Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 5/15

2013-05-02 17.21.55

The grease stains came off and it looks great! One of my newest faves -Pyrex Pink Daisy Spacesaver

2013-04-13 10.09.57

Hit the jackpot at this estate sale! Mom went crazy!

Gorgeous Dansk turquoise paella pan found at Value Village!

Gorgeous Dansk turquoise paella pan found at Value Village!

2013-03-24 12.10.34

All for $1! A wool sweater, sugar shaker, milk glass vase, Merry Mushroom salt/pepper shakers, and a leaf tray

2013-03-29 14.48.09

2 Terra Corning/Pyrex Berry Bowls

2013-04-09 17.23.51


2013-04-10 14.39.01

A new bowl for Nerdboy’s doggy -These sell for $14, this one was $1!

2013-04-11 14.20.04

Jars! The blue one is a Made in Mexico knock off -darn it!

2013-04-12 15.46.40

Hazel Atlas Striped Tumbler and 2 Federal flower bowls

2013-04-17 23.00.34

Some Yankee Candle tarts and another Pandora cupcake (will sell on Ebay)

2013-04-20 12.48.01

Some salt and pepper shakers (got all for $1), 2 more Terra berry bowls, and some Lustroware canisters

2013-04-26 20.10.20

All in the same evening at Goodwill and Value Village: Primary 404, Town and Country 503 & 502, plus extra lids!

2013-04-27 15.09.59

Mom picked this beauty up on the side of the road! She’s working on making it a little better and then I’ll take another picture of it.

2013-04-27 15.14.03

Some yard sale finds: Canning jars (all for $2), a Pyrex lid (5 cents!!!), and a Spring Blossom Gravy Boat – with box!

2013-05-14 11.01.26

Butterprint Butterdish – Bought for $3


Nerdboy went to Value Village for me when I couldn’t! Butterprint 503 and Daisy 502. He’s a sweetie!

Welcome to a catch-up version of Savvy Student Shopper’s thrifty finds! This covers most of the stuff I’ve found in April and May. I’ve been going to yard sales and the flea market, but I’ve had very, very little luck. Maybe people haven’t done their Spring cleaning yet?

Value Village is my hot spot, probably because I go every day! Now that I am officially finished school for the summer, I promise I’ll post more thrifty finds posts like I used to! I just hope I find some luck this summer because I will be leaving my favorite Value Village and returning back home on Friday. It’s bittersweet.

If you have any questions about what I bought or any questions in general, leave a comment or shoot me an email! As always, you are encouraged to share your thrifty finds!


Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 4-11

2013-03-01 22.28.10

It has been over a MONTH since my last thrify finds post. Why hasn’t anyone told me?! I am a bad, bad blogger lately. I go thrifting almost every single day (I know that’s totally not normal, but neither am I) so I ought to post more often! Or maybe I just haven’t bought anything good lately? Let’s see!

I bought this vintage Dansk yellow pan for around $7. I don’t personally collect Dansk, but I know it’s collectible so I picked it up. I has since been sold to a collector – yay! The 3 salt/pepper shakers were in a bag together for $0.99. I HAD to have Miss Priss. She’s very collectible and adorable.

2013-03-13 18.22.07

I scooped this turquoise snowflake casserole 045 dish for around $4 something at Value Village. Great shape!

2013-03-22 18.15.27

During our Spring Break, Nerdboy and I ventured to a few new-to-us thrift stores because they were near the place we were going for lunch. First stop was a Goodwill Outlet store. Instead of having shelves for everything and hangers for clothing, almost everything (minus glassware and some electronics) were in humongous bins (see example here (clean version). Really, listen to it, it’s my theme song). Not only were we totally confused by the bin shopping… almost everything was sold by weight. $1.69/lb! Totally new to us. Luckily I found some Pyrex! The Snowflake Spacesaver was about $4. I found the red primary 402 bowl and Daisy 471 for $1 each at a Salvation Army.

2013-03-28 19.55.38

Pictured above was a little trip to Value Village (one of the rare times I actually buy anything). It was 25% off day. I bought a Maryland jacket for my future child. It looks brand new and it was less than $2.50. Nothing is wrong with buy for the future early, right? I plan to dress my children in Raven’s and Maryland gear anyway and this stuff really doesn’t go out of style. Might as pick it up while it’s cheap. I also bought a Pyrex bowl sized 024 in Pineapple (though, it’s usually called mustard). I picked it up for a fellow and local Pyrex collector.

