Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 10/13

2013-10-10 22.03.25

I do a lot of thrifting. I go multiple days a week and it would be every day of the week if Nerdboy let me. I usually spend my weekend mornings (when I’m home) at the local flea market (vendors started recognizing me this summer and I just think that’s a bit odd especially because I look like a complete bum that early in the morning), local yard sales, church sales, estate sales, and thrift shops. On the weekdays when I have class (only 2.5 days a week!) I usually convince Nerdboy to stop at my favorite Value Village(s). Judging by ALL my Pyrex pictures from the past year+, you probably think I’m a hoarder and if you see my dining room (sorry, mom), you’d probably be right. BUT this week I’m having a large Pyrex purge (on Instagram @brandilabarre –honestly though, only follow me if you like Pyrex and chickens, seriously). I’m selling off a lot of my extras and unwanteds I’ve accumulated over the year, so I’ve been prepping for that. I just had to purchase bubble wrap and that’s was super unfrugal. I did find the cheapest I could on ebay for $0.13/foot. I try not to buy Pyrex that I don’t personally want, which is a lot, but sometimes I got carried away and now I need to spread my love to other collectors.

The picture above is my most recent acquisitions from this past week. The Pyrex 475 Saxony and Pyrex Pink Stripes 401 were a trade with a fellow collector. I found the tan 402 stripes bowl at Value Village for about $3. The Primary blue 502 fridgie was also $3. I mostly bought it for the lid. I also picked up a Lilly Pulitzer shirt for myself for about $2.37. Lilly is becoming one of my new addictions, watch out, but I can only afford thrift prices! Hopefully by January, I’ll have thrifted enough to make a wardrobe out of it for my Florida vacation.

2013-10-06 14.57.29

Some contacted my locally wanting to sell a lot of Vintage Pyrex for $15… of course I said yes! She even dropped all 7 pieces off at my house. I got the Pyrex Forest Fancies 401 bowl for $0.25 to add to my 401 collection. I also snagged the Pyrex lemon carafe with lid for $0.50. That morning, I made Nerdboy wake up at 5:15 and accompany me to an enormous church sale. I heard the vintage glassware was going to be good so I was planning for success! We woke up early and waited in line for hours until the sale started. By 8:00 (doors opened at 8:30) there were hundreds of people lined up along the parking lots. I could not believe it! We got there early enough and were about 25th or so in line. When doors opened, I rushed to the glassware section. Michael and I already had a plan: he’d take those 2 rows, I had the others. He was to scoop up any piece of Pyrex, Fire King, etc. that I may be interested in and I’d sort after we scooped all the rows. Well, there wasn’t a single piece of Pyrex or any vintage glassware whatsoever. I heard from another collector that a volunteer was carrying around a pink Pyrex bowl, so I believe volunteers got first pick and we waited outside for hours for nothing. I got 2 vintage Ball jars with lids for $1.25 though. You can’t win them all.

2013-10-03 21.51.26 2013-10-03 19.42.33

More Pyrex! I went c-r-a-z-y this week. I spent way over my budget on Pyrex but it was soooo worth it! See that gorgeous 475 Pyrex Spirograph casserole in the middle? Also, take note of the original underplate. I thrifted the entire set for about $10. I could place that piece on Ebay for $100 and it would be gone in minutes, I’d imagine. That is one of my best scores yet! It’s still sitting in my living room in front of the TV so I can stare at it. All the other pieces were from Value Villages throughout the week for $2-$6 a piece.

2013-09-20 11.40.00

A few weeks ago, I had a Friday morning all to myself so I went to the Free Friday Flea Market down the road where everything on the parking lot is free. I scored some good stuff like a few canning jars, Fiesta tea cup, 2 Pyrex lids, wool yarn, and vintage napkins, but I just didn’t need most of the stuff that was there. I then stopped at the thrift store and got the set of Pyrex Early American refrigerator dishes for about $10. I stopped at the nearby antique store and grabbed the other 3 pieces of Pyrex for $2-$4 each.

2013-09-08 10.33.58

Here are a weekend’s worth of flea market finds! I scored 2 more blue Ball jars with lids. I think I paid about $4 for both. I got the super duper Pyrex carafe for $0.50. I already sold the carafe and Hazel Atlas Kitchen Aid bowl. The Corelle Christmas bowl has also been traded. All were scored for $0.50 each. I found 2 Pyrex refrigerator dish lids! I got the Pyrex Spring Blossom 2 441 for $1 I think. And my mom got the cute tank top for $1.

