Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 7/29

This weekend turned out to be a fun thrifting weekend! Luckily, I got over my fever and sickness and was all ready to hit the good deals! On Saturday morning, Mike and I met our friends at the flea market. I didn’t end up buying anything there, but my friend got a little Pyrex casserole dish.

Michael and I then went to Safeway to get a free breakfast sandwich (I loaded it on my JustForU account!). We stopped at the new thrift store that just opened up a few minutes from his house and while there was no Pyrex, I did find the snowman bird feeder for $1. It’s pretty rusty, but I’m going to get some white spray paint (for rust) and make it as good as new! Ace Hardware sells this bird feeder for $30.99, so I think I got a bargain 🙂 I’m going to give the bird feeder and some bird seed to my mom for her birthday. Hopefully she doesn’t read this post 😉

On our way back home, I spotted a sign that said “Free Family Flea Market —>”. We turned around in Lauer’s parking lot (and we had to walk in and buy a box of dounts -darn their bakery!) and headed off in search of this flea market. I was thinking “Free Family Flea Market” meant that it was a free space for families to come sell their belongings… but I was wrong. We got there and it was crowded as anything… because… EVERYTHING WAS FREE.  Crazy, huh? There were a few long tables full of household goods, tables of books, tables of junk, and a huge tarp of clothes and shoes. There was live entertainment and free food and drinks. Donations were accepted and went towards the church who helps out a shelter for men who are recovering from addictions, abuse, etc. Overall, there was a lot of junk, of course, but it was a great event for people who don’t have any money. There were dish sets, holiday decorations and plenty of clothes and shoes to go around.

We ended up with a few wool sweaters, a couple baskets, plastic gift bags, a SAT Prep book for my sister (not pictured, oops), and turtle and dino cookie cutters. I always buy cheap wool sweaters when I can, but free is better! I use wool to make the Wool Dryer Balls, but there are so many uses for wool. If you’re frugal and/or crafty, never pass up a cheap/free wool sweater! They can be re-purposed into mittens, hats, dryer balls, wool shorties/longies for babies/toddlers, stuffed animals, purses, and much more.

And lastly, on Sunday I stopped at the flea market real quick on my way to a party. I grabbed a Pyrex Woodland Cinderella Bowl for $2. It’s in pretty good condition. I’m not usually a fan of the browns, but the pattern kind of strikes me. My mom technically bought it, so it’s “her’s”. I think it would look really pretty with a matching pink bowl 🙂 The lady wanted $3 for it, but asked her if she would take $2. She said she would because I always ask her that. Now people at the flea market are recognizing me… this can’t be good, can it?!

Going to the flea market pretty much every weekend, you usually see the same ‘ol things, same set ups, etc. But on Sunday morning 2-3 “spots” were taken up by ROWS of boxes filled of junk -amazing right? The boxes were from a company who (I assume) purchases estates and old antique stores and then resells the junk. I quickly skimmed through all of them looking for anything good. I found an antique blue Ball jar and got it for $1 -yay! It had a price tag from some antique store for $26! I love these pretty jars. I’ll probably use it as a flower vase. It was ironic because 4 minutes before rummaging through those boxes, I was telling my mom how mad I was about passing up the $2 blue Ball jars last month. Luck was on my side! Underneath that price tag sticker was another sticker that read “Chicken Waterer”. I thought that was kind of interesting!

Sorry for the long post, but it was a good thrifting weekend! I hope I am inspiring some of you guys to go out thrifting 🙂 It’s truly a treasure hunt every single time. Feel free to leave comments and tell me about your thrifting adventures!

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 7/22

I finally, finally have good news! After weeks without any Pyrex purchases I finally found some this weekend. And I found a good one 🙂

My favorite pattern, like many other collectors, is the Friendship pattern. How can you not fall in love with those vibrant colors and cute little birdies? I paid more than I’ve ever spent on a piece of Pyrex… but it was worth it, to me. And I am a very cheap collector, so to some, you’ll laugh at what I call expensive. You never (well, practically never) find Frienship at a flea market. Most pieces of friendship are found at pricey antique stores and Ebay. I spotted this piece at least 5 tables away and picked it up immediately! It was tagged $12, which is a super pricey flea market price, ya know? But I got the sweet lady down to $8, she wrapped it up in newspaper and I was on my way, tightly clutching the bag like a newborn while I finished walking through the market. This is my first piece of Friendship 🙂

I also bought a Royal Wheat Promotional divided dish for $2, he wouldn’t budge on the price and I wasn’t in *love* with the pattern, but it’s nice so I bought it.