2013-03-29 14.47.53

The next day I went back and found these cute Terra berry bowls. They are marked Corning, but are the same pattern as the Pyrex Terra pattern so they are practically Pyrex. They were $0.75 each but I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping them yet.

2013-03-31 10.19.50

2013-03-31 13.24.20

I’ve also been trying to hit the flea market when I’m home. I haven’t scored anything good there in months. I did get 8lbs of Strawberries for $4. I had to throw some away because they were too soft, but it was still a great deal. I also should have tried them before buying so many because they aren’t too sweet or flavorful yet. I cut and froze them all though!

I still have a few recent trips from April to add, which I promise to post soon! I hope you guys enjoy these posts. I’m really not a hoarder 🙂 Have you done any thrifting lately? It’s yard sale season!

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Happy Easter + Updates!

2013-03-30 11.06.40

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! The Savvy Student Shopper has been so busy around here with chickens, gardening, cooking, homework, classes, and internship searching that there has been zero time to blog! I hope that things will get less busy soon, but gardening season has started, chickens are growing and I have exams in just over a month. Crazy! Summer will be here before we know it 🙂

I’ll be posting a chicken update, a garden update, thrifty finds, and my latest CVS trip in the near future so don’t go too far!

2013-03-31 10.30.50



New $1/2 Bar Keeper’s Friends Coupon (My Pyrex Cleaner!)

$1.00 off any TWO (2) Cleanser & Polish Product

If you’re familiar with Bar Keeper’s Friends, you know it’s great for stainless steel cleaning, as well as scrubbing your tub which my dad did last time. He wasn’t aware that the BKF sitting on our counter is my trusty Pyrex cleaner -not to be used by anyone else! It works like magic taking off stuck on crap and utensil marks on my vintage pieces. So there’s a tidbit for ya! Just be very careful as too much BKF and scrubbing can take away the shine or the paint. Use it lightly and be cautious or pinks and turquoise. This yellow bowl already had some fading so I wasn’t too worried, but as you can see, it removed all the metal marks with ease!

You’ll find BKF at the grocery stores or you can pick it up on Amazon.

pyrex before and after

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 2-21

2013-02-03 14.46.26

Welcome to yet another thrifty finds post! I find myself going thrifting more than I actually post or buy anything, but that’s alright. I thrift because it’s enjoyable for me. I usually go alone, so it’s my “me time” and I usually don’t buy something every time.

I picked up that cute dress (new with tags) for just $3 at a local thrift shop. It was marked $10 (prices nowadays at thrift stores/people reselling are driving me up a wall) but luckily another lady saw my disappointment and asked the owner for a lower price. See, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount! Well, sometimes it does. Most of the time people are nasty to me. I lucked out this time and I’m happy to add another one of these kind of dresses to my wardrobe!

2013-02-03 20.30.47

This picture was from my trips to the Goodwill. From left to right, the Pyrex Opal fridgie was $2, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a lid. You know it’s a “true” Opal and not just missing all its color because true Opals do not have words or numbers on the bottom like every other piece. In the middle, we have a Pizzelle maker! I don’t normally buy small appliances, they are actually one of my biggest pet peeves (who has room for 20 kitchen appliances?!?!) but my mom has been wanting a Pizzelle maker so bad. She was going to buy one new, but they are like $30 and up! I found this one for $6 at Goodwill so I got it for her. She makes Pizzelles all the time now. When buying electronics at the thrifts, always plug them in first to make sure they work. On the right, is a Swiss Chalet chop plate. It’s a collectible print, though not Pyrex, but I will be trading with a fellow collector because it’s not something I collect.


2013-02-07 19.36.39

At Value Village, I pretty much ran to this green bowl from the front of the store. Isn’t that color just fantastic?! It’s a Pyrex 024 bowl in bright/kelly green. It’s awesome and only set me back $2.50, totally worth it. It’s in great condition as well. I also picked up that white Fire King swirl bowl for $1.50 to sell, but for right now it’s being used to hold napkins and salt/pepper on our kitchen table.

