Gardening Update 5/14

I haven’t posted about my garden in awhile, huh?! I guess it’s about time! 🙂

Before you look at the pictures, you have to remember that I’m only home on weekends, which means that’s the only time I can love and care for my plants. So compared to many other gardeners, I’m still very behind! With that being said, are you ready for the garden tour? (My mom and sister get to go through it live every weekend 😉 )

First, you’ll see the adorable blueberries! I have a couple bunches growing, but the plant is still very young. This is my first year for blueberries!

And to the right (of my house, not the post), you’ll see some of my blackberries! Look at all the blooms 🙂 I can’t wait to pick and can them this July (and maybe August).

And look what’s growing under that bush! A Lucy cat! 😉 She’ll lay out there all day long…

If you squint super hard, you’ll see some of my lettuce growing. I think there’s two different kinds. I’ve never liked the taste of garden-grown lettuce, but I’m giving it a try again.

And here you’ll see some Cheddar Cauliflower plants. I’m really not found of the name, but Michael made me buy them. Cheddar is one of the foods I disgust (except when I occasionally crave Goldfish and Cheezits). But orange cauliflower… we’ll see. The cauliflower is also surrounded by some onion plants.

And do you know what this is ^^? Radish! Of course. They are super simple to grow… which is why I always grow them 😉 In case everything else fails, I know those hearty radishes will grow.

And here are some the tomatoes (and a pepper plant)! Like I said, I’m behind on gardening so the tomatoes are still small. Some have flowers though!

And last, but not least…. we have my potatoes! They are my favorite. I have 4 bins full of them 🙂 I’m not one to rush my summer along (obviously!), but I’m anxious to see the yield at the end of the season. We’ll end the tour here because this post is quite lengthy! I do have some other plants, like broccoli, cucumbers (pickles!), squash, and zucchini. You’ll see them in a future post, promise!

Savvy Student Shopper’s Garden Update 4/15

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was lovely. The weather was awesome here and I spent most of the time outside! Other than Target on Friday, I haven’t gone shopping at all. Let’s hope my UP Rewards aren’t expired yet!

We celebrated my birthday this weekend (don’t forget to enter the surprise giveaway here!) and for my birthday I wanted my garden ready to go! We got the majority of it finished and my back, hands, and feet are definitely sore and tired.

As you can see, I finally have a fence! I wasn’t planting anything until a fence got put up due to the hungry jerks deer. We also decided to use pieces of wood (that were laying around the yard) as dividers. Hopefully the dividers will keep the garden more organized and more importantly, retain water. I also thinks it makes it look nicer. In addition to my fence, I got some new dirt! I love good dirt! These pictures were taken after I watered, so it’s a bit difficult to see the difference I guess, but there’s a HUGE difference. The dark stuff is my new dirt, and the gray stuff is the sand that I used to be in constant battle with. I planted radishes and carrots in the one divider. I have tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers growing in little seed starters. Once they start to grow, I’ll transport them into the garden, along with some squash!

Here are some baby tomato plants we picked up, surrounded by my new dirt and compost! I like to have tomatoes of different ages so I have a longer growing period. And the trash cans in the upper left are my potatoes! In a few weeks, we’ll fill this lot with the rest of tomatoes and peppers (salsa!).

It’s not finished and it’s not perfect, but it’ll be perfect for me. My dad even made me a hinged gate -don’t laugh at it like my mom did! You see, my dad’s a lot like me… or I’m a lot like him… in the sense that we always try to do everything on our own, using what we have on hand. It’s a nice skill to have! You don’t have to spend money buying things pre-made or hiring someone else. And you’ll never learn how to do something if you don’t try.  He even wrote my name on the gate, in case the deer can read, they’ll know it’s my garden, not theirs!  😉

Have a great week everyone!

Sneak Peek Into My Weekend

As I mentioned, today was a very busy day! We didn’t really do any Easter festivities (though mom made me a very lovely Easter basket) but I whipped up around 30 dryer balls (whew!) which should make their debut on my Facebook page in the next few weeks. And I also spent a bunch of time outside weeding and trying to get my garden (if you could call it that) into some kind of shape! Hopefully by next weekend I’ll have some new dirt, some plants and MAYBE (please!) a FENCE. That’s what I asked for for my birthday, after all! If you remember from last summer, the deer have a huge crush on my garden. They seem to get in and destroy it no matter what I do, but I asked for a big, strong, fence and I’m hoping that’ll do the trick! 😉

Blackberries grow very well in my yard so I wanted to make sure those plants were in good shape before they started growing too big to handle! The picture above is the “after” picture. I totally forgot to take one before I started ripping away weeds, roots, and dead branches! My mom’s flower bushes do get in my way, but they were there first. My dad likes to TEAR my blackberry plants out every year because they take over the side of the house, but they grow back every time, so obviously they want to be there!  I was proud of my accomplishments and I have the thorn cuts all up my arms to prove my work too!