I had to turn down a $5 Yellow Hostess Bowl unfortunately for a few reasons:

1. The man tried telling me how valuable the piece was, but yet he had in thrown in the rocks, caked in dirt, buried under his old stupid CDs. If you really thought you deserved to be paid that much, maybe you should have rinse it off and sat it on a blanket at the very least. Under the dirt, it could have been scratched up, and I didn’t feel like chancing it.

2. I just don’t “dig” the hostess bowls. It’s a less common piece, but it doesn’t call me like some other pieces.

3. He was rude. I don’t tolerate when people (especially men and others types) treat me with disrespect. Remember a few weeks ago at the flea market when I left the Pyrex on the table because the lady was a witch… or remember my last Walmart trip ever 1.5 years ago when I left a cart full of groceries at the checkout because the employees treated me like no one deserves to be treated? I don’t put up with it. And I decided that he didn’t deserve my $5 or the feeling of success, so I had to leave the nice bowl.

How is your thrifting going?! Any comments? Aren’t those birds adorable? 😉


New $0.55/1 Bar Keeper’s Friends Coupon (My Pyrex Cleaner!)

$0.55 off one Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser

If you’re familiar with Bar Keeper’s Friends, you know it’s great for stainless steel cleaning, as well as scrubbing your tub which my dad did last week. He wasn’t aware that the BKF sitting on our counter is my trusty Pyrex cleaner -not to be used by anyone else! It works like magic taking off stuck on crap and utensil marks on my vintage pieces. So there’s a tidbit for ya!

You’ll find BKF at the grocery store around $2-$3, so inexpensive after the $0.55 off one Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser coupon and doubles.

Don’t forget, you can also grab some FREE Comet for Stainless Steel at Target. I’m not sure which one works better, but I stick to BKF for my Pyrex just in case.

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 7/16

I’ve been doing tons and tons of thrifting over the past few weeks! Ready to see all the Pyrex I found? Well. I haven’t found ANY. Nada. I’m not sure what’s up with the lack of Pyrex, but it’s rather disappointing. In the past week, I’ve been to the flea market (x2), 4 thrift stores, the Salvation Army, the Goodwill, a church yard sale, and an estate sale. All that looking and no Pyrex to be found anywhere!

I did find a jelly jar for $0.25 that I’ll use when I make my jams this summer. My friend Glenda also picked me up some green beans from the flea market. The whole bag pictured plus many more (I made Glenda take a bunch too) was just $3!

I also got these boots for FREE! They were my grandmother’s from back in the day, so who knows how old they are. But they fit prefect, are pretty cute and were free! Can’t beat that 🙂

How has your thrifting gone?

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Savvy Student Shopper’s Garden Update 7/12

My garden was left alone for the week when I went on vacation so it was not in the best shape when I got home! We had a nasty storm right before I left for the beach which knocked over part of my fence and it didn’t get fixed until just the other day. Unfortunately, the deer found their way back in and devoured a ton of tomatoes. They also like tossing green ones on the ground and also taking one bite out of tomatoes and leaving the rest for me. They also ate every single pepper and chewed the pepper plants down to the ground again. Stupid, stupid deer.

See that? Why would they do that to 10+ tomatoes?!

Now this squash thing isn’t from my garden, it was given to my mom at work. The lady has a huge farm on the eastern shore and brought in a ton of these… but she called them Spaghetti squash. It certainly doesn’t look like a Spaghetti squash to me though. Anyone else have an idea?

And the other night, I made some yummy pasta salad -complete with tomatoes from my garden (the few I saved from the deer, that is). And it’s served in a cute Butterfly Gold Pyrex Bowl. Apparently, this is my sister’s favorite pattern! It was my first piece (and it was free!) so it’s sentimental to me.

I’ve been keeping the caterpillars off my cauliflowers leaves, but apparently they just found a new home INSIDE the cauliflower veggie. I’ll save you the details, but unfortunately, I will not get to eat any of it. I picked the last of my radishes and lettuce. The deer also helped themselves to lettuce too. It’s like one giant salad bowl for them in there. Blackberries are coming to an end as well. I need to find a few new things to plant!

I made a few jars of pickles before vacation and I’ll make a few more with the rest of my cucumbers (way top picture). My cucumber plants are not doing well in all the heat we’ve had, so these will probably be some of the last cucumbers I get.

