Easy Homemade Peasant Bread in Pyrex Bowls


I finally had a not-so-busy weekend 2 weekends ago and was able to make this recipe that I’ve been eyeing up for years. It seems like everyone in the Pyrex groups always makes this bread (since Pyrex bowls really work perfect for it) and I wanted to give it a try too, finally!


After the first rise

Before the second rise

The recipe that gets shared around is from AlexandraCooks.com and I’m sure it’s one of her popular posts!

I’m not really a huge fan of baking because I feel like it’s time consuming and you have to follow the recipe exactly. I’m more of a grab and throw in whatever we have on hand type of gal. But, this bread is really easy and I had every ingredient on hand, aside from yeast, which I grabbed at my weekly Aldi run. Flour, salt, water, sugar, yeast and butter. That’s it! I followed the recipe and had the dough in the bowl ready to rise in minutes. It literally was so quick (of course I had to give my Kitchenaid Mixer some love!), I had the dough rising in the oven and everything cleaned up in like 10 minutes. My dough was actually really wet originally and didn’t look like her picture, so I (probably) miscounted flour cups or something. I just added more flour until it looked like her picture and it was perfect!


She mentioned used the Pyrex 441 size bowl (which was the smaller, orange bowl, which made the taller loaf on the right). 441 definitely worked better, so I’ll be sure to use two 441 bowls next time! If you don’t have these exact bowls on hand, check to see if you have any oven-safe bowls about 1.5 pints each.

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Saving Money and Time by Freezer Cooking!


In our household, we run very busy lives. Between our normal day jobs (which sometimes involve night work for both of us), our own businesses at home, and daily life (including trying to hit the gym 3 times a week), we’re rarely free to make dinner in the evenings. If I get home from work at 6 (which is early, if I go to the grocery store or gym, it’s around 8 when I’m getting home), by the time I work on orders Etsy and/or eBay, it’s too late to even make a dinner. We both love to cook and we have some amazing cookware thanks to my great thrifting and our lovely wedding presents, so cooking is really enjoyable for both of us, we just don’t have the hours in the day.


A few times so far in 2017, including just last Sunday, we’ve had freezer cooking bursts where I or both of us, cook up the meat I’ve purchased that week and make meals for the coming week and also for the freezer. It really only takes a couple hours and we get about 5-10 meals each time, depending on how much meat I’ve bought. Instead of freezing whole meals, we really only freeze meat. Thanks to Aldi, I’m almost ALWAYS have fresh produce in the fridge which takes about 5 minutes to steam and thanks to the Instant Pot, if we want rice, I can knock it out in about 20 minutes. So that’s less than a 30 minute meal which is about all I have time for, plus so much less mess when the meat/stove portion is already cooked! Most of our meats thaw so quickly that even if I forget to take one out before work, that frozen taco meat can be heated in a pan or microwave in such a short time.


I stock up on meats, #1 when we need meat, and #2 when it’s at a great price. My “buy” prices for meats are currently: Less than $2/lb for boneless skinless chicken breasts, less than $2.89/lb ground beef, $2/lb or less for ground turkey, and $0.69 chicken legs/thighs. Of course your prices are going to vary based off of prices in your area and the type of meat you’re buying. We don’t do much pork, but that’s another great addition.

Our favorite freezer meat recipes are listed below. These are simply ideas and you’ll want to pick ones that your family loves. These are our favorites and we are happy to eat them every week, usually it’s about every other week as we don’t cook dinner every single night.

  • Korean Beef (I’ll steam broccoli and make rice)
  • Taco meat (use for tacos, nachos, taco salads, etc)
  • Chicken tenders/nuggets *raw* (I’ll slice the large breasts into smaller pieces before freezing because it makes it faster to cook and I prefer the smaller pieces for stir frys)
  • Hamburgers (I’ll steam a veggie and it’s a great night for frozen fries or potatoes!)
  • Plain cooked ground meat (use for spaghetti and meat sauce, baked ziti, or any casserole meal that calls for ground meat)
  • Shredded BBQ Chicken/Pork (I fill a crockpot or Instant Pot with chicken or pork, add BBQ sauce, some water, and seasonings – let cook, shred, freeze)

We always store in freezer bags (quart size works well, gallon if you need bigger). You could use a foodsaver as well! We label each bag with a Sharpie. We freeze enough so at least one person, if not both of us gets leftovers for the next day. It’s really hard in my opinion to portion out how much meat should go in one bag, but sometimes I’ll grab a dinner plate and actually put the meat on my plate to get an idea of what my typical serving is, then I’ll eyeball and multiple by 4.