2013-09-13 13.00.20 IMAG4977

Here was another stop to Value Village. I saw the Pyrex Pink 503 refrigerator dish there the day before and didn’t buy it because it was pretty trashed… and $5! Vintage Pyrex should never go in the dishwasher. It removes the shine and then the paint. I felt sorry for it the next day and bought it at 25% off and the Snowflake Blue loaf dish. I cleaned that Pink 503 up, scrubbed a layer of yuck off, and shined it up with some oil. It looks 95% better! I’m SO glad I bought it.

2013-09-15 18.06.23

Last time Nerdboy and I went to Deep Creek, we stopped at a tiny thrift store that benefits pets. I spotted the Pyrex Old Orchard 502 there for $1, so I bought it! On the way home, just a few minutes from my house, I saw someone on the main road was having a HUGE yard sale at like 6 o’clock PM on a Sunday. Their yard was filled of boxes overflowing with vintage crap. The man clears out old estates and this one must have been enormous. Nerdboy and I spent a good chunk of time picking through those old boxes, I even sliced my hand on the glass! Out of an entire yard full of vintage stuff, all I snagged were two refrigerator dish lids. I don’t mean to complain, but where are the dishes?!

2013-08-25 14.45.49

This weekend was slim pickings but I grabbed a Pyrex Daisy 475 (no lid) and a 045 lid for cheap.

2013-08-17 09.46.12

First, I need to point out, everything in this picture was bought the same morning at the flea market. It was a morning that I went by myself and I carried all of this to the car (I bought the cases of jars at the complete opposite of where I parked, of course) by myself. I used so much energy and so much time and not one person asked if I needed help. What is wrong with the world!? The stack was taller than me and I had to put it all down to rearrange/take breaks every 10 steps. My arms ache just thinking about that adventurous morning. Anyway! I scored the two cases of jars for $6 I think. That’s less than $0.25/jar! I found some more Pyrex lids and a Pyrex Verde 442 and Wheat 023. Both Pyrex pieces were only $0.50-$1 each.

2013-08-11 19.56.04

This picture really doesn’t count as thrifting, it’s kind of a “Brandi went crazy at the antique stores and malls when she was out of town”. I spent a lot that weekend but everything I bought was a good price and I’ve already resold about half of the items here (to make some extra money).

So after all this you probably think I’m a Pyrex hoarder, and that’s alright. I always tell myself that there are worse things I could be spending my money on. Not pictured are also quite a few pieces of clothing I got for myself at Goodwill. I think I got 3 pairs of dress paints (all $2-$4 each), a dress shirt ($2), and a cardigan ($4). My mom also scored some clothes at Goodwill when we had a $10 off $20 purchase coupon. She got 4 great looking dress shirts for work at about $4 each! I like shopping for clothes more at Goodwill/thrift stores than at any other store. It really helps when you have a coupon or when you go on discount day because sometimes you’ll find stuff that’s just so overpriced. But I grabbed a few pairs of dress pants for a small fraction of what I would have paid at the mall, so sometimes it pays to thrift shop!


Savvy Student Shopper’s Chicken and Garden Update 9/20

2013-09-20 12.16.30

Here are the latest goodies from the backyard. My first and only carrots. They were delicious! I picked a bunch of peppers; now I need to find something to do with all of them!

2013-09-09 17.13.23

Sir Jake is modeling with my backyard goods. I LOVE that gourd! I wish the rest of the plants didn’t die so I could have a porch full of them. I have to pick the tomatoes before they get red because the squirrels keep eating them before I can pick them!

2013-09-16 17.02.59

Tomatoes and eggies from the backyard!

2013-09-05 17.47.07

On the days everyone lays, we get 4 eggs! Ladies have been slacking lately. I think it’s a combination of the colder nights and that Luna isn’t feeling well. She’s acting okay, but just different. She’s spending more time by herself, she won’t run away with the other girls, won’t roost next to them, and she’s just being a lazy loner. Maybe the other girls are picking on her? She looks fine physically so hopefully she’ll shape up soon.