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 6/17

It was not a good week of thrifting in the Savvy Student Shopper’s household. I went on Saturday and walked out with one lonely piece of Pyrex. My mom scooped up the measuring cup for $0.75. It’s clear with a blue-ish tint to it sometimes. I don’t know anything about it, but for 3 quarters, it doesn’t matter! We love our glass measuring cups and before this one, we only had 1! There’s just something that’s so appealing about quality glassware. It blows plastic out of the water!

I bought another piece of Pyrex for $0.75. It’s a Butterprint #472. It’s pretty cute and will make a nice, large soup bowl this winter 🙂 I was excited to find my first piece of Butterprint (the Amish/farming people looking pattern) and it’s also my first piece with the pretty turquoise color (which is on my want-list).

Because Saturday’s pickings were so slim, I ventured back out on Sunday morning. It was a disappointment though (hah, not for my wallet!) because I bought nothing. This lady (if she even deserved to be called a lady) had a nice little collection of Pyrex. I asked about 5 out of her 6 pieces and she gave me a price that was rather high (probably more than I even brought with me!). I gave her a come-back price and she flipped. I told her I usually only pay $1-$3 for pieces at this flea market and these weren’t in mint condition and were ALL missing lids. She snapped back at me saying that this was NOT the dollar table. I left. Her loss I guess. But it is sad leaving behind some nice pieces, but I’m on a budget! Sigh.

I’m going away next weekend so I’m not sure if the thrifting will occur (I surely hope it does, of course!). I hope your thrifting, shopping, collecting, etc. is going well. As always, feel free to share your finds, comment, or say hi!

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 6/09

We’re back again for another thrifty post! I just love thrifting, I always have! Now it’s even more fun because I have a purpose.

During the week, I went to the Goodwill and the Salvation Army, but was left disappointed. The stuff is just so junky and prices are ridiculous! I saw a small Pyrex bowl that had been badly dishwashed for $4.99 -no way Jose!

So yesterday I went to the flea market and made out so well! I bought everything within the first few minutes, in aisle #1. For those of you that follow along with Pyrex, here’s the scoop:

  • ~Golden Rosette Promotional#043 ($1)
  • ~Yellow Mixing Bowl w/ Clear Bottom #323 ($1)
  • ~Green #700 (Isn’t this size adorable?!) ($0.25)
  • ~Spring Blossom #475 ($1)
  • ~Colonial Mist #473 ($1)
  • ~Moon Deco Promotional #475 ($3)
  • ~Early American Divided Casserole ($1)

We spent $8.25 and made out very well! I LOVE when the men try to get rid of everything by saying it’s all $1! Many of the items had price tags for $2-$4 that their wives probably wrote, but the guys obviously try to clear everything out as fast as they can. All the pieces are in good condition, some of them are perfect! I’m not a huge fan of all these colors/designs (besides green), but these prices were unbeatable!

I was happy to find the same lady with the Moon Deco dish (the white one with black/red spots) that I passed up last month. Remember? I don’t love the dish so I’ll probably sell or trade it when I get around to it! It’s one of the more valuable pieces of Pyrex, because it was a promotion piece and it’s rather original looking. I could easily get $20 for it, but I’m hoping to get at least $50. Some have sold for $80+, it just all depends! Typically, I’m not purchasing Pyrex to re-sell, but this is just an exception!

I’m still on the search for more pink, turquiose, yellow, orange, daisies, refrigerator dishes and the Designs and Friendship patterns. Hopefully they’ll turn up soon! If you’re local and happen to come across any of these, please let me know!

I hope you’re all enjoying the thrifting posts. Good luck with your thrifting adventures! As always, feel free to share your thrifts or collecting hobbies!

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I made brownies…


Yep, I made brownies yesterday in my cleaned up flamingo Pyrex dish I scooped up for 2 quarters last weekend. They tasted great 🙂

And then the rectangular brownie got cut into an “A”. 10 Gold Stars to the first person who can guess why my sister needed an “A” dessert last night! Any guesses?

Due to the reason behind the “A”, my sister had some friends over last night. I cashed out some Papa Johns codes and scored them 2 Large Pizzas for $1.99 delivery + tip. I also fixed them up a salad, with lettuce and radishes (both garden fresh!).

And because my sister’s favorite TV Show actress made Kale Chips a few weeks ago, we had to too. I know they are all the rave these days, I’m not too sure why. They weren’t terrible, certainly edible and crunchy though.

So there’s a peek into my Tuesday night… fun huh?

Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrifty Finds 6/2

And we are here again sharing thrifting stories! The ever so generous Michael was forced nice enough to take me out to thrifting this morning. We stopped at the outdoor flea market, but it was very empty, probably due to the rain/storms we had yesterday. We also found an indoor church flea market, drove by a few yard sales, and checked out a “new to us” thrift store (on the way to get donuts). I only bought stuff at the outdoor flea market, but it was still fun looking around! We also went the CVS and Rite Aid, but those trips probably aren’t worth posting. And for local readers, Menchie’s is having their Grand Opening Week and offering up some fun stuff this week! Today was FREE frozen yogurt until 1 pm, so of course we stopped! Yum, yum!

I came home with 2 more pieces of Pyrex 🙂 It’s so fun finding them! I found the green casserole dish first for $2. It’s is pretty good shape and $2 is a nice price, in my opinion! I believe (and trust me, I’m no expert) that it’s from the Verde color/collection and that it is supposed to have a pretty patterned lid, but obviously mine is lidless. I’ll live.

Like I said, the flea market was really bare, but that gave me time to look more closely at tables. This one family had set up their stuff wayyyy in the corner so we walked over and I was immediately drawn to the big, junky container of old dishes. I don’t know what drove me to dig through it (the Pyrex was talking to me!), but I did and was very glad! I found my FIRST piece of PINK! YAY! As you know, I love pink and pink Pyrex is my dream. I’m cheap when it comes to thrifting, but I will always allow room for a pink splurge. Unfortunately/fortunately (for my wallet) this piece was in bad shape. And I mean bad. It was digusting, there was grease and black stuff caked in the crevices, the pink has worn off the corners, there’s scratches, some chips, and I can keep going. BUT it’s pink and in one piece, and that’s enough for me at this point in my Pyrex career. PINK. I spent all today scrubbing and picking the thing clean, it’s not perfect and definitely won’t be displayed for the public, but it’ll make a mean brownie pan! I *think* it’s a Flamingo Pink Utlity Dish from 1952!!! When you consider that this baby is 60 years old, the flaws are acceptable and it was obviously a much loved piece. And I will continue to love it… and brownies. I offered the lady $0.50 and a deal was made 🙂

I also scooped up the new clothes pins for $0.75. My mom asked me to pick up clothes pins at Dollar General while we were out. Ironically, I found a pack at the flea market for less than $1, so I grabbed them!

I hope someone enjoys reading these posts… I surely enjoy sharing 🙂 Please feel free to share your thrifting stories, Pyrex collections, or anything of the sort!

(And here’s the back of the car after our morning out!)


Savvy Student Shopper’s Thrify Finds 5/29!

I hope you guys enjoy these posts! I love looking at other’s shopping trips, but I love looking at thrity finds even more 🙂

We were out of town for the weekend, but Michael (and our friend Justin joined!) was nice enough to spend a few hours on Sunday thrifting! We visited a few yard sales, a Goodwill, an antique shop, and an indoor flea market. In this part of the state, there are a ton of old people, old towns and old STUFF! -perfect for my antique Pyrex addiction 🙂

One of the yard sales we came across was straight out of American Pickers! This guy had junk coming out of every house, shack, green house, and shed on his property. We walked through one of the green houses and there wasn’t even room to turn around until you got to the end. Even though we didn’t buy anything there, it was very neat.

Michael scored the first find on Sunday at a yard sale. He got that spring form pan above for 10 cents! Score!

We searched high and low for Pyrex every where! We finally found some at the antique store, but at $20-$30/piece it was NOT in my thrifting budget. It was so neat to get to see the collections on my wish list (pink, lime green, blue)… but sad at the same time. Hopefully I come across them in my thrifting one day.

Our last stop was an indoor flea market where I saw a man with tables and shelves FULL of glassware <3 The green Spring Blossoms mixing bowl set caught my eye (obviously) and after hours of no Pyrex, that set was mine! Even though the set is missing the largest bowl, I grabbed them for $12. It’s an *almost* complete set and it matches the casserole dish I thrifted last weekend. I also grabbed the matching creamer for $2 (it’ll be my 1-cup measuring cup) and a Butterfly Gold casserole dish (which matches my first piece of Antique Pyrex I acquired) for $3. I was glad to add on to the only 2 collections I have, but my eyes are still open for pink and blue pieces! Maybe next time 🙂

So there are my thrify finds! Feel free to share your good deals as well. Is anyone out there a Pyrex collector or do you look at me like I’m crazy? 😉