Detergent!

To recieve a free sample of Wisk Detergent click here and fill out your information! You can leave the membership number blank if you don’t have one.

Welcome! Facebook Freebie!

Welcome to Savvy Student Shopper! In this blog I am going to show you how I use all this new available media to become a Savvy Student Shopper. I am always on the lookout for new deals, freebies, and coupons and the internet is booming with these more than it ever has before. The internet provides so many forms of media, such as Facebook, online stores, downloadable cell phone coupons, YouTube advertisements and so much more. In this blog, I will show how this new media can change your shopping ways and make you a great money saver.

My first post is about one of my favorite ways to save money: freebies. Freebies might not seem great to you now, but getting a sample of detergent or a granola bar in the mail is one less load of laundry I have to pay for and one less snack I need to buy. Unknown to many people, Facebook is much more than a site to chat with friends, share pictures, and tell people what you are up to. Facebook is now the location for many great freebies. Today at noon, for instance, Gain, the detergent company, is giving away a 10.3 oz. bottle of Apple Mango Tango Dishwashing Liquid to the first 5,000 people who enter.

Go here to enter:!/gain?v=wall –They will go fast! Facebook freebies are becoming very popular, and with over a 100 million users, they have many customers. Facebook can also be used for companies to advertise, give coupons, and gain followers, just for creating a page.