2013-09-16 17.37.18

“Hi, I’m Luna and I ripped mom’s flower out of the flower bed while taking my dirt bath.”


Onions, eggs, potatoes, peppers, oh my!


The girls lay lots of different size eggs! Something we’ll get XXL eggs and some days they’ll be mediums.

2013-09-13 17.37.15

I have nature right outside my front yard! It doesn’t get much better than that? Well, maybe a tropical beach, I guess. The deer have been visiting every single day. Amazingly, this is the first year they haven’t gotten in my garden. We think they just have enough to eat in the marshes that they haven’t had the need to venture to my garden, thank goodness.

2013-09-16 17.39.28

My mom found this egg in the nesting boxes. Mrs. Bonnie was rolling it all around and we think she pecked at it. Naughty girl. We also have another naughty hen. Mrs. Biscuits spends her outside time hunting frogs. She roams the yard waiting for innocent frogs to move, she snatches them in her beak and runs and runs and runs and runs with that poor frog hanging out of her mouth until it dies. She doesn’t eat them, she just keeps killing them. Over and over again.

2013-08-22 18.39.21

And here’s my little sister. She always claims she hates the chickens, but with a smile like that, I think she’s lying!

Raising chickens is an adventure. Tomorrow’s the Maryland Poultry Swap but unfortunately I cannot make it. I’m pretty bummed that I’m missing out. I know I would have tons of fun looking at all the different breeds of chickens, fabulous coops, and browsing all the homemade and recycled goods. If we were going sure enough I’d be coming home with some new babies. Until next year, I guess 🙂

Oh, and if you want a little chicken humor, check out this video on “The Hazards of Backyard Hens”. I thought it was funny, but then again I also talk to my chickens like they are people.

Don’t Cry Over Burnt Spaghetti Sauce

IMAG4899 2013-08-16 13.47.25 2013-08-12 13.20.13

This week has been one of my busiest weeks all summer. In addition to working outside the home for over 50 hours, I had 50lbs of peaches, 25lbs of tomatoes, and 10lbs of blackberries to can. On top of all that, I’ve been taking care of my chickens, trying to find time to blog, and shipping off some of the vintage goodies I’ve been picking up at flea markets and reselling online this summer.

2013-08-19 21.28.48 2013-08-19 16.45.18 2013-08-19 23.02.35

With the wonderful help of Savvy Momma and Nerdboy, we were able to put up 16 jars of blackberry jam, 4 jars of blackberry BBQ sauce, 24 quarts of peaches, 5 jars of pickles (it was 6 but 1 exploded), and 6 jars of peach honey. So you are probably wondering where the 25lbs of tomatoes ended up, right? They are in the trash. And not just 25 pounds of whole tomatoes, but 25lbs of hand picked, peeled, diced, cooked tomatoes with fresh herbs and garlic that my mom and I spent the entire day preparing. I was cooking it down on the stove (hotter than I should have) so I could quickly can it up before going to bed. I sat down for a minute at my laptop for the first time all day and that’s when I smelled it. The bottom of the pot (dang cheap, thin pots) scorched leaving my entire pot of tomato sauce smelling like smoke. It was awful. The smell was sickening all night long. I tried everything I could to save the sauce; I moved most of it to the crockpot, added a raw peeled potato, more seasonings, more garlic, sugar, lemon juice, wine… and even peanut butter (I read it online. I was desperate). Nothing helped. I let it cook in the crock pot some more in case some miracle would come in and save it. Finally, my mom pulled the cord of the crockpot, the sauce cooled down, and it was dumped outside. Are you shedding a tear with me yet?

It’s such a shame to waste all of those beautiful tomatoes and all that time we spent on them, but there was nothing I could do. We ended up with a lot of nice canned goods we’ll be able to use all year. It has already been a few days since the tomato sauce incident so I’m doing my best to forget it ever happened and to move on. I’ll be asking for a set of new big pots of Christmas. Nerdboy and I are tired of using an SOS pad to scrub the pots down after every.single.use. They are just so thin and don’t transfer the heat around the entire surface of the pot.

