Heading out to garden…

I’m getting ready to go out to get some gardening done. My tomato plants are so heavy, they are falling over 🙁

I thought I’d share a picture of Little Lu while I’m gone! I love her so much 🙂

Cucumbers, Cucumbers, Everywhere!

PhotobucketNote: I always need to remember not to take all these cucumbers for granted. We pay over $1 for one during the off season! :O

I’ve been picking cucumbers from my garden left and right we can only take so many sliced cucumbers. My sister loves to dip her’s in Ranch and we’ve also made the typical Cucumbers and Vinegar, with onions, sugar, salt, and pepper.

Michael suggested I try another recipe with all my cucumbers, so I’ll probably give this a go tonight. If so, I’ll post a pic and the recipe again. I’m not sure if I’ll like it, sour cream (and milk, mayo, cheese, yogurt, etc.) is not on my fave’s list.

Cucumber Salad
2- parts Sour Cream
1-part Vinegar
1- part Sugar

Add sliced cucumbers and chives. Serve chilled!

Thanks to Leah for her recipe! 

Gardening Update 7/13




Here’s what came from my garden yesterday. You see how fat that one cucumber is?! I can’t believe my blackberries are still producing either. I have so many now!

My tomatoes are also doing well, STILL green though.

That really green picture is of my morning glories. They were nice when I first planted them years ago, but now they have taken over! They grow faster than weeds. Every day I have to clear the morning glories out because last year they destroyed all my tomato plants! I try to keep the morning glories all in that location because I really do like them, and I especially like taking photos of the bees and blooms. They just don’t stop growing and reproducing! :O

Garden Update 7/10!



I picked another fat cucumber, radishes, and blackberries from my garden. Tomatoes will be ready soon!

If you aren’t a gardener, I recommend you become friends with one. Most are more than willing to give you their over stock. The picture with the tomatoes are the garden goodies from a family friend. What a great freebie!

Garden Update!


Here’s a quick update from my garden today! I have no clue why my cucumbers are so fat.

Mini Harvest from the Garden!

I picked these on Saturday and thought I’d share! Everything is still slowly growing in my garden, so there isn’t too much to pick yet. I did pick a small hand full of blackberries today too though!

My cucumbers are just so adorable! I call them my baby pickles 😉
I’ll get a picture of them soon.

Garden Update 6/22

I have some new pictures to share from my garden!

^^I have about 14+ tomato plants and we finally have some fruit growing!

^^A little pepper that has almost turned its black/purple color!

^^Another pepper! (Different variety)

^^The blackberries will be ripe within the next couple of weeks! I have tons, yum!

^^Look at the plumeria! Isn’t it beautiful!? ALL 5 of them have green leaves now. Call me ecstatic  🙂

^^Aren’t the lilies gorgeous?!

^^And what’s a gardening post without a picture of Little Lu?!

July should be the big gardening month. I’m expecting lots, and lots, and lots of tomatoes, a few cucumbers/squash/zucchini, peppers, radishes, potatoes, and more! My herbs are doing very well too! Anyone need some Oregano?? 😉


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Updates From my Household

I have been meaning to share how well my Plumeria is doing, but I never get around to it, and then when I remember, I have to go out and take a new picture because the leaves get bigger every few days! This picture is brand spankin’ new, I just took it minutes ago.

Photobucket I’m SO happy the Plumeria is doing well (If you remember from the last gardening post, I have 5 planted. 1 is doing phenomenal ^^, 3 are doing well, and one is slacking.)

And yesterday on my Facebook page I shared that I was going out for a walk with my cat, isn’t she the cutest?!



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