It’s so nice to come home from work and not having to make a huge meal and mess, but have a great dinner on the table! I always try to keep our favorite fresh veggies on hand for steaming, like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and asparagus. I’m also a huge fan of canned green beans 😉 If we’re going to be eating rice more than once that week, I’ll make a double batch and refrigerate the half for another dinner. We aren’t the healthiest eaters ever but we try to be mindful and avoid as many processed foods as possible, but usually after grocery shopping after a long day at work, I’ll come home and put a frozen pizza in the oven. It happens 😉 We try not to overload on carbs (rice is our favorite though) and I ALWAYS make sure to have veggies on hand. At the moment, with our busy lifestyles, this is what works best for us! I hope this motivates you to spend a few hours one night or Sunday afternoon cooking up some of your family’s favorite meals!


My Review of Home Chef (Dinner Delivery Service)

Update from 12/27 (below was written weeks ago): we’ve had quite a few of these meals now and they have all been fantastic. I love the recipes and food choices. Totally delicious and easy! I will gladly pay around $5-7 a serving for these meals. I do think that at $10 a serving isn’t something we’d do all the time, but I do think it’s worth it, especially for the busy couples!

If you guys are members of my Facebook Group, Savvy Shoppers, you probably took advantage of the great Home Chef deal I posted a few months ago. I wanted to review my 3 meals and service overall! But first, if you find yourself interested in a dinner delivery service, if you sign up here you’ll receive a $30 credit! It’s also very possible an additional $10 credit pop-up will come up while you’re making your account, saving you $40 (this is random though but most of us got it!).  You’ll pay as low as $2.50-$5/serving shipped and that’s pretty awesome because these meals are great and I really enjoyed the service. If you order 3 meals, your shipping should be free, so play around to get the best price per meal for your family.

Without the credits, which you’ll receive when you sign up, the original price is $9.95 per serving. There is a $10 delivery charge. So for 2 meals for 2 people (4 servings all together), the cost is 49.80 shipped. Cheaper than going on to a nice dinner, definitely, but it is expensive for most of us who are couponing or budgeting the grocery budget. I love that they offer the credit though and it’s definitely worth trying for that!

With the promotion I took advantage of, I was able to score 3 meals for 2 people (6 servings total) for a fantastic price and I wanted to share my experience with you!

First, you choose your delivery day. I chose Wednesday. Your order must be finalized before noon the Friday before. The delivery period was Wednesday from 8am – 8pm. Unfortunately, FedEx was delayed (nothing to do with Home Chef) and our meal wasn’t delivered until after 10:30pm that night and it got left on our porch until morning. (Note: our next week’s delivery was delivered before dinner on Wednesday, no problems!). Due to how well the meals are packed, all of our food was still fine the following morning. Meals are surrounded by insulation and included are a bunch of ice packs! Each meal is packaged in a labeled bag (every 2 servings in a bag) and lasts for about 5-6 days in your fridge. A few of our items got a little smashed during delivery (tomato and jalapeno), I’d like them to offer a bit more protection for soft produce. Another complaint that I’ve heard about these services is that there is a lot of waste. I took a picture of what was left after one of our meals. It is a lot of plastic waste, but a lot could be reused and/or recycled so it didn’t bother me too much!

I loved how organized the meals are with the exact measurements and fresh ingredients. Each herb is carefully packed and all you need to provide (usually) is salt, pepper, and olive oil. I’m really not a recipe follower, but when most of the hard part is done, it’s really fantastic! I timed the meals (most take 35-45 minutes) and my times were about 5-10 minutes more than their times but I was taking pictures (and multitasking with other things) at the same time.

The first meal we tried was:

Chicken Breast with Saffron Beurre Blanc

with roasted Brussels sprouts and red pepper

img_20161015_133324 img_20161015_134618

It was really good! I loved all the fresh veggies and the chicken was good quality.

img_20161015_135222 img_20161015_135322

Pictured here is the Saffron that came with the meal. My favorite part about this meal was that we got to use Saffron without having to buy a bottle from the grocery as it is VERY expensive.

img_20161015_140818 img_20161015_141225

Here is the waste from this meal. Baggies could be reused. The small condiment bottles could be handy too! And the veggie scraps are all compostable.