2013-08-20 21.04.55

2013-08-18 17.57.47 2013-08-18 17.54.06 2013-08-15 22.25.51

Our next canning adventure might be apples if we feel like it in the Fall. I’m sure we’ll do a few more jars of stuff in between since I haven’t pulled out my Presto Pressure Canner in awhile (lets you can anything low acid, like soups, beans, and more!). I love that canning allows us a way to preserve food when it’s in season and then enjoy it all year. The peaches are so wonderful (though I wasn’t thrilled at the quality this year) you can eat them out of the jar with a fork, dump over vanilla ice cream, and of course, make a peach cobbler! To make peach honey, we made a “peach juice” from all the tossed peach skins and pits boiled in water. From that strained juice, I added some sugar and a little pectin for a thickener. It will make an excellent sweetener for hot tea and also a great sauce for pork or ham! I love using up the parts people normally trash to make a usable and delicious product! We did the same with apple skins and cores last year when we made apple jelly.

I’m off to grab some hot tea (with peach honey!) and maybe a brunch with eggies from my backyard. I have to go start yet another busy weekend! I need to sit down sometime soon and do some *gasp* school preparations that I have been waiting until the very last minute to complete.

Savvy Student Shopper’s Backyard Chicken Update 8/21

First day with 3 eggs!

First day with 3 eggs!

The chickens have been laying for 18 days – wow! My two Rhode Island Reds, Biscuit and Ginger, started laying first probably on the same day. Just yesterday, one of my Barred Rocks, Bonnie, started laying too! We’re getting about 3 eggs a day now. We are still waiting for Luna to lay an egg, but she has always been the smallest chick, so I’m not surprised she’s slower than the rest. The chickens lay about 6 eggs a week each. Once everyone starts laying, we’ll be getting about 2 dozen eggs a week until their laying slows down when days get shorter and weather gets colder. We’re all pretty excited about the eggs! Even my sister, who wants nothing to do with the chickens, will go and steal the eggs if I’m not home.

Weekend brunch: My canned potatoes, veggies from the garden, and eggs from the backyard.

Weekend brunch: My canned potatoes, veggies from the garden, and eggs from the backyard.

Checking out fancy chicken coops! Anyone have $2000?

Checking out fancy chicken coops! Anyone have $2000?

Biscuit and Ginger taking a dirt bath - their favorite thing to do.

Biscuit and Ginger taking a dirt bath – their favorite thing to do.

Chickens and a deer roaming their my front yard

Chickens and a deer roaming their my front yard

Egg comparison: My little rich yolk is on the left, compared to the lighter yolk on the right from the store

Egg comparison: My little rich yolk is on the left, compared to the lighter yolk on the right from the store

As you can see, each chicken lays a different shade of brown. I think the lightest one (almost pink) is Bonnie’s. It’s fun to see the different colors and shapes these eggs are! They are still on the small size (compared to the Large eggs we used to get from the grocery store), but they look and taste great!

From the backyard!

From the backyard!

My first dozen

My first dozen

I just used some of my hard earned money (I’m working 47 hours this week outside the home, what the heck!) to buy my babies new food and water dispensers. Their set up now really needed a change. They kept knocking them over and I had to refill every day or every other day! No one has time for that! Hopefully they will be delivered today or tomorrow and I will get them all set up. I just bought them another 50lbs of chicken feed, but it’s a bit too heavy for me to carry from my car to the coop. Thankfully, they get their fill of kitchen scraps (mostly fruit and veggies) and nature (grass, weeds, bugs, etc.) and don’t really go through that much chicken feed.

Savvy Student Shopper Updates & More!

2013-08-06 17.19.55

I feel like it’s time for another Savvy Student Shopper update! I’m busy, as usual. I’m constantly on the go and the only time I sit at the computer is late at night, which really should be sleeping time. I’m hoping life will slow down once school starts and I work myself into a routine with classes, interning, working, and blogging (don’t forget the chicken keeping, thrifting, cooking, crafting, couponing, and all that stuff). When I sit down and scroll my personal Facebook, I always see people complain about how bored they are or how there’s never anything to do around here. I wish I could snag those people and make them my personal assistants; I ALWAYS have stuff to do. Who even has time for Candy Crush Saga or whatever that game is called?