The Fisher Price Happy Apple was also found at Value Village for $2. It’s from 1972 and pretty collectible. It makes the cutest sounds when you roll it around. I might sell it, but right now it’s smiling away on my window sill. I bought it because it reminded me of my blog mascot. 🙂

2013-02-16 18.47.57

Okay, this picture should not be in the thrifty finds post, because it wasn’t a thrifty find. I splurged. Michael and I went to the antique shop and I found 3 pieces that were high on my wishlist and not awful prices (cheaper than Ebay/Etsy + shipping, but no where near thrifty of course). I left the one piece there and bought a pink 403 Pyrex bowl and a Friendship 503 refrigerator dish. Pink and Friendship are my two favorite patterns and I want to own every piece made in those two patterns. Since they are very difficult to thrift and I have been having decent thrifting luck on other pieces, I bought these two at an antique store price. Aren’t they gorgeous though? Sometimes you have to splurge. The 503 is sooo minty.

I’m off to go to Value Village again – it’s 25% off day 🙂

And now it’s your turn! Any questions, comments, or thrifting shares?! Talk to me 🙂

Savvy Student Shopper Thrifty Finds 2/1

2013-01-19 21.41.17

It has been a FABULOUS week of thrifting for me. I couldn’t be any more satisfied. There’s so much to say about my finds this week, so be prepared for a rather long, Pyrex filled post.

The thrifting started when Nerdboy went to the thrift store for me (such a great boyfriend!). I had gone to the flea market that morning, but didn’t find anything. Nerdboy had luck instead! He found me a Yellow 503 Refrigerator Dish with lid! This goes to the primary set and has the older style lid, which means it was made in the 1940s, crazy! Also as crazy, the dish was marked at $8 (super pricey for this thrift store!). Luckily, it was 50% off day so he got it for $4! That same night, we went off to another Value Village and a Goodwill. Value Village had nothing good, but I found a Red Primary 402 bowl at Goodwill! It was $2 and is also from the early 1940s set. I am still trying to complete this primary set. I only need the blue 401 to go and I’ve only spent $8 on the set so far!

2013-01-19 22.18.37

2013-01-31 20.15.10

2013-02-01 15.34.12

2013-02-01 15.34.56

School started and back to my favorite Value Village I went! I went THREE times this week. 3. Am I obsessed? Slightly, yes. But LOOK what I found! First, we (Nerdboy actually found everything this trip as I was too busy looking intently at other bowls) found an almost complete Town and Country Refrigerator Dish set! Everything is there except for the last 501 – and I searched the store high and low for that thing! After discount, all 3 pieces including lids came to just $9. Then, Nerdboy spotted a dish nesting inside some other bowls. It didn’t catch my eye at first because it was white and blending in with the Corningware. Even when he pulled it out, the pattern didn’t ring a bell. I recognized the pattern, but the size really threw me off. After some research, I discovered this piece is really rare! Golden Tulip was not made in this 043 size; there isn’t a single picture or word of it online anywhere. How many of these are out there? Maybe only a handful! How neat is that? Obviously, I bought it for $3! I also bought a canning jar for $0.37, but it missed the photo shoot.

2013-02-01 15.35.14

I woke up the next morning and had this strong urge to go to Value Village again. I felt that I could not successfully complete my day without going back. So what’s a Pyrex hoarder collector to do? Go back, of course! I went back in the freezing cold and LOOK what I found! ORANGE BUTTERPRINT! Orange Butterprint is also rare and collectors spend a fortune on them. Mine was $3 🙂 I also picked up a black and white gooseberry 443 bowl for a fellow collector. It will complete her set!

2013-02-01 20.33.29

In addition my my thrifing, my mom went to Goodwill while I was at school and bought me some Pyrex! She had a 50% off coupon to use up before the end of the month. The Trailing Flowers 475 with lid was $4 and the Spring Blossoms Loaf pan was $2, after discounts. Score! Go momma!

Super duper Pyrex week for me!

And now it’s your turn! Any questions, comments, or thrifting shares?!

Savvy Student Shopper Thrifty Finds 1/17

2013-01-05 10.58.21

Welcome to another thrifty finds post! I know you have all been waiting for it 🙂 I just had to find some free time to sit down and write. I might have to start making videoes 😉 It may be faster than taking pictures and typing. I was planning on posting this post last week but then I got busy with our vacation and then I decided to hold off in case I find anything in Florida. Unfortunately, we did not have Pyrex luck in Florida. Nerdboy and I headed out one day to 2 antique malls and a thrift store. We also visited a huge flea market/swap meet, but most of the items were new/resell items. The first antique mall was so, so expensive. I have no idea where the get their prices from and if they ever sell anything. The second antique mall was a bit more reasonable. One stand even had a whole shelf of Pyrex! The prices were reasonable for an antique mall in my opinion ($12 for bowls, $9 for divided dishes, but $5 for a lid -ouch!). The seller really didn’t have anything I couldn’t live without, so I left empty handed. We drove all over trying to find a Goodwill, but it was not at the address listed online! The flea market was neat, but like I said, most of the stuff was resell items, like sun glasses, purses, As Seen on TV, and produce. There was one aisle of “old junk” but the prices were either too high (one lady wanted $8 for a Pyrex lid – seriously, old lady.. at a flea market?!?!) or just not something I am interested in collecting.