We really enjoyed this meal! I do think I overcooked the chicken, but that was my fault. I should have removed the chicken sooner so the veggies could cook by themselves, which the recipe mentioned. Portion size was great.

Our second meal:

Acapulco Steak Tacos

with pico de gallo and cilantro-lime rice


We loved the tacos! They were our favorite. Again, love the fresh ingredients and the meat was great quality.


Here’s our tomato and jalapeno that got a little smooshed. I just cut around the bad part, you don’t use all the jalapeno anyway. Our lime had brown spots though, but again, I zested around it. Nothing major and it didn’t hold anything up for us.


I love my Le Creuset grill pan! Great for avoiding the outside grill if the weather isn’t great.


My plating isn’t beautiful but these are delicious! It came with enough for 6 tacos. You could certainly stretch this one into 3 servings, especially if you add some beans!

And our last:

Healthy Takeout Orange Chicken

with snap peas and jasmine rice


Another great meal with fresh ingredients! I love that it came with all the sauces.

img_20161017_205701 img_20161017_211040

I actually packed mine right up for leftovers. I ate mine serving over 2 days so again, I was very happy with the portion size! I wish they would have made a bigger warning about the spiciness of this recipe. Recipe stated that you could crush the red peppers for more heat. I cut 2 of them in half and stirred them in (I never crushed and left most whole), but it was SO SPICY. I love spicy foods, but this was a little much, so I will definitely be more cautious next time hot peppers like this are included.

So if you want to give this service a try, be sure to sign up with Home Chef  to get your credit! Menus change every week and you get to pick which recipe you want from about 10 choices. I’ve been really enjoying the meals, the great quality, and just trying new stuff!

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Week Five & Six: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

This is my final “Paying for Christmas” post as today I shipped my last packages of the 2015 Christmas season! People were really waiting until the last minute for gifts… I would never do that 😉

I had some great luck these past two weeks! I finally sold a high dollar item I’ve had sitting around for awhile and I got rid of a lot of items, some that I just purchased! I also had great luck with the lot of Littlest Pet Shops I bought for $30. If you remember from last time, I’m just saying each piece costs me $2, even though there were WAY more than 15 items in the box, most pieces didn’t have much value. I love making money, what can I say?! Unfortunately, I still have a lot of items I didn’t have time to list before Christmas. It was my goal to get them all listed, but time always gets away (especially when you’re working full time and planning a wedding!) and I kept buying more stuff to sell! So I’ll continue listing and selling in my free time. It’s a hobby I enjoy, most of the time 😉 I’m very happy with everything I’ve managed to accomplish these last few weeks of 2015. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep posting my sales after Christmas, but it’s honestly a great motivation to get things listed sometimes! Catch me on the Facebook group if you’re into online deals and frugal chit chat! I am happy to say that my 6 weeks of eBay sales have paid for all my Christmas presents! Read below to find out what recently sold!

These past 2 weeks I sold:

s-l1600 (18)

Princess Polly Pockets and Magic Clip Dolls
Bought for: $4
Sold for: $40 shipped

s-l1600 (16)

Germ Guardian Air Filters (2)
Bought for: $0 (shipped to us on accident, seller didn’t want them shipped back)
Sold for: $26 plus shipping

s-l1600 (15)

Le Creuset Butter Dish and Shakers
Bought for: $8
Sold for: $30 plus shipping

s-l1600 (14)

Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund
Bought for: $2
Sold for: $75 shipped (WOOT WOOT)

s-l1600 (13)

Littlest Pet Shop Beagle
Bought for: $2
Sold for: $16.99 shipped

s-l1600 (17)

Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua
Bought for: $2
Sold for: $14.50 shipped


Cathrineholm Red Pot
Bought for: $8
Sold for: $250 plus shipping (WOOT WOOT)


Hazel Atlas Red Stripe Bowl and Cup
Bought for: $3
Sold for: $26 plus shipping

Etsy Profits: $24

Flash Notes Profits: $8.39 
*Students, did you know you can upload your notes and study guides and people will buy them? Did you know they’ll buy them 2+ years after you graduate? Neither did I! But a few times a year I get a few bucks in my Paypal, especially during exam season! I guess I won’t ever take them down! Looking back, I wish I would have uploaded a bunch more!