2013-08-16 07.38.49

If you follow the Savvy Shopper’s Group on Facebook you’ll know that I was on the local news last week. It was pretty cool. As you know, I’m always the one behind the computer so being out in the open for all to see Friday morning LIVE was quite out of the ordinary. I talked about using coupons and how that has helped me through college. Luckily, it only lasted a few minutes. They gave me no preparation before going live. I didn’t know what questions were going to be asked and they threw me into the news room about 4 minutes before I went live (with like 5 camera pointing at me). It was quite the experience. I’m really thinking I’ll stay behind the screen for the time being. I am thankful I had the opportunity to share my love of couponing and my blog with many locals. If you’re a new reader from FOX45, welcome!

2013-08-18 16.49.09 2013-08-16 13.47.25 2013-08-15 23.27.37 2013-08-12 13.20.13 2013-08-12 12.51.10 2013-08-08 21.17.58 2013-08-08 18.58.32

You may also know that Nerdboy and I have been stocking up on a ton of local produce these past few weeks and canning up a storm. We’ve tackled 50lbs of peaches, 10lbs of blackberries, 35lbs of tomatoes and probably lots more just this week. We give these fruit slices, jams, honeys, sauces, etc. out as Christmas gifts and also enjoy them ourselves throughout the year. It’s something we enjoy doing, but it’s a freaking ton of work. My body aches from all the work.

2013-08-06 19.55.11

2013-08-17 15.04.44

In between canning, being a news celebrity, and working, I went out shopping for some new clothes. I never buy new clothes because I thought I didn’t have a need. I really haven’t grown a bit since middle school (I’m 21 now) and I’ve been given so many hand-me-downs that my closet is totally overflowing. My closet is overflowing with sun dresses, summer skirts, sweat pants, pullovers, yoga pants, and leggings. Almost everything fits my size, but it doesn’t fit who I am anymore. I’m trying to update my wardrobe to reflect my age and give me something nicer to wear to my internship this Fall. I hate shopping though. I rarely find anything I like and when I do, I don’t want to spend money on it. I feel my money or my mom’s could be better spent on more important things. Just this week I bought a few new items (okay, just 3) but I do feel a lot better. Everyone deserves to spend time and money on themselves sometimes. Nerdboy really understands my struggles and was nice enough to go shopping with me over the weekend and force me to buy some stuff. Nerdboy, or Michael in the real word, is so great. He follows and encourages every single little crazy plan I have and really knows me better than I know myself. Last month, we celebrated 5 years together. We started dating in high school and now we’re finishing up college together. It’s pretty crazy!

2013-08-09 16.59.58

I’ve still been thrifting this summer. I try to hit the flea market every weekend but I haven’t really had time to go to thrift stores. The chickens are still laying eggs, but I’ll have an update on them soon. My garden is totally suffering since I haven’t had time to even look at it in weeks.

That’s all for now! I may try to sneak in a nap before I tackle spaghetti sauce today 🙂


Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds

2013-06-14 09.32.19

“Mom, my favorite part of Pyrex is the newspaper”

Okay, okay, I finally have a minute to post another Thrifty Finds post. It has been entirely too long! These photos are from July-August. I’ve been visiting the local flea market as much as possible, hitting yard sales, estate sales, and a thrift shop every now and then.

2013-07-27 18.01.20

Here’s a part of my most recent haul! At the free flea market (where everything in the parking lot is FREE for taking), I got a stack of Butterfly Gold Corelle plates, a Pyrex Spice of Life canister and that solid green Pyrex casserole. At the flea market I got the Fire King Jadeite mugs/tea cups for $1 each (great price!), the Spring Blossoms Pyrex 471 casserole for $1 with lid and the set of 3 Catherineholm 4-inch stripe bowls for $2. Those Catherineholm bowls are my biggest score of the year! I was so, so excited to find them. Check out the prices they go for on Ebay!

I bought the red Pyrex Friendship refrigerator dish and Daisy 444 bowl at an antique store in Ellicot City.

2013-07-27 17.53.26

Here’s most of the stuff I got from the FREE Flea market! I also got some clothes that aren’t pictured. I got TWO working Foodsaver machines, the Corelle plates, a Coke glass for Nerdboy, the Spice of Life canister, the Pyrex casserole, 2 100% wool sweaters and a pair of like-new Crocs for my mom! Sweet finds for FREE! My mom and I got there almost an hour early to wait in line. It’s my Black Friday, what can I say!