You guys know I typically buy any Pyrex that’s cheap… which is why I’m probably close to 100 pieces in just a year (Shh… Remember, it’s a collection, not a hoard.) BUT I am saving my money for certain pieces: PINKS, Turquoise, Friendship, and Promotionals. This means, I will continue to snag cheap Pyrex, but I will “splurge” at these antique malls when I see these select pieces, as long as the prices aren’t outrageous (the antique mall in Western MD wanted $99 for 3 pink bowls. I couldn’t do it!). I have a very hard time coming across Pinks, Turquoise, Friendship, and Promotionals which is why they go for a lot of money I guess. I head back to school next week which means I can return to my Value Village for my weekly thrifing and I am so excited!

So onto the thrifted goods!

About 2 weekends ago, my sister and I headed out to the local flea market. I was hoping I wouldn’t find anything because this time of year is not flea market season, and I didn’t want to feel obligated to go every weekend in this cold weather. But, I did have luck so I’ll have to continue going to the flea market every now and then during this winter.


For being so deserted this time of year, there was actually quite a bit of Pyrex at the flea market! I only bought half the Pyrex that I saw. First, I came across another Spring Blossoms 401 – yes, that’s my third one. This size bowl is just perfect though; I can’t get enough of them. And for $0.50 – you cannot say no! I now have one bowl in my complete set (pictured above), 1 as a spare cereal bowl in the cabinet, and the new one will go with my double 403 from Christmas (half way done set #2!).

I also found another snowflake dish! I already have a charcoal snowflake open baker, but now it has a friend! I got the turquoise snowflake divided dish for just $1.50! They are great for winter time!

And lastly, at the same table, I snagged a Royal Divided Dish with Gold Medallion Lid for $1.50! The blue bottom is beautiful and bright. Both divided dishes are in excellent shape! I normally won’t buy divided dishes, but these are a little bit harder to find than other patterns and they were so cheap! I love sellers like that 🙂

I’ll be heading back to the flea market this weekend, weather permitting, hopefully I find some goodies!

Now it’s your turn… share with me your comments, thrifty finds, or anything!

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 12/26

2012-12-13 21.02.15

It has been quite some time since our last thrifty finds post! This has easily become the most popular read on my blog. I love that you guys share the love of thriftiness with me.

Pictured above is a Butterprint 401 sized bowl. By now you all know that this size is my favorite size to collect. They are perfect for soup, cereal, and salad. I use them all the time! I’m trying to collect one from every pattern to stack up in my cupboard, so this Butterprint is a newbie for me. This bowl was actually a trade with a fellow Pyrex lover. I traded one little brown speckled bowl (that I bought earlier this month) for this bowl. Yay for trading!

2012-12-17 13.44.08

Now that the semester has ended, I’m surely going to miss my Value Village. I was used to going once or twice a week, but now that I’m living back at home, I won’t be there until the end of January. Check out the gorgeous bowl set I picked up my last week at school! It’s the all yellow bowl set (#401-403, I’m missing the large 404). It’s such a rich, bright shade of yellow. It screams happiness! The bowls are scratched but their color and shine are amazing! They were priced at $9.99, but it was half off day so I got them for $5+ tax! YAY!

2012-12-17 13.47.38

That same day, I checked out the craft section and found some yarns I could not leave behind! I always check the craft section because it’s a part of my routine every time I go. I usually refrain from buying any because I don’t use up the yarn fast enough, but today was an exception. First I found the bag of yarn that had that beautiful aqua handspun yarn in it (third from the left). A few months back, I left behind some handspun yarn and I still regret it, so after seeing another ball of it, I HAD to have it. The three yarn balls on the left set me back just $0.75! Then upon closer inspection, I found another bag of yarn and noticed they all still had the tags on them. I looked through the bag and saw that the one yarn was originally priced at $22, the other $20! They are beautiful hand dyed yarns (alpaca, merino, etc.) so I could not leave them behind at Value Village! Surely I’ll find some use from them, right? And for just $2 for all 3 skeins! I was so excited about that trip.