That makes this week’s net profit (this is after Paypal fees, eBay fees, and all other expenses): $423.63
Week Two’s profit: $137.41
Week One’s profit: $105
Week Three’s profit: $82.89
Week Four’s profit: $79.25

Total profit: $838.18

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Week Four: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

This week I had a number of sales but nothing too huge. It seems people like to shop on the weekends the most so I need to get things listed for this weekend! This week, I was happy to get rid of those Skylanders because I knew I wasn’t going to make much money off of them (6+ months ago they were selling for about $25 each, but I waited too long). I also wanted to get rid of the Holt Piggy Bank because I spent a lot on it, mainly because I knew it was something special and I couldn’t let it sit at Goodwill (#collectorproblems). It was also in perfect condition! And then you’ll see some new things in the sold category, Littlest Pet Shops! Hopefully you have a bin of these in your basement collecting dust, because they can be a great money maker! I’m no expert at them by any means, but I’m trying to catch on fairly quickly. I picked up a lot of LPS (Littlest Pet Shops for short) off a yard sale Facebook page for $30. It was a cardboard box full of animals and the buildings. I’ve been going through the animals, picking out the ones worth money and working on making a profit off the lot! I’ve already made back my money selling just 2 of the pets and I have an $80 dog listed! It’ll take me a bit to finish sorting through and then everything that isn’t worth much, I’ll probably toss back on a yard sale page (or eBay, who knows!) for $20-$30, especially the houses and buildings that are missing doors and accessories.

I also toy around on Etsy, but it’s definitely not my #1 spot. I included my Etsy profits from the week though!

You’ll notice if you add up my sold prices and look at what I actually made, it is a pretty crazy difference. Item costs, shipping and fees take a large cut of the profits. If you’re looking into selling on eBay, keep in mind they charge about 10% of the selling price AND shipping. In addition, Paypal takes a cut of $0.30 + 3% (approximately). It doesn’t sound like a lot, but these fees really add up. I owe eBay a good chunk of change each month and Paypal sucks it right out of your earnings when it’s deposited. I can’t complain though as eBay has proven to be a great way for me to make some extra cash this holiday season. As usual, I still have plenty of items to list so I need to get moving! It is so, so busy around here!  Don’t forget to keep up with us on the Facebook group if you’re into online deals and frugal chatting!

This past week I sold:

s-l1600 (9)

Two Skylanders Trap Team
Bought for: $13 (I planned to sell when they were selling for more money, but I didn’t get them listed when I should have)
Sold for: $27.50 shippeds-l1600 (10)

Littlest Pet Shop Collie
Bought for: $2 (I bought a whole box of pets and houses for $30, so really, it was less than $2 but this will just keep things simple)
Sold for: $32 shipped

s-l1600 (11)

Little Pet Shop Corgi
Bought for: $2 (See above)
Sold for: $12.99 shipped

s-l1600 (12)

Holt Corky Pig Piggy Bank
Bought for: $15
Sold for: $44.67 + shipping

Etsy Profits: $20.35

That makes this week’s net profit (this is after Paypal fees, eBay fees, and all other expenses): $79.25
Week Two’s profit: $137.41
Week One’s profit: $105
Week Three’s profit: $82.89

Total profit: $404.55

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Week Three: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

I skipped a week two weeks ago because I was on vacation and surprisingly (and lucky for me because I didn’t close any listed items on eBay) nothing sold! As much as I would have loved the sales, not having to worry about someone shipping my items while I was gone was great! Nerdboy and I are finally engaged. We enjoyed a beautiful and romantic vacation Jamaica. It was so nice to get away! When we came back, we said goodbye to our family pet, our 14 year old Golden Retriever, Jake. When Wednesday came along, we started Thanksgiving festivities. We traveled to visit family on Thursday and Friday and returned back home this past weekend to start Christmas preparations! I hadn’t listed anything for sale in a good two weeks. Obviously I have been quite busy, but it’s a bummer because you can’t really sell anything if you don’t take the time to list it. I’m doing much better this coming week and already listed a few new things, so week 4 sales are already starting!