I found another old blue ball jar for $0.50 -SCORE!, a Pyrex yellow Hostess bowl for $0.50, a blue Pyrex refridgerator dish for $0.50, the Butterprint 444 bowl for $4, and the Golden Tulip 024 casserole with lid for $1. These were my finds from the flea market and a yard sale. I find Pyrex (or anything worth buying for that matter) at every 1 out of 15 yard sales I go to. Bad luck.

2013-07-08 21.07.20

On my way home from the beach, we stopped at a few Goodwills. I got this Homestead Pyrex 503 refrigerator dish with lid for $3. I only bought the dish for the lid. I already sold the dish itself to someone else as I do not collect Homestead. Also, take note of my new shirt! I love thrifting – how perfect! The Goodwill in Delaware was selling them (new) for a scholarship fund.

2013-06-23 15.17.00

The Pyrex Town and Country 043 casserole was another flea market find. $1! I bought it just for the lid.

2013-06-22 13.09.42

Nerdboy and I like to hit the yard sales together. Actually, he’d rather stay in bed, but I think it’s good for him to get fresh air. We found the Pyrex Butterfly Gold 404 for $1 (or $2, I can’t rememeber) at a small yard sale. The biggest bowls are sometimes hard to find, so I was happy with that score! I also came across an entire set of Butterfly Gold Cinderella bowls in mint condition. The nice old lady had everything Butterfly Gold (the plates, tea cups, gravy boat, creamer, sugar dish, and the whole 9 yards). I only bought the bowls. She said she never even used them! It set me back a whole $4. I already have this complete set so I will be selling this one. I bought the Christmas Holly 024 at the local antique shop during the booth’s 25% off sale.


This picture shows my goodies from the first FREE flea market I went to this summer. Some Fire King, Jadeite, crewel artwork and another wool sweater.

2013-06-16 11.06.06

Here’s another flea market score from one weekend. I got the Topsy Turvy and a tomato plant for $1.50 for both. I got the Spring Blossom 472 casserole for $2, some extra lids for $0.50 or so, Green Primary 403 (from the 1940s!!) for $1, Woodland 475 for $1, the Butterfly Gold butter dish for $1, and $1 for the Strawberry Shortcake mug.

2013-06-14 09.22.53

The set of 8 Spring Blossom-like mugs were from Value Village and the almost complete Woodland Pyrex Cinderella set was a Goodwill find for $10.

2013-06-10 20.14.16

2013-06-10 20.52.51

These items pictured above were items picked up by friend’s of mine! The green Pyrex Heinz baker and Gooseberry 441 were $1 each. The Gooseberry was in awful shape, but I was able to bring out the color again with some Bar Keeper’s Friend. The Friendship 473 was a buy from an antique store.

That’s all for now! I’ll update again in a few weeks! I hope you’re having fun thrifting too 🙂

Savvy Student Shopper’s Backyard Chicken Update


The Savvy Student Shopper was out of town for the past few days and my dad was taking care of the zoo. Apparently my dad didn’t check the nesting boxes very well because when I went to let the babies out today, I found 5 eggs! My very first eggs! I think only 2 of them are laying eggs. I thought Ginger and Biscuit would be first (both Rhode Island Reds) but there are two distinct variations in egg color. Could 3 be from my Rhode Islands and 2 from the Barred Rock? Or vice versa? Or do chickens of the same breed lay different shades? Who knows? Who cares? I have eggs! It’s a good thing we finally have eggs because I think everyone was getting pretty aggravated with the chickens. They’ve been running away, ruining flower beds and getting into all sorts of trouble. They’ve heard multiple threats of being “cooked on the grill” over the past few weeks. Now they are useful!

2013-08-05 18.02.46

A few hours after finding my first eggs, they laid me another!

2013-08-05 12.46.54


2013-08-05 15.19.05

Standard egg from the grocery compared to my fresh egg

Since my babies (can I still call them babies when they are old enough to have their own babies?) are still new at this egg laying business, their eggs will be on the small side, and may be even soft or misshapen for a little while. I think they are nearly perfect, but I’m probably biased. I’ll post a new update when I crack into them. I got 6 total today (but I was gone for the past few days) so let’s see what’s in the nesting box tomorrow! According to my estimations (I still can’t believe I wasn’t home to witness the very first egg) the first egg arrived August 3rd. They are approximately 20-21 weeks old.

