A Sneak Peek of My Saturday!

Today was a beautiful January day for Maryland! It was sunny and in the 60s for most of the day, which is why I was so absent! I dealt with the Baltimore Sun this morning (a common Saturday occurrence because Mr. PaperMan cannot remember to leave 2 copies of the paper… And then he can’t be kind enough to come back later in the day to bring me my paper as he is told every Saturday by his supervisor, apparently. I am calling for my year’s refund tomorrow -hopefully all goes well! Maybe next Saturday I’ll wake up early and chase Mr. PaperMan down the street with eggs when he forgets my paper… I just don’t understand how he forgets the paper all the time and why I should have to call and complain every single week. Waste of money and time!)

Moving on to happier subjects… I let my kitties outside today to enjoy the weather. They absolutely love it.

And lastly, a lovely friend of mine came over and we chatted and watched Storage Wars while sewing these little lovies. Aren’t they just precious??

CVS deals are being posted in a few minutes and then I’m going to sleep. I’ll return for more deals in the morning! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your free copy of MoneySavingMom’s new book!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep myself away from the computer until Monday morning (okay, probably afternoon depending on what time I wake up!) so I want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I’ll be taking a break to enjoy time with family and friends, while filling my tummy with the most delicious foods.

I hope all of you have a relaxing and fun day with your loved ones as well. I’m so thankful for all my readers -I couldn’t have this blog without you guys 🙂 Stay safe and happy!

And as you can see from these pictures, my kitties haven’t learned how to take a proper Christmas photo. I’ll try again tomorrow! 😉


Savvy Student Shopper’s Friday Night

Michael and I made some holiday treats tonight! I really wanted some toasted pumpkin seeds, but I didn’t want to carve a pumpkin. I also wanted to make caramel apples, but we didn’t have caramel. And I wanted to make cookies, but we didn’t do that either. We did make homemade candy corn and popcorn balls though. Neither hit the spot at all for me! I am not a fan of candy corn (these were cute though) and the popcorn balls weren’t ‘all that’ either. Oh well 😉

Maybe I’ll make something yummy tomorrow after hitting up some stores! They are calling for snow tomorrow, in October! It’s crazy :O And I hate the cold so much!

And I also wanted to share these pictures of Squirt and Lucy. They’ve both found a new spot to sit/sleep while we work in the kitchen. The pictures were taken within hours of each other. Aren’t they so cute??


Freebies from Last Week!

I had a great mail week last week and I hope you did too! It’s like Christmas coming home to all these packages.

  • Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” T-shirt (LOL)
  • 3D Glasses?
  • Clif Bar!
  • Post It Note Sample
  • Dial Lotion Sample
  • Free OPI Crackle Polish from a SaveMore voucher
  • Olay Acne Facial Treatment
  • Wisps Teeth Cleaners
  • John Frieda Sample Set (Nice size!)
  • Breast Cancer Pin
  • Perfume Sample
  • All You Magazine(Not free, but it has coupons!)
  • Ebony Magazine (Has P&G Coupons!)
  • Kraft Maid Home Booklet (Excellent for those of you wanting to remodel!)

Chipotle: $2 Burritos on Halloween!

Oh YUM. I L-O-V-E Chipotle (and so does my Lil’ Squirt… actually we just found he is actually a she. That’s kinda embarrassing…)

But anyway, here’s a hot offer for those of you who are okay with dressing up! Chipotle is offering $2 meals (burritos, bowls, salads, etc) on Halloween  after 6 pm if you dress up in a costume inspired by THE FAMILY FARM (think farmer, crop, animal, or farm implement).

You can read all the details HERE!



Random Cat Picture of the Day


Wow! How long has it been since we had a picture in this series?! Since I’ve been at college, the time with the kitties (yes, 2 of them!) has been so, so limited. 🙁

In case you don’t recall, we adopted a new baby, Lil’ Squirt! Lil’ Lucy isn’t a huge fan of him yet, but she’s warming up to him. Squirt likes to bother her an awful lot though.

So the picture above is the adorable Squirt! It’s so hard to get pictures of him; his naps last like 2 minutes and the rest of the time he runs around like a mad man.

Random Cat Picture of the Day


I’ve been slacking on this post for a few days, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me!

I believe we have a new addition to our household. He’s just a little guy and we’re calling him Squirt. My mom brought him home from her work where he was found abandoned.

Lil Lucy doesn’t really dig Squirt yet, but I’m hoping she warms up soon. He has more energy than anything I’ve ever seen and I wish he would just cuddle for 2 seconds! At least he’s cute 😉

Stay tuned for more pics of him, I’m a sucker for kitten photos.

Random Cat Picture of the Day

And here’s a picture of Lil Lu sitting on the porch railing during the thunder storms yesterday!

Random Cat Picture of the Day



Today’s post deserves two pictures because Lucy is really so bizarre.

She licks the dishwasher and cabinets when she’s hungry!



Random Cat Picture of the Day

Do you know what Lucy is doing in that picture?! Escaping!

She’s about to jump right off our porch and frolic through the yard, WITHOUT her harness on. She’s so naughty sometimes! But still cute 😉

OH! And look at her wagging her little tail <3