Thanks to Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’ve bought a quite a few Christmas presents! I think I’m almost done shopping for people. Honestly, I have no idea how much I’ve spent though but I will tally it up and compare it to my earnings to see how well I’m doing. I still have plenty of items to sell, but time is ticking and I need to get listing and selling!  I’ve also picked up some great deals on Amazon, so keep up with the Facebook group if you’re into Amazon deals!

I sold on eBay only and at this point, I hadn’t listed anything new in two weeks so the CHA-CHINGs were surprising! I sold an item on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then that Saturday. I guess people were in the shopping mood 🙂

This past week I sold:


Pyrex Refrigerator Set
Bought for: $13
Sold for: $80 shipped


Beauty and the Beast “Chip” Bank
Bought for: $2
Sold for: $20 + shipping


Melissa & Doug Trunki
Bought for: $4
Sold for: $34.99 + shipping

That makes this week’s net profit (this is after Paypal fees, eBay fees, and all other expenses): $82.89
Week Two’s profit: $137.41
Week One’s profit: $105
Total profit: $325.30

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Week Two: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

I had another week of some great sales that I’ll be sharing with you guys! So far, I’ve bought a few Christmas presents but I’m still in the positive and haven’t gone over what I’ve earned from reselling yet. Luckily, I don’t have many people to buy for and I’ve been really frugal with the spending. 😉 I’ve actually picked up quite a few amazing presents for way less than retail at thrift stores, which I realize sounds pretty awful, but I promise it’s pretty cool. I would have never thought to buy gifts for people at a thrift store, but when you find Lego sets New in Box and American Girl dolls for dollars… how can you not?! I’m either buying them as gifts or buying them to resell, and some of my recipients would be very grateful for these items that I would otherwise not be able to afford (or choose not to pay) retail for. I’ve also picked up some great deals on Amazon, so keep up with the Facebook group if you’re into Amazon deals!

This week I sold on eBay, Amazon, Facebook and a textbook site. I don’t know how some of these people have hundreds and thousands of listings on eBay. I find it so time time consuming to take pictures and write up the listings, but maybe I’m just super slow. Of course, when my phone goes $$CHA-CHINGS$$ it’s totally worth it, but it is tedious, so warning to anyone wanting to get started.

This past week I sold:


Beauty and the Beast Mrs. Potts and Chip Tea Set
Bought for: $6
Sold for: $69.99 + shipping


Three textbooks
Bought for: $0
Sold for: $57


Pyrex Pink Gooseberry Bowl
Bought for: $1
Sold for: $14 + shipping


Pyrex Butterprint Bowl
Bought for: $1
Sold for: $14 + shipping

That makes this week’s net profit (this is after Paypal fees, eBay fees, and all other expenses): $137.41
Week One’s profit: $105
Total profit: $242.41

If you haven’t read the previous posts in the series, please click the link below!
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Week One: Paying for Christmas by Reselling!

Hey everyone!

This blog has been neglected for too long so I’m going to be posting to it again! It won’t be as frequent as it used to be (How did I post 20 times in one day? Did I really have that much free time and flexibility while being a full-time student? Apparently so!). I’ll be changing the name sometime soon as I graduated college TWO.YEARS.AGO. Nowadays, I hope to just post general (boring) things on the blog and all the deals with deadlines that you need to be quick on your feet with (think Amazon deals and other hot online deals) will be posted on my Facebook group. You have to request to join the group as it is closed, so all your family and friends don’t see everything you post, like, and comment on. It gives you the privacy, especially around Christmas time when you don’t need everyone seeing what you’re buying! Just request to join and I will add you!

As for this post, I wanted to share with you my goal for the rest of 2015. I vowed to only use money that I have earned through reselling (pretty much my favorite hobby, next to thrifting, but luckily they go hand in hand) to purchase gifts for this holiday season. I’m going to post the details of what I buy and sell on the blog to hold myself accountable. Why would I disclose what I’m buying and selling to other people, therefore increasing the competition and making it harder for me? Well, not many people are going to read this (that’s what a 2 year bloggin break does to your stats) and reselling is very difficult job. It involves countless trips to thrift stores, flea markets, estates sales and yard sales. It involves countless hours of research to make sure what you’re buying is actually worth money in its current condition. It involves countless hours of photographing and listing the items for sale. And lastly, there are many grueling hours of packaging and shipping when the item sells. I have been doing this on and off for years. It’s a lot of work, but luckily I love most of it. If you are willing to put in that kind of time, you are welcome to see the items I sell and hopefully it helps you and your family out too. I use many different selling platforms, including eBay, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook and Craigslist.