2013-07-25 18.46.49 2013-07-24 18.26.20 2013-07-24 18.27.25 2013-07-24 18.07.43


, ,

*HOT* Zaycon: Order Your $1.84/lb Chicken

Zaycon has opened up ordering for this year and if you’re interested, order before they sell out!

The price is $1.85/lb, which is a stellar price on boneless, skinless chicken breasts! This chicken is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.

Sign up here to view the dates and locations. (This sign up does not tie you to order anything) If you’re in Maryland, you should be able to find a pick up location in your area. They just opened up the order form for local orders! You’ll want to order as soon as possible because they do sell out!  You purchase a case (or more) 40 lbs of raw boneless chicken breasts for a very low price. You can split orders with friends and family as well.

If you haven’t heard of Zaycon, or need more info, please read here!

Chicken Update 7/24

2013-07-14 17.45.08

Here’s another backyard chicken update! Everyone is doing well and I am still waiting for eggs. I know Ginger and Biscuit (the reds) are going to lay their first egg soon. I can’t wait!

2013-07-14 17.46.01

We’ve been letting them roam the yard as much as possible which saves a lot of money on feed costs. They don’t eat much chicken feed when they can munch on nature all day long. Grapes are still their absolute favorite food in the entire world. They go crazy over grapes. We like to bring them scraps as much as possible. They are healthy and well-fed chickens!

2013-07-14 20.52.32

Ginger and Biscuit sitting on Luna in the nesting box

We’ve been having problems with them flying too much. The other day, we went to put them in their pen and they were all high up in the tree! All but Luna could figure out how to get home. After pull the branch lower and using a pool skimmer, we finally got her down. Wing clipping will happen in the near future probably.

2013-07-10 18.09.12

If you’ve never watched a chicken take a dirt bath, go youtube it! I’ll try to post of video of mine taking their bath one day. It’s hilarious! My yard is very sandy so they always find a nice place to roll around in the sand.

A few weeks ago, mom and I were at a local store and asked the produce manager if we could have his box of old produce for our chickens. He was taking the smooshed or brown fruit/veggies off the shelf and we saved them for our chickens! I also managed to save a few squash and zucchini from the box, cut off the soft spots, and make zucchini relish! It doesn’t get more frugal than that.

2013-07-10 18.10.47

I will certainly post an update once these babies decide to lay eggs. For now, they will continue to munch on nature all day long and make loud noises when they are locked in their pen!



Gardening Update 7/22

2013-07-22 16.58.54

2013-07-21 07.37.23
2013-07-17 08.07.22 2013-07-18 19.38.40


Here’s a little garden update for July! I’ve been working a lot and I don’t spend a lot of time home anymore. As much as I love sunshine, I am very thankful for the large amounts of rain we’ve had this summer. I’ve only had to water my garden a few times so far!

Things growing in my garden: Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, green beans, herbs, radishes, onions, cucumbers, blackberries, zucchini, squash, gourds/pumpkins and some lettuce.

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The tomatoes are doing pretty good. This week I’ll have harvested pretty much the bulk of the tomatoes I’ll be getting all summer. Maybe I’ll make some salsa? My peppers are so, so slow. And to make matters worse, something nibbled the leaves off so it had to start all over. My cucumbers are really taking over! The squash and zucchini plants are still alive but are not producing as much as they should! The large amounts of rain have definitely taken its toll on the plants. The rain makes it harder to get nutrients into the plant. I also think I have a lack of pollinating bees in the garden.

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I’m almost done picking blackberries for the summer. I’ve been picking from my yard, my neighbor’s yard, and the neighborhood – yay for free berries! I’ve also discovered wineberries growing wild in my neighborhood. They are a type of raspberry and completely edible. Nerdboy and I just whipped up some berry jam over the weekend (more on that later).

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My potatoes (in the trashcans and in my garden) have been completely unsatisfied. I think all my potato plants have died, except the sweet potatoes. I dug up some potatoes last week because the plant was dead. I LOVE digging for potatoes. We have them for dinner and they were delicious 🙂

I haven’t had much time to weed the garden or plant anything new. I told my sister I would pay her $5/hour to weed my garden. Can you believe she didn’t take me up on that offer?

I’m happy my garden is finally at the ‘pick me’ stage! I have a ton of tomatoes that I need to pick tomorrow before someone else (critters) gets them. I’ll post another update later!