And the picture above is my garden! Isn’t she beautiful? 😉 In my eyes she really looks like this. Hah. One day! Looks like crap, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, the trash cans are for my potatoes and the blue sheet is to haul branches, I’m not really a junk collector (well…). I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the back and sides of the garden are coated in dead branches from attacking weeds. I took out a lot of them, found my old chicken wire fence (which didn’t hold deer back!), a worm-snake, a GIANT spider, and a fox den behind the garden. I’m hoping someone will till it up for me this week, add some beautiful dirt, and did I mention a FENCE? I’ll share pictures next weekend…hopefully.

And here’s a cookie for all my work! Doesn’t it look like a chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips? It’s actually my potatoes inside their trashcan. I’ve grown potatoes many times before (I actually found a potato plant growing in my compost today!) but never had time for it last year, which is why you never saw pictures. I took a few potatoes (ya know, the ones with those creepy eyes that they get when you totally forget them and leave them in the basement for a few months? Yeah, get those out.) cut them in half-ish and threw them ontop of dirt. Then I covered them over. You really only need a few potatoes because they TAKE OFF! I just had a bunch and I cut mine in half so that’s why there looks like a lot in there. At the end of summer, when the leaves turn brown, you get to dump your trashcan over and then BAM -potato explosion! You’ll have to continue adding dirt to your trashcans as your plants grow bigger and make sure to water them well (cutting holes in the bottom of the can helps for drainage).

So there you go! My first “gardening” post of the season. I’m always behind getting the garden together. It’s just too much for me to handle when I’m only home on weekends, but I try! You know it’s a good day when you see dirt wash off your feet when you shower 😉 I’ll continue to update every so often, so keep checking back! Feel free to share your gardening adventures on here or on the Facebook page.

Garden Update: 10/16

It certainly feels like Fall here so the garden season is pretty much over. I didn’t have the chance to plant any fall veggies, so I’m done until next year!

I walked to the garden to check it out while I was home this weekend, and to my surprise, I had a bunch of goodies!

The deer left me some tomatoes (I picked most of the green ones because with my luck, the deer would have found them tomorrow)! My pepper plant was full of peppers and I dug up a few potatoes from the plant that keeps growing back every year.


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I made pickles!

Last night I finally took some time to do a tiny bit of canning. I have never done this before and neither has anyone in my family, so do not come to me for advice please! I can probably tell you all about what not to do though.

Boiling water and hot glass jars are terrifying to say the least! I need some practice and some better equipment.

I just HOPE these pickles turned out alright. I’m a huge pickle fan, but not the sweet kind, ick! If they are any good, those few cans will not even last me until Fall!

Making my own blackberry jam is next on my list. I hope it’s not as scary!

Special thanks to Greta for the extra jars and delicious jam!

Garden Updates from this week

This was going to be the week where I shared pictures of a bunch of ripe tomatoes, but unfortunately that will not be the case!

It looks like the deer found my garden and really filled up their tummies. (While crushing my plants and knocking fruits off their vines). So I’ll share the misery with you…






PhotobucketBelow is all I was able to salvage:



And of course, Little Lu was sympathetic and cuddly.

Garden Update 7/26


Here’s the latest picture of my garden. My tomatoes are finally turning but my cucumber plants are slowly dying off. This heat has not been good for them. 🙁
I have a ton of oregano that I need to harvest and let dry, but that’ll have to wait for another day!

What’s this I see? A RED tomato!

I FINALLY picked my first red tomato from my garden last night. They’ve been green forever! This one looks a little funky, but I’m sure it’s fine. Some of the other tomatoes are orange and will be ready soon. It was an exciting day to say the least. 😉

I’m Growing a Pear Tree?

Take a look at these tomatoes growing in my garden! I have quite a few different varieties growing in there. I don’t know their real names, but I have the cherry ones, grape, roma, fat normal ones and then PEAR tomatoes? Don’t they look like pears?!

Apparently Pear Tomatoes exists, so I guess that’s what I have growing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind before, so I’m excited to have them. Now if they would only turn red!