I will use these earnings to purchase presents for people for Christmas. One note is that if a great deal pops up on an item I’ve been looking for, I will purchase it even if I haven’t earned enough money with hopes that more items will sell and I’ll recover the negative. Saving money is just as important as making money so I won’t pass up a great deal, but I will make sure to have it paid for by Christmas.

Last week I sold:


20 Piece Corelle Spring Blossom Set NIB
Bought for: $20
Sold for: $69.99 + shipping


Lot of 225 Box Tops for Education (Yes, they sell well, and yes, I know they should be donated to schools. We donated thousands of them to our schools in the past, now I can choose what to do with them. They are still going to someone’s schools and not being trashed.)
Bought for: Free (just time collecting, cutting, counting)
Sold for: $24.99 Shipped


Pyrex Friendship Refrigerator Set
Bought for: Approximately $25
Sold for: $70 + shipping


Net profit of about $105 after expenses and fees.

Will update next week! I guess I better get to listing!

Gardening Update 5/28/2013

Here's the before picture! We made 3 new raised beds in the garden and loaded them up with new dirt (I bought 2 yards of Leaf-Gro and mixed that with stuff from the chicken coop and vermiculite.)

Here’s the before picture! We made 3 new raised beds in the garden and loaded them up with new dirt (I bought 2 cubic yards of Leaf-Gro and mixed that with stuff from the chicken coop and vermiculite.)


Got the cinder blocks for free!

Got the cinder blocks for free!

Cloth put down to help block weeds

Cloth put down to help block weeds

Making the beds!

Making the beds!

New raised bed built by my neighbor. Contains: garlic, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce

New raised bed built by my neighbor between our houses. This one contains: garlic, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce

Black raspberries taking over my garden

Black raspberries taking over my garden

Huge oregano bush

Huge oregano bush

The start of my tomato and pepper area.

The start of my tomato and pepper area. It’s much more developed now!

Baby romaine lettuce

Baby romaine lettuce

The chickens found their way into the garden!

The chickens found their way into the garden!

Spinach, lettuce, young garlic (I had to dig it up because it was in the way), and eggs!

Spinach, lettuce, young garlic (I had to dig it up because it was in the way), and eggs!

Here are some updated pictures from my 2014 garden! I added a few new raised beds and bought some dirt so we’re off to a good start! The bugs have already started to eat my green beans, but everything else looks good!

So far I have planted:

  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Apple Tree
  • Peach Tree
  • Strawberries (all of mine from previous years died so I started new for 2014)
  • Blueberries (Aren’t doing well!)
  • Gourds
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow Squash
  • Brussel Sprouts (new for 2014!)
  • Cabbage (new for 2014!)
  • Cauliflower
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Radish
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Carrots (which as usual don’t seem to be doing anything)
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Peas
  • Green Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Herbs

So that’s where all my time at home has been going over the last few weeks! I’ll be posting updates throughout the season, so tune back in.

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Savvy Shopper’s Updates (Couponing, Gardening, Chickens & More!)

This is been the longest blogging break I have taken since I started blogging in 2010 (has it really been that long?). Things have been absolutely crazy here. I graduated in December, went on many vacations, and then started working. I work 50-60 hour weeks and when you tack on my commutes and sleeping, I have virtually no free time ever. I set aside Tuesday nights at 10 PM to catch the new Teen Mom (why is that show so addicting?). Multiple days go by each week where I don’t even open my laptop, which is absolutely crazy coming from the girl who used to be on it non-stop. I’m no complaining though, as I am so thankful to have a job, but it’s tiring. Most of the time, I don’t even have time to shave my legs, let alone blog! I really hope to be able to add at least a few new posts each week so I can stay connected to the great readers I had. I want to keep everyone updated on my shopping trips, my garden, the chickens, and my thrifting. I might even be able to throw in some good deals here and there. I highly, highly recommend you join the Savvy Shopper’s Group on Facebook. It is much easier for me to share on there, you can ask questions at any time. We share Swagbucks codes, our shopping trips, and anything else.