2012-12-26 11.30.51

Pictured above are my newest pieces! I didn’t thrift the items above, they were given to me by Nerdboy’s grandmother for Christmas. Isn’t that sweet? There’s the Spring Blossoms 403 (I have the full set here -yippee!) and this pattern just screams Pyrex to me. It’s a common pattern, but it’s also one of my favorites. I feel like a lot of people recognize vintage Pyrex by the Spring Blossoms pattern. Under the bowl is a 474 Homestead Casserole dish with lid. And on the bottom right is a Butterfly Gold 043 with opal patterned lid! This is my sister’s favorite pattern, so she’ll probably be stealing all my Butterfly Gold when she moves out one day.

I’m so happy to be adding to my Pyrex collection. I even got a new shelf to display it for Christmas! I use my Pyrex all the time and picking out which design I want to use is so much fun! I’m planning a Pyrex party for the near future – let me know if you want an invite 😉

Now that I’m home from school, thrifting will probably slow down. I had such good luck at the Value Village by school. And I’m not going to the local flea market anymore because it’s just too dang cold and not many sellers. Hopefully things will pick back up this Spring with yardsale season. I’ll definitely post again in the near future if I find anymore goodies.

And now it’s your turn! Any questions, comments, or thrifting shares?!

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 12/6

Hi guys! These past two weeks have been crazy. I’ve written so many pages of end-of-the-semester papers. If you notice any grammar/spelling mistakes in this post (or any others) then just skip over them. I’ll be refreshed after the new year. My last exam is on 12/18, so after that I’ll be getting ready for the holidays!

I love, love, love how popular my thrifty finds post are! I have readers commenting and emailing every single week about them. You all are great and I love that you share my love of thrifting (at least someone around here does!). I love going thrifiting. I try to go at least every week! I’ve cut back on the flea markets because it has gotten too cold and weekends have gotten too busy for me to make time. I’ve been hitting the thrift stores as much as possible to make up for the slow flea market season. I don’t want you think that I find something every single time I go thrifting and get your hopes up. I only find stuff worth buying about 1/2 the time. If I bought something every single trip… I’d be considered a hoarder, right?

Pictured above you’ll see a beautiful turquoise Pyrex cake pan (#221) from Value Village. It’s in awesome condition! After discount (I almost always go on 25% off day) I paid about $2.74 – a stellar price for turquoise! The other two bowls are dip bowls from the Pyrex Speckle Lines Chip/Dip Set. They are pretty hard to find, especially two at once, so I scooped them up. I don’t particularly like this pattern, so one I am trading with a fellow collector, and one is up for sale.

Nerdboy and I ran out to do some errands last weekend and stopped at the Salvation Army (and Panera. As usual). Thank goodness we stopped! I hit the jackpot (in Pyrex speaking)! It was one of those “OMG” moments while at the store. Surely I’m not the only one? I found THREE Refrigerator dishes WITH LIDS! And the best part they were amazingly priced AND 50% off that day. The littles were $0.49 each and the bigger one was $0.99. I almost died. And the even better part, they completed my Butterprint fridgie set. Halleluiah! I’ve been waiting for months. Final cost for this amazing set was only $3! Plus, I have an extra little one (501) that I got from a trade in October. I also found the (ugly, sorry) Early American casserole (#043) for $1. At that price, I had to bring it home. Everything was in beautiful shape. When checking out, I saw the cashier was wrapping up my glassware in the Saturday paper and saw the coupons lying there! He let me take them home too 🙂


My family knows I collect Pyrex, obviously. I mean, how could they not when it’s spread all over the house!? 😉 Sorry mom, I’ll move out one day! My dad’s friend found this bowl for me since he knows I collect Pyrex. It’s an Early American Cinderella Bowl (#441), but it doesn’t go to the normal bowl set, it goes to a promotional chip/dip set. It’s harder to find than the white one in that size.

The following week, Nerdboy and I went back to Value Village. I found another cake pan! And do you see the color? PINK -YAY! I paid $3.33 (or something like that) for the Pink Pyrex Cake Pan (#221). I found it in the bin that she had just rolled out from the back room – that’s good advice for you newbies, always check the bins! I also found a Pyrex Woodland small mixing bowl (#401). You know I collect all extra 401s for soup/salad/cereal bowls. They are probably my favorite size item. It’s in bad shape (dishwashed) but I couldn’t leave it for $1.21, especially when I’m trying to collect a spare of every pattern.