As you can see, the blog really needs a new lift. As of December, I am no longer a student so some things need to be updated. Nerdboy, the boyfriend and techie behind the blog, will work on it once he finds some free time. He’s still in school and working and he seems to have less free time than I do.



I’ve been couponing every week! As long as I stay on a routine I can get things done. CVS has been really sucky since Black Friday, do you agree? We used to walk out of there with free Gilette razors and money makers all the time. Now we’re lucky if we see one measily freebie each week. Maybe I’m being greedy, but the deals have been so slow. My mom has been doing ShopRite each week (Glen Burnie, MD ShopRite is still doubling $1 coupons) and we usually go to Safeway for a small trip when we can. My goal is to start posting my shopping trips, at the very least. I also need to update everyone on thrifting, chickens and the garden!


I got these shoes at Value Village for $13. They are practically new. I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes just like this for years and finally found a pair that my cheap butt would buy 😉


Some stuff Nerdboy picked up for me!


This was a GREAT thrifting day in February.

Screenshot 2014-03-10 at 4.49.01 PM

Probably about a third of my collection of Vintage Pyrex

I still continue to thrift every week. Now that I’m not going to school, I’m far from my favorite thrift shops that I used to frequent. Nerdboy so graciously goes for me every once in awhile. I go to flea markets when possible (snow and cold make this difficult). I pick up Pyrex as much as I can. I collect vintage Pyrex for my personal collection, which has grown SO MUCH over the years and I also pick up stuff to resell. I have a pretty good eye for things I can flip and make a buck off of, whether it be Pyrex that I don’t personally collect, other vintage kitchen items, or even kid’s toys. I use money that I make from my personal sales (whether it be reselling items I thrift or make/craft) to pay for all of my expenses. I use Paypal for selling, so all my profit lies in my Paypal account. I use a Paypal Debit card (highly reccomend) for all my purchases so it’s a great cushion to have. I haven’t had to touch the money out of my actual bank account for months, probably a year, with the exception of student loans that I pay off in large chunks from my paychecks. If you’re into the Instagram thing and don’t mind pictures of my thrift finds (mainly Pyrex), chickens, and me selling stuff (yes, mainly Pyrex or old stuff), follow me @brandilabarre. I even post my shopping trips sometimes!


Tilling my garden

The chickens are doing well. If you remember from the Fall, Luna (our littlest Barred Rock) wasn’t doing well. She was so sick that she lived in my bedroom for a month or so. We nursed her back to health and she has been living outside since December. She’s still a bit slow and will not hang out with the other girls. Luckily they don’t really pick on her anymore, but they certainly aren’t friends. When they sleep at night, Bonnie, Biscuit, and Ginger all snuggle together and Luna is by herself at least 2 feet away. Poor girl, but she’s hanging in there. Only two chickens are laying eggs. I think the cold weather and shorter days convinced Ginger and Luna to stop laying this winter. Bonnie and Biscuit lay an egg almost every single day. They rock! I hope the other girls step it up since it’s March already! Now that the snow is melted, they get to play outside as much as possible. They till my garden all up and that makes me so happy (until I have plants in there)! We’re still talking about bringing some new babies into the coop in coming months.

As far as gardening goes, it has officially started for 2014! I got seeds planted already and my lemon and lime trees are here in Maryland. I planted lettuce, spinach and green onion seeds in pots. It’s still a bit nippy here, but I’m hoping they’ll grow. The left half of my garden is looking really good. Last year it was filled with a good bit of yummy compost, I just recently added some horse manure that I got for free off Craigslist months ago from a lady 3 minutes away (thank you, ma’am!), and I’ve been constantly tossing in the mess from the chicken coop. The right side of the garden still needs a lot of work. I’m thinking of adding 3 raised beds and filling with good dirt and more manure because I’ve struggled with that sandy soil for just too long. I’ll update with more pictures when I can.

So, if you got through all that, I just want to say thank you for sticking with me. I thought I was busy when I was in school, but working is just so much more time consuming. I headed out for another vacation next week, but I’ll hopefully stay in touch from now on 🙂