I’ll end this post by showing off some of my new sets! Above is my completed Butterprint Refrigerator Dish Set.

And here are my two new cake pans! I need the Lime one now 🙂

And my beloved stack of spare #401s. They make me smile so much! Granted, they are not the prettiest Pyrex colors, but I still have many, many years to collect them all (hint.hint PINK.. Turquiose.. come out of hiding!).

I hope you all enjoyed this long post! Please, please, please share your comments, questions, thrifts, etc! I love talking about thrifting and good deals. Happy hunting!


Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds!

Hi guys! 🙂 I hope you’re all having a great week. As usual, it has been super busy in the Savvy Student Shopper world. We’re counting down the days to winter break (and did I mention FLORIDA!). Oh my goodness, hopefully I’ll have time to do some thrifting while I’m there!

I’ve still been doing my thrifting, it makes me so happy, and Nerdboy knows that! We went to Value Village twice a week these past two weeks! We usually stick to once a week. Lots of goodies to share today, so grab a nice drink and sit back!

The two pictures above were from Value Village trips last week. I found a Pyrex lid for one of my bowls back home. It’s always nice to have extra lids. I got it for about $0.71 after discount. The pitcher/carafe is something I’ve been looking for for months! I’ve been wanting one for juice. The carafes are glass and made by Pyrex. Many of you should recognize them as they were very popular a few decades ago. I got it for $0.49 but it is missing the lid. The cupcake is a Pandora jewelry box and it was only $0.91. We looked it up and it sells on eBay for a nice price, so that’s always an option if I decide to get rid of it. Pandora is very collectible. We also picked up an red/orange bundt pan for $0.79. I realized we didn’t have one for the apartment when I went to make Jewish apple cake and didn’t have anything to bake it in!

Over the weekend, I stopped at my flea market and finally had some luck! It has been dry for the past two months or so. I picked up the two Spring Blossoms Pyrex casseroles for $2 each, with lids. I have the middle size already. I also found another carafe! I can’t believe I found two in one week and I’ve been looking for them for months! I got this one for $1 and it has a lid! -The main reason I bought it. Take note of my sister and cat photo bombin’.

pyrex before and after

Above you’ll see a Before and After shot of the Pyrex bowl I bought at the flea market for $1. It’s a yellow 404 from the Primary set (and yes… I already have one!  Shhh!) As you can see, almost all the scratches and metal marks came off with the help of Bar Keepers Friend. You can pick some up on Amazon pretty reasonably if you can’t find it locally. I don’t want you to shy away from buying things that aren’t in mint condition. A lot of times, you can get them to come clean! Unfortunately, the bowl has lost some shine, but the price was still right!

(Vintage Foodmill Picture will be added soon!)

That same morning, I found a vintage Foley mill! I’ve been looking for one so I was happy to find it for $1! I use the food mill for jams (mostly blackberry) and when making apple sauce. I have a plastic one now, but I know if won’t last as long as these metal ones! I still have to clean it up, get the rust off, and give it some oil so it doesn’t squeak.

We went to Value Village again twice this week, the first time we left empty handed. Today was great though! And way more than we usually spend! The paper towel holder was $2.92 and we needed a new one for the apartment. Just before we went to Value Village, Nerdboy was about to buy one for $8 on Bed Bath and Beyond! He also really likes coke glasses, so he bought these for $0.69 each. And then I found a cast iron muffin/popover pan. It’s made by Griswold and we got really attached to it. I’ll admit, we really have a problem. We paid a whooping $7 for this pan, which is definitely an old piece and it sells quite well on Ebay, you should check out this listing. It’s the exact one we have. I say we’ll make out well if we become unattached and sell it. Another great find today was my first Le Creuset! I’ve told you guys before that I knew one day I had to come across one thrifting! Unfortunately, this one is not the color or style I was looking for, but a Le Creuset for $7 cannot be left behind. It’s a vintage one (and by vintage I mean sold anywhere from 1960 – 1990s and is not sold in their store anymore). These go for almost $200 new, so I think I got a deal!

Wow! Didn’t we have a great two weeks of thrifts? I’m so grateful we had good luck. I spent more than usual, but if I do decide to go the eBay route on some of those pieces, I’ll easily make my money back.

So let me hear from you! How has your thrifting been? Any